This is Yucatan

This is Yucatan

26 July 2009 Video, Destinations, CULTURE 32

This video is an introduction to Yucatan produced by Mexico International Real Estate. It's a photo montage of people, places and events from around the Yucatan Peninsula. Some of our readers may recognize many of the photographs from the Yucatan Living website. That's because all the photos are from our library, taken over the years by the Working Gringos. The video will be used to open a series of real estate seminars being presented in several major cities across the United States.


  • Carol 14 years ago


  • Peter 14 years ago

    I loved the photography, fantastic shots. My one and only gripe is the speed...................................WAY TOO FAST.
    I loved the colors,smiles,and everything in between but it made my eyes hurt from the speed.
    Sorry guys.
    I loved it but couldn't endure the eye strain again.
    Please,please slow it down.
    I set the speed of my slide shows to 4 seconds . I'm not saying this is an 'industry standard' it just works for me.

  • Terri 14 years ago

    Great slideshow. The music gave it just the right punch. I was in the Merida area back in March and it was amazing. The homes tour was great. I can only hope that someday I'll be living somewhere in Mexico.

  • CasiYucateco 14 years ago

    Wow, that's just a super video. Kudos to all who worked to put it together and bring it to light. Let's hope it helps Yucatan pull out of the tourist recession and counter all the misconceived bad publicity about "Mexico."
    Thank you!

  • Danitza 14 years ago

    I'm sure it will have everyone interested in the Yucatan at those seminars!
    Great job!

  • Paul Cadinha 14 years ago

    Love the slideshow! My family plans to move to the Yucatan this year. Love the people, culture, vibrant life seems to abound. Can anyone tell me about the Beach areas and "Pests"? I am curious if there are sand fleas known in some areas? I have also read about Portuguese Man O War, Jellyfish, Stonefish, StingRays and the like....which, if any, Yucatan beach areas are impacted, Seasonal?
    Thank you

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Seamus, you are so right. It is a slide show. The music is by Carlos Vives, by the way, and the song is called La Maravilla.

    More videos to come soon... stay tuned!!

  • Seamus 14 years ago

    This is a slide show - not a video. It is an excellent slide show with great music - but too fast to soak up. I would wish it were a video and took more time.

  • Babette Kaminski 14 years ago

    AWESOME...................i'm so glad that i'm moving there in two weeks.................nos vemos pronto

  • John Venator 14 years ago

    GREAT travelogue video. I am sending it to friends in the USA who are thinking about coming to visit us in Valladolid - so they can get an idea of some of the sightseeing potential here in the Yucatan for their visit.

  • YucaGringo 14 years ago

    Nice video! I really enjoyed it.

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