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  • News: U.S. Poets in Mexico

    4 January 2010 News

    Poetry, Pipe Organs, a Christmas Miracle in Chelem and much more!

  • News: Last of the Year

    21 December 2009 News

    Animal rescue, an honored photographer, the new Little Mexican Cooking School, 330 new Yucatecos and more items of interest are in our end of the year news article this week...

  • Yucatan News: Elton John and Devotion

    15 December 2009 News

    Elton John is coming to Chichen Itza, the Virgin of Guadalupe travels far and wide, the Lebanese influence in Merida and much was a busy week!

  • Yucatan News: Underwater Art

    7 December 2009 News

    Underwater art off the coast of Cancun, cochinita contests, win a house from JAPAY or a mousepad from Yucatan Living! It's all inside...

  • Daily Show Comes to Merida

    2 December 2009 News

    Finally, the Daily Show segment that was filmed here in Merida has aired. Click here for the link to the four-minute video and see which of your friends made the cut...

  • Yucatan News: Soybeans and Small Business

    30 November 2009 News

    This week, news about an equine therapy program for children, soybeans as a new Yucatan crop, small businesses getting some attention and assistance, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Driving and Biking in Merida

    23 November 2009 News

    The International Women's Club celebrates, the new cool weather brings out the bikers and the tourists, driving in Merida turns out to be safer than you think, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Solidaire Arrives!

    16 November 2009 News

    This week, news about the winners of the (hopefully) first annual Solidaire du Chocolat regatta, as well as a weightlifter in Valladolid and the direction of money being sent between the US and Mexico...

  • News: Hurricane Ida

    9 November 2009 News

    This week read about Hurricane Ida effects in El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico; an interesting article about Yucatan in a China Newspaper and plans to modernize the old Guayaberas!

  • Yucatan News: Medical Tourism & Chile Art

    4 November 2009 News

    A new study shows reveals the Yucatan's economic future, Merida places #2 in digital cities in Latin America and Samuel Barrera paints a $30,000 peso note with a habanero on it...

  • Yucatan News: Day of the Dead & Pink Taxis

    27 October 2009 News

    Oooooh, scary! Day of the Dead is upon us, all mixed up with Halloween. We've also got news about bags, plastic bags, pink taxis, and a whole lot more...

  • Yucatan News: 2012 is NOT the End. Really.

    20 October 2009 News

    Despite what they say about 2012, though it is fast approaching, the end is not near. We uncovered some other myths on the internet this week, and also have some good news about the fishermen. Our first norte hit this week, which has us all in sweaters...

  • Yucatan News: Daily Show and Snow

    12 October 2009 News

    It's not every week that Comedy Central's Daily Show comes to shoot a segment in Merida! Not only that, we've got news this week about hot habanero chiles and cold cold snow... looks like things are heating up just as it's cooling down around here...

  • Yucatan News: Little Bits Here and There

    6 October 2009 News

    In the news this week... children playing chess, new cruises and professional weightlifting coming to Progreso and CFE rates are rising with the change of seasons...

  • Yucatan News: Orphans and Turtles

    29 September 2009 News

    This week, an opportunity to work with orphans in Merida, turtles are hatching and Yucatan introduces a little pig to the world...

  • Yucatan News: Boxing, Charros...

    22 September 2009 News

    Yucatan is graduating new and highly qualified veterinarians, Mexico is making progress in reducing pollutants and both Boxing and Charros (Rodeos) are alive and well in the Yucatan...

  • Yucatan News: Cats, Christmas and Chili

    15 September 2009 News

    Expats are planning for Christmas... a lot is afoot to bring some cheer to the children of Chelem, Chuburna and other towns. ALso, there are two very special animals in need of a home... don't buy a dog, adopt one now!

  • Yucatan News: New Orleans Sister City

    8 September 2009 News

    New Orleans and Merida cement their Sister City relationship, Progreso gets new topes and Nectar's chef Roberto Solis participates in a special program in Oaxaca...

  • Yucatan News: Live and Learn

    1 September 2009 News

    News about schools, students of all ages (seriously!), non-stop festivities for the next few months, fishermen getting bailouts and horses in need of some tender loving care...

  • Yucatan News: Peace on the Sea

    25 August 2009 News

    This week, a young boy sets sail from the Yucatan Peninsula to bring peace to the world, the American Legion looks to set up a post here in Merida for veteran expats, Mexico City goes plastic bagless and we find out there's only one place to buy real Cohiba cigars in the state of Yucatan...

  • News: New Residents to Yucatan

    18 August 2009 News

    A Zoo review, formalization of the Maya language, pulpo season has begun, Cash for Clunkers program in Mexico and much much more...

  • News: It's All about Animals

    10 August 2009 News

    This week, the news has “gone to the dogs” – and cats, and bugs, and horses… What a week! It’s the last week before school starts, so enjoy your week and “big news” will be reported again all too soon.

  • News: Interesting Visitors to Yucatan

    3 August 2009 News

    Read about the death of a whale, fighting dengue fever, a construction fair, and where are our basketball teams? Dr. Jane Goodall is coming to Merida! All of the news this week comes from inside the state, which proves there’s always something interesting happening in the State of Yucatan!

  • Yucatan News: There's No Place Like Home

    27 July 2009 News

    Dorothy said 'there's no place like home', but she'd never been to the Yucatan! Surveyed visitors agree that the Yucatan feels like home. Also in the news this week, pulpo fishing is threatened by a few bad apples, and the Red Tide which we have so far avoided this season.

