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  • Quick Guide to Hanal Pixan

    5 October 2017 Culture

    Learn the basics about the regional celebration, different from Dia de los Muertos or Halloween...

  • Mayan Gods: Ixchel

    29 September 2017 Culture

    Lunar Goddess of Childbirth or Jug-wielding Crone?

  • Mayan Gods: Huracan

    22 June 2017 Culture

    Meaning of Myth: The Heart of Heaven

  • Rare Baroque Experience in Merida

    5 April 2017 Culture, Art

    Performance on authentic classical instruments in Yucatan.

  • Naatik Language & Culture Institute

    29 March 2017 Culture

    English, Spanish and Maya: Na’atik opens students’ eyes to a world of possibilities with language!

  • Classical Music Concerts

    23 August 2016 Culture

    An exciting and very different concept in classical music is coming to Merida this fall at Hacienda Xcanatun.

  • Lighting Up the Maya New Year

    28 July 2016 Culture

    This year, for the first time in 500 years, the Maya celebrated an ancient tradition, the start of a new year in Merida...

  • Cuba: Obama, Baseball and the Rolling Stones

    5 April 2016 Culture

    Our guest writers, Byron and Rebecca Augustin, share their experience of going to Cuba when some other very famous people were there...

  • Interesting Books About Yucatan

    6 February 2016 Culture, Literature

    As more and more expatriates move to the Yucatan, we have found more and more books being written about the area. These are not scholarly works or textbooks... these are memoirs, novels, mysteries and more. Read all about it!

  • The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra

    16 January 2016 Culture

    The Symphony Orchestra of the Yucatan is a foundational aspect of the cultural landscape of Merida. What it lacks in age, it more than makes up for in quality... and it just keeps getting better...

  • Attending Festival Cervantino

    1 November 2015 Culture

    One of the great cultural events in Mexico is the Festival Internacional Cervantino. Guest writer Nadine Calder takes you there for a quick glimpse of the festivities...

  • Yucatan Tales of Eduardo Galeano

    25 October 2015 History, Culture, Literature

    If you don't know about Eduardo Galeano, let us have the pleasure of introducing you. If you already know Galeano, enjoy these tales...

  • The Yucatan Primer

    27 September 2015 Culture

    Coming to Yucatan for the first time can be a bit like learning to read. In service to this metaphor, we present to you the Yucatan Primer. An introduction to Yucatan for new arrivals...

  • The Maya and the Mississippi

    3 September 2015 History, Culture

    Did the Maya explore territory on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico? It's hard to imagine that they didn't...

  • Teya, Un Corazón de Mujer

    3 August 2015 Culture

    Our guest writer James Gunn, PhD. reviews a very important book, one that was written by a woman about a woman in Yucatan…

  • Being Gay in Yucatan

    7 July 2015 Culture

    A sizeable portion of the Merida expatriate community identifies as part of the LGBT community as well. For anyone who would like to know more about this aspect of living in Merida, we have gathered together observations and a bit of history…

  • The Shrine of Wine

    3 July 2015 Culture

    Our regular contributor, Byron Augustin, regales us with this lovely story about how a strange and wonderful little chapel near Izamal came to be, the people who built it, and how they tried to tear it down...

  • Dogs in Mexico

    5 June 2015 Animals in the Yucatan, Culture

    For any animal lover who travels to or lives in Mexico, there are few sorer (is that a word?) subjects than the state of dogs in this country...

  • Symphonic Orchestra 2015

    20 January 2015 Culture

    This season, the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra performs all over the map. From Bohemia to Beethoven, ending with a fantastic opera... don't miss this great season!

  • The Power of Hammocks

    8 December 2014 Culture

    Through their sustainable and profitable hammock business, two young Meridanos are being the change they want to see in the world...

  • Cook It Raw Explores the Yucatan

    27 October 2014 Culture

    This week culminates Cook It Raw's yearlong adventure and exploration in the Yucatan. Events include visits to the milpa, street vendors, restaurants and cooking for two events open to the public in Merida and centered around Hanal Pixan...

  • Cook It Raw Cooks In Merida

    16 October 2014 Culture

    Cook It Raw's Andrew Porcelli answers questions about why he came to Yucatan and what he plans to do here...

  • The 2014 Fall Season of OSY

    25 August 2014 Culture

    Our easy-to-read (in English) synopsis of the upcoming Yucatan Symphony Orchestra performances for the upcoming Fall 2014 season...

  • Two Yucatecan Worlds

    12 August 2014 Culture

    In this unique and visionary program, the worlds of the Maya and non-Maya children and families of the Yucatan were brought together for a day of activities and mutual respect and understanding...

  • Yucatan and France

    28 July 2014 Culture

    For centuries, France and Mexico have interacted across the Atlantic Ocean, especially on the Yucatan Peninsula. Today, you can see evidence of the French culture everywhere, from the past and very much in the present...

