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  • San Sebastian Gremio Video

    7 September 2010 Video

    Just outside our door, colonia San Sebastian was celebrating La Virgen de la Asunción with the traditional Gremio de Mestizos, a feria, the Yucatan Govenor and plenty of horchata for everyone...

  • From the Archives: El Juli in Yucatan

    1 February 2010 Video, People & Interviews, Culture

    On January 31st, 2010, the famous bullfighter, "El Juli" made a triumphant return to Mexico, exactly eight years after we first saw him in Motul and took this video...

  • This is Yucatan

    26 July 2009 Video, Destinations, Culture

    If you've ever wanted a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula in just under four minutes, this is the video for you!

  • Hacienda Chichen

    20 October 2007 Video, Destinations

    We recently sat down with re-patriate Yucateca, Belisa Barbachano, and her expatriate husband, Bruce Gordon, to learn about the history of Hacienda Chichen and what's happening there these days...

  • The Secret Cenote Yokdzonot

    22 September 2007 Video, Destinations

    If you want to cool off and feel close to nature the Yucatan way, there's a special place you can go that's only minutes from Chichen Itza...

  • Hurricane Dean Update Video

    22 August 2007 Video, Travel Advisories

    This video is for those who have family, friends, homes or businesses in Merida or the northern Gulf Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula but were not here during Hurricane Dean...

  • Building Our House: Progress Video

    8 August 2007 Video, Real Estate FYI

    It's time once again to update our readers on the progress of building our house in Merida. Yes, it's time, but we don't seem to have enough of it. So as a teaser for the article to come, we offer this video...

  • Semana Santa in Acanceh, Yucatan

    9 April 2007 Video, Culture

    The Passion of the Maya is on full display when visiting the busy town of Acanceh on Good Friday during Semana Santa...

  • The Virgin of Guadalupe Video

    20 December 2006 Video, Culture

    Thousands of atorchistas running and cycling along Yucatan's roads, balloons and banners flying, sirens wailing and crowds of weary but smiling faces - it could only mean one thing...

  • Yucatan Home Movie

    5 July 2006 Video, Culture

    If you thought fireworks were popular north of the border on the Fourth of July, have a look at the events in a small Maya pueblo called Oxtapacab on their saint's feast day...

  • Obrador Speech in Merida

    19 June 2006 Video, People & Interviews

    Here is a brief clip of presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) giving a speech in the park located at the southern end of the Paseo de Montejo...

  • Merida Carnival Video 2006

    2 March 2006 Video, Culture

    This is a "highlights" reel from the final Carnival parade in Merida on Fat Tuesday, called the "War of the Flowers", where people toss flowers at each other...

  • Marcos Unmasked

    3 February 2006 Video, People & Interviews, Culture

    To break the ice at a rally in Merida's zocalo, Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos did something he has never before done in public. He took off his mask...

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