This is Yucatan

This is Yucatan

26 July 2009 Video, Destinations, CULTURE 32

This video is an introduction to Yucatan produced by Mexico International Real Estate. It's a photo montage of people, places and events from around the Yucatan Peninsula. Some of our readers may recognize many of the photographs from the Yucatan Living website. That's because all the photos are from our library, taken over the years by the Working Gringos. The video will be used to open a series of real estate seminars being presented in several major cities across the United States.


  • riaz 13 years ago

    Great slide show, fast, just one detail is it´s not all of the Yucatan. A more proper name would be Yucatan Peninsula slide show since quite a few of the locations are from a different state, Quintana Roo, which has been separate from Yucatan for over 100 years. I also don´t see the point on showing the golden arches and land rover dealerships. What´s so nice about simbols of obesity, wastefull luxury and overconsumpion in a state full of blatant contrasts between the very rich and the malnourished, where salaries are a third of the living wage and many survivie on less than 2 dollars a day.
    The rest of the slides are very nice and show a lot of the color and flavor of the area.
    As someone who grew up here I can say it´s very nice.

  • Jillian 13 years ago

    Nice slideshow
    but, I agree with Patty the music should have been Mexican not Colombian so the viewer can truly feel the Mexican experience from the slideshow.

  • Sheila 13 years ago

    Lovely slide show! I have always admired the unique vision of the photography on this site. Only wish that U.S. tour of states would come After my own plan to purchase a home...

  • Lee Jaxsam 13 years ago

    Excellent video! I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

  • Michelita 13 years ago

    I loved the speed & the upbeat tempo, makes me want to watch it again, and download the song off itunes. We'll be there in a few weeks... can't wait!

  • Mario Novelo 13 years ago

    I also enjoyed the video a lot because it shows (in a blink of an eye) what the Yucatan Peninsula looks like but what I disagree with is the title of the story (although in the description a clarification is made). What I mean is the following:

    Based in the pictures on the video what we are seeing is the Yucatan Peninsula (the states of Yucatan, Campeche & Quintana Roo as a whole) and not just "Yucatan" (the state) as the title (this is Yucatan) seems to imply. We must remember that often when the Yucatan name is used it refers only to the state of Yucatan and when we use Yucatan Peninsula we refer to 3 states, not just one.

    While the "clarification" was made in the description of the video, the title is simply (IMHO) just misleading because for those who are not aware of the difference of what the state of Yucatan vs the Yucatan Peninsula implies, may get the idea that cities such as Campeche, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, etc., lie indeed within the state of Yucatan and that is simply not the case.

    In my opinion the title should have been: This is the Yucatan Peninsula
    and not: This is Yucatan.

  • Working Gringos 13 years ago

    Colombians live here too, Patti...and besides, we just liked it! Roque, the Yucatan will be happy to see you again, como siempre!

  • Patti 13 years ago

    Very nice. An excellent quick look at the Yucatán. My only question is, why use the music of a Colombian for the sound track. I like that particular song along with the rest of his music but wouldn't a local artist have been more appropriate?

  • Bob Bedrossian 13 years ago

    Great video. Loved the music and all the smiling faces. A true artistic piece. Keep up the good work. It was the right speed with the music. Tell the people who can't take the speed to put their teeth in before they watch it again. Great job. I hope I can meet you one day when I am visiting. Bob Bedrossian

  • Roque Moguel 14 years ago

    Great job guys! I just left Chelem but I'll be back to the La Chichi and La Peregrina for a Corona Christmas. We are coming with lots of Gringos! Best wishes.

  • Carol 14 years ago


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