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The Yucatan Living Team

Yucatan Living is for expatriates who are living, working and playing in Yucatan, but especially for those who are discovering this unique location as a possible destination for retirement, starting a new business or owning a second home. Yucatan Living is also a favorite resource for people who prefer to explore this region and its special culture beyond what most tourist websites and guidebooks usually recommend.

As our readership has grown, so has the feedback, which helps us to publish articles specifically of interest for the growing number of people choosing to expatriate to the Yucatan.

Yucatan Living covers practical subjects like the immigration process in Merida or how your fosa septica (pit toilet) works. We publish local stories that reveal the variety of lifestyle choices available to expats. We interview expatriates who live and work in the area to tell how they made a success of moving here. Of course, we also research local services and offer insight into the common problems people face while adapting to a new culture and language.

We publish events, news and support local organizations. We also offer a Facebook page with events, news and other stories of interest that happen suddenly or don't fit elsewhere. Our Facebook page is also a way to learn about our advertisers, who offer products and services specifically designed for expats.

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The Yucatan Living Team

Eric & Almendra are the current editors of They are busy updating content and bringing a fresh perspective to the region's expat experience. Expatriating from the Pacific Northwest, the couple also works together at the Andérrez Design Agency. You can read their personal interview here.

"Working Gringos" are the original founders, Ellen and James Fields, who currently split their time between Merida and California. You can read their expatriate interview for more details.

Beatriz Echeverría is a Meridana and graduate of anthropology and English, who got her degrees from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She now teaches in Merida when she isn't raising her growing family. Meanwhile, she happens to be the brazo derecho (right arm) of Yucatan Living, providing translation and careful research of local facts and resources.

Many different people write for We are happy to accept submissions to

And a very special gracias to all the local expatriates who contribute their experiences and insights to Yucatan Living by leaving comments!

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