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  • Mexican Septic Systems

    26 September 2019 Real Estate FYI

    We promised to explain why you should not put paper in a Mexican toilet, and we’re not going to let you down...

  • Rebuilding History - Casa Kinich

    26 September 2019 Real Estate FYI

    An Architectural Adventure

    In January 2000, my son grown and ready to graduate college, I left my home of twenty seven years, p...

  • Snakes of the Yucatan

    26 September 2019 Natural World

    There are venomous snakes in the Yucatan, and even a few very poisonous ones. And there are a lot of snakes that are harmless and help keep down the rodent population... shouldn't you know the difference?

  • Insects of the Yucatan

    25 September 2019 Natural World

    Yucatan has some of the world's most beautiful bugs! Here is our list of the top ten insects to be aware of in Yucatan...

  • Hospitals in Yucatan

    25 September 2019 Medical

    As the capital of Yucatan, Merida is home to many good hospitals. There are also more low-cost choices, as well as state-run facilities that are open to residents. Here's a list of Merida hospitals that will help you make informed choices...

  • La Casa Verde

    16 September 2019 For Sale in Yucatan

    Gorgeous Home in Merida's desirable Santa Ana Neighborhood - Private Seller!


    24 June 2019 For Sale in Yucatan

    This magnificent home is located in the Santa Ana neighborhood of Merida’s centro and is only one block from Parque Santa Ana!


    24 June 2019 For Sale in Yucatan

    Located in one of the desirable beach communities to the east of Progreso along the Yucatan Gulf Coast.

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  • Grocery Shopping in Merida

    I have not been able to find Cured Black Olives here. Any suggestions? They are a staple in my home when we lived in the US.…

    Leo Sun, September 29th, 2019
  • Yucatan Plumbing

    A tinaco is a large water storage vessel. Usually they are plastic these days and often on the roof. Sometimes they are used to catch rainwater. A cistern is the same but usually this denotes an unde…

    the_working_grillos Thu, September 26th, 2019
  • Mexican Septic Systems

    Thank you! We have updated the article with your comment.…

    the_working_grillos Thu, September 26th, 2019
  • Hospitals in Yucatan

    Thanks Vicki. We've deleted the old comment with incorrect information and added your comment to the article for clarification. Also included a link to your Merida Expat Services Facebook page. Gracia…

    the_working_grillos Thu, September 26th, 2019
  • The Neighborhoods of Merida

    Thanks Keith! Updated to "former president."…

    the_working_grillos Thu, September 26th, 2019
  • Ancient Symbols in the New World, Part III

    My grandfather was the nephew of Jose Gonzalez Beytia, he was a governor in Yucatan a few decades ago and as far as I know Beytias were based there. A branch of the family after moved to Campeche wher…

    Viridiana Beytia Mon, September 16th, 2019
  • The Cost of Living in Merida Yucatan

    We hope to move to Mérida October 1. We have been advised that it might be dangerous for two senior citizens to travel that distance in an older car. Is there anyone there with a truck who would be w…

    William Raymer Fri, September 13th, 2019


Photo Essays

  • Art from the Children of the Yucatan

    Art from the Children of the Yucatan

    What's not to love? Updated regularly, so check back for more smiles soon...

  • Young riders rocketing down the Yucatan's biggest hill...

    Tekax Hilljam 2017

    Young riders rocketing down the Yucatan's biggest the first 4 images to SEE animated gifs of the action!

  • Friends of Cozumel

    Friends of Cozumel

    Tiny feet and big smiles at the annual back-to-school charitable event where 500 students received shoes and school supplies.

  • CAPP Students and Sponsors Meet & Greet Jan 2017

    CAPP Students and Sponsors

    Sponsors spent an afternoon with 17 students who attended, including 2 college graduates. All these young Yucatecans were supported through primeria and high school, and have now gone on to college...

  • Corner Plaques

    Corner Plaques

    Here is just a sampling of those enchanting little tiles on so many corners in Merida...

  • Good Friday in Acanceh

    Good Friday in Acanceh

    Every year on Good Friday, the town of Acanceh re-enacts the Passion of the Christ...

  • Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Reader and photographer Ralph Blessing shares some of his favorite Yucatan photos...

  • Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    The profusion of flowers and flowering trees in and around Merida never ceases to delight us...

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