  • Yucatan Midsummer News

    21 July 2009 News

    This week, we report on the recent Physics Olympiad held here in Merida, the coming octopus season, money for the Drug War pouring into Mexico, a software system that tracks social programs, a dog story with a happy ending and much more!

  • Yucatan News: Fiestas, Bees & Monopoly

    14 July 2009 News

    A Monopoly game about Mexico, lots of local fiestas, Oxkutzcab joins the 21st Century and much more...

  • News: Lost Dog Found

    6 July 2009 News

    A quiet election weekend, an apology from China, Yucatan stars in BBC documentary, and Julia Roberts buys movie rights to book set in Yucatan. All that and more in the News this week!

  • Yucatan News: Come Back to Yucatan!

    29 June 2009 News

    This week in the news, President Obama helps to bring visitors back to Mexico. Also, lobsters, scorpions, placas and no alcohol this weekend in Mexico! Find out why...

  • News: Summer is Already Here!

    22 June 2009 News

    The Merida Art Map is out and about, travel news is improving, the unique fruit called nance is in season and it's the beginning of summer...

  • Yucatan News: Yucatan Kids Win Big!

    16 June 2009 News

    This week, Merida shows up in the travel section of the New York Times again. Yucatecan kids win a BIG prize in Sweden, and the Working Gringos rediscover Izamal (and so can you!)...

  • Yucatan News: Progress All Around

    8 June 2009 News

    A dog looking for a home, a manatee found a home, a mezzosoprano visits Merida, mosquitoes and hurricanes coming over the distant horizon, and Nancy Meyer calls it like it is...

  • Yucatan News: Of Bread & Manatees

    2 June 2009 News

    The news ranges far and wide this week... from freshly baked breads to baby manatees, from Yucatan ephemera to Bubble Boomers. As if that wasn't enough, we've thrown in some hurricane preparedness and earthquake stories for good measure...

  • Yucatan News: Back in Business!

    26 May 2009 News

    This week it seems that everyone is back in business, though with a serious dent in their wallets. We're heartened by news of child prodigy musicians, the promise of baby turtles, more bridges, fewer fires and good news on the horizon for the economy...

  • Yucatan News: Cruises Return

    19 May 2009 News

    This week, of course there is news about H1N1, but not the news you're used to. Also, Mexico's activity at the United Nations, PEMEX in Campeche and preparations for hurricane season.

  • Yucatan News: Is Not All About the Flu

    11 May 2009 News

    Latest report on Influenza, Mexico is open for business but cruise ships will be slow to return. There are new drug laws in the Constitution and there will soon be a Mayan canoe journey in honor of the goddess Ixchel. Read all about these stories and more in Yucatan Living's weekly news roundup!

  • Yucatan News: Flu Updates

    4 May 2009 News

    This week, the news is still pretty much all about the H1N1 virus. We're not worried, and we don't think you should be either. But it's good to stay informed...

  • Yucatan News: All About the Flu

    28 April 2009 News

    Everyone is talking about the flu that has broken out in Mexico and in various other places around the world (though not yet in the Yucatan, as far as we know...). There are other things going on too...

  • Yucatan News: Chupacabras & Other Wild Things

    20 April 2009 News

    A possible chupacabra event in the interior, and a confirmed sighting of a US President in Mexico City. On top of that, Semana Santa is over and the Yucatan teams are getting ready to play in the Mexican National Olympics...

  • Yucatan News: Let's Go to Havana

    14 April 2009 News

    A new agency that organizes trip to Havana, Cuba, Easter eggs, Mexico assumes presidency of the UN Security Council, new noise abatement laws and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Here Comes the Heat

    6 April 2009 News

    Read about new real estate license requirements, the Yucatan cinnamon hummingbird and what appears to be in store for us weather-wise...

  • Yucatan News: Improvements Everywhere

    31 March 2009 News

    This week there is news on many fronts... from genetically modified corn to a new computer network system for IMSS, to the Whale Shark Festival. Read all about it here...

  • News: Obama comes to Mexico

    24 March 2009 News

    News this week includes good news about plastic bags and important news about Mexican/American relations. In the Yucatan, the dry season and grouper fishing season have both begun...

  • News: Radical Mayan Women

    16 March 2009 News

    This week, news on book exchanges and donations, radical Mayan women at the UN and other places, what's happening at the Convention Center this week, bartering rules and a call for reducing electrical consumption.

  • Yucatan News: Spring Break Tourism

    9 March 2009 News

    It seems like everyone in the media is worried about the dangers of traveling to Mexico... not us! not anyone WE know! the Yucatan continues to be a safe and lovely place to live and visit, and we're gearing up for Easter and Spring Break...

  • Lots of Good Yucatan News

    3 March 2009 News

    In the news this week, oil, hospitals, solar ovens, Wal-Mart of Mexico, tourism numbers up, indigenous education, an ecologically sound golf course, young love, volunteering, and our answer (yet again) to all that bad news in the media about violence in Mexico...

  • Yucatan... Getting Better and Better!

    20 February 2009 News

    In the city, it's all about Carnival! Also in the news, Valladolid and Izamal, a gathering of RVers, and another one of bloggers. Merida Insider is coming back, and Progreso continues to get better and better.

  • Yucatan News: Whale Sharks & Wild Fires

    14 February 2009 News

    This week, a look into the future of tourism in the Yucatan, some news from China, lemon dumping, a new kind of glass comes to Merida and a whole lot more, como siempre!

  • Yucatan News: Book Exchange and more

    9 February 2009 News

    This week, Yale University weighs in on the near future of the Yucatan. We also report on the future of green travel, a local art group doing some creative marketing, Mexican economic observations and some amazing young people...

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