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This online magazine is for expatriates who are living, working and playing in Yucatan, but especially for those who are discovering this unique location as a possible destination for retirement, starting a new business or owning a second home. Yucatan Living is also a favorite resource for people who prefer to explore this region and its special culture beyond what most tourist websites and guidebooks usually recommend.

As our readership has grown, so has the feedback, which helps us to publish articles specifically of interest for the growing number of people choosing to expatriate to Yucatan.

Yucatan Living covers practical subjects like the immigration process in Merida or how your fosa septica works. We publish local color stories that reveal the variety of lifestyle choices available to new arrivals. We interview expatriates who already live and work in the area to tell how they made a success of moving here. Of course, we also research local services and offer insight into the common problems people face while adapting to a new culture and language. And we publish a weekly rundown of local events that are often hard to find in English, a weekly news column with news related to this area and we maintain a Month-At-A-Glance calendarfor whatever upcoming events we can manage to find out about. We also run an active Facebook page with events, news and other stories of interest that happen too suddenly or aren't quite important enough to put elsewhere. Our Facebook page is also a vehicle to tell our readers about our advertisers, who often cater to or have products of interest to expatriates.

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The Yucatan Living Team

"Working Gringos" Ellen and James Fields, originally from California, are residents of Merida and California. They call themselves dot-bomb refugees because the technology and market crash of 2001, not to mention the events following September 11th, forced them to explore their mid-life crisis by seeking opportunity far beyond their corporate comfort zone. They arrived in Yucatan as green as any expatriate ever was, and have been atoning in public through this website ever since. You can read their expatriate interview for the details.

"The Amazing" Beatriz Echeverría is a Meridana and graduate of anthropology and English, who got her degrees from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She now teaches in Merida when she isn't raising her growing family. Meanwhile, she happens to be the brazo derecho (right arm) of Yucatan Living, providing translation and careful research of local facts and resources, as well as running the front office. She used to work for a... ummm... shall we say, "difficult" expatriate who owned a hotel in Merida, which may explain why her blood pressure is much improved now.

Carol "Khaki" Scott is our Events and News writer. She is from Louisiana and writes about both Louisiana and Yucatan. She has lived in Yucatan on the beach and in a small village. In addition to her 26-year career as a thesis and dissertation editor, Khaki also writes for Associated Content, Boots-n-All and She continues to declare that writing about Louisiana and Yucatan is writing about the same place. When asked "Why Yucatan?" Khaki quickly replies: "Because my grandmother said that there is no excuse for anyone not living as graciously as their circumstances will allow." According to Khaki, this leaves only one place on Earth as an acceptable place to live: Estado de Yucatan!

Joshua Gatcke is our resident digital strategist, using his marketing and design skills to make waves online. Designing cool features for Yucatan Living or amazing advertising campaigns clients, whatever he does is sure to have maximum impact online. Internationally recognized creative director from Canada who one day escaped the cold and moved to tropical Merida. Learn more about Joshua in his interview :)

Orlando Paredes Hamsho is our site’s Lead Developer. Engineer/Programmer that fell in love with User Experience and Design. He’s the unsung hero that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty whenever something is needed on the site. Orlando hails from sunny Veracruz and adds a bit of central flavor to everything he does.

Many different people write for We are happy to accept submissions... if you have something you'd like to share with our readers, feel free to contact us at

And a very special gracias to all the local expatriates who contribute their experiences and insights to Yucatan Living through Comments!


Editorial Staff: James Fields and Ellen Fields
Technical Staff: James Fields, Joshua Gatcke, Orlando Paredes Hamsho
Office Manager: Beatriz Echeverría
Contributors: Khaki Scott

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