  • Gulf Coast Regattas to Isla Mujeres

    8 May 2014 Culture

    There are two very famous regattas that sail from Florida to Isla Mujeres, just off the Yucatan Peninsula. One of them is going on right now and will end up in Isla Mujeres in just a few days...

  • Bees and Honey of Yucatan

    25 March 2014 Culture

    The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the stingless honey bee, a sweet and docile bee that produces an exceptional honey. Here is information about the bee, and what is being done to help it thrive...

  • Impulsur, Artesanias by Women

    20 January 2014 Culture

    A graduate study internship helps bring artesanias from the women of southern Merida to a show in Garcia Gineres...

  • Touch Me With Your Eyes

    2 October 2013 Culture

    Writer Rodrigo Rodriguez brings us another great short story, this time about an experience of getting lost in the Yucatan, and finding something wonderful...

  • Progreso Apoyo CAPP Program

    17 September 2013 Culture

    The Progreso Apoyo program and others like it have been so successful that now some of these deserving students are graduating. The costs of attending even a public university are out of their range, but help is on the way through the new CAPP program. It is easy for you to help... find out how!

  • Forest Blindness

    7 September 2013 Culture, Valladolid Living

    Guest writer Rodrigo Rodriguez has a piece of property in Uayma, Yucatan near Valladolid. He takes us with him on a walk with his caretaker, Miguel Xooc...

  • The 2013 Fall Season for OSY

    23 August 2013 Culture

    A rundown on the nine programs of the Winter season for the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra. Buy your tickets now for a great season of music!

  • Cultural Ambassador for the Maya of San Simon

    14 May 2013 Culture

    The town and the children have an advocate in Enrique Valdes. Guest writer Jane Custer interviews him in his role as cultural ambassador at Mayaland...

  • Hammocks in Yucatan

    1 May 2013 Culture

    A few things about buying a hammock from a guest writer, and a bunch of tips and tricks from the Working Gringos... all about hammocks!

  • Yucatan Symphony Spring Season 2013

    22 January 2013 Culture

    The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra's Spring 2013 schedule...

  • Dance of Decent Women and Men

    3 December 2012 Culture

    All week this week, there will be contemporary dance performances around the city of Merida. Here are two in particular that we think you might be interested in, including one performed by dancers from Asheville, North Carolina...

  • December 21st in Yucatan

    27 November 2012 Culture

    The end of the world... uh, the end of the Maya calendar is December 21, 2012 and the whole world is coming to Yucatan! Here is an ever-growing (and continually updated) list of some of the events happening around that important moment...

  • Magical, Hypnotic, Transforming!

    20 November 2012 Culture

    Here's a first person account of the recent charity event at Hacienda Ochil, featuring the work of musician and composer Philip Glass and artist James Turrell...

  • Festival of the Virgin, Isla Mujeres

    29 October 2012 Culture, Mayan Riviera

    At what is arguably the most perfect time of year in this part of the world, Isla Mujeres spends over a week honoring the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, culminating on December 8. Learn the story behind this colorful celebration...

  • Yucatan Symphony Fall Season 2012

    5 September 2012 Culture

    The Fall 2012 Season of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra begins this next weekend. Here is a rundown of the programs that will be performed in Fall 2012...

  • The Many Faces of Sopa de Lima

    29 July 2012 Culture, Food

    Sopa de lima is a staple of the Yucatecan kitchen, a cornerstone of Yucatecan cuisine. This simple soup can be made simply or with a number of delicious twists, as this collection of alternative recipes makes clear...

  • Semillas Tzucacab

    2 November 2011 Culture

    A few months ago, two graduates from California universities started a unique science-and-art project in the tiny pueblo of Tzucacab. This month, we bring you their story and in a few days, they will bring their project to exhibit here in Merida...

  • Days of the Dead

    31 October 2011 Culture

    Here's a little about Day of the Dead, its origins and how it is celebrated, including a recipe for Day of the Dead tamales and some background and insight into this wonderful celebration...

  • AANY Show, December 2011

    25 October 2011 Culture

    The next AANY show is coming in December and it promises to be better than ever. If you are saving up your Christmas shopping until then, here's some of what you have to look forward to...

  • Symphony Orchestra Fall Season Details

    20 September 2011 Culture

    Here is a synopsis of the different programs for September to December 2011 by the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra...

  • How To Enjoy Merida's Carnival

    1 March 2011 Culture

    In which we share our many years of experience with Merida's Carnival and give you some hints and tips for avoiding frustration and getting the most out of your Carnival experience...

  • Merida Cultural Centers

    1 February 2011 Culture

    Here is a growing list of places to go in Merida for classes in everything from dance to yoga to art to dog obedience to Maya language. There's so much to do in Merida... here are some of the places you might want to check out!

  • Yucatan Symphony Orchestra Spring 2011

    20 January 2011 Culture

    The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra has nine unique and exciting programs for the first half of 2011. Read all about them here, then click on the link for information about buying tickets...

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