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  • Decreto 801, Education & Vaccines

    18 February 2008 News

    This week, we have a review on "Decreto 801", also an overview of education facilities in Mérida, free vaccinations for children and a little from The Yucatan Yodeler's Blog!

  • Valentine's Day, Fencing and Chili!

    11 February 2008 News

    The Merida English Library's Annual Chili Cookoff is around the corner! Get your recipes ready! Also, a number of UADY's students are still in the game to participate in the Fencing competitions at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!

  • News in Merida: Moving, Marching & Marigolds

    6 February 2008 News

    This week's news is a little late... find out why. Also, news about the restoration of sacred art in the Yucatan, news from the States and the 175th anniversary of the School of Medicine at UADY...

  • Merida News: Organic Produce, Expat Housing

    28 January 2008 News

    Organic food, cruise ships, smart investors and donated school supplies are all coming to Merida and the surrounding Yucatan Peninsula...

  • Cucumbers, Cruise Ships & Charnay

    20 January 2008 News

    Yucatan's former governor gets elected to a national post, they are teaching Maya in the public schools and we find a great quote from a 19th Century photographer who visited the Yucatan...

  • Mamey, Passports & Young Beauties!

    14 January 2008 News

    Read about local debutantes and the King & Queen of the Carnival. There's more to all of them than meets the eye. Passport cards can take the place of passports, and the local fruit called mamey is going commercial.

  • Roscas de Reyes, Colds and Senators!

    8 January 2008 News

    'Tis the time in Mexico for even more celebration. It doesn't stop on New Years Day around here, but just seems to keep going. This week has 3 Kings Day and then it's back to school and work... til Carnivale!

  • Bicycles, Remittances & Credit Card Fees

    2 January 2008 News

    In the news about the Yucatan this week, a bicycle tour from Chichen Itza to Izamal, Mexico's remittance programs and holiday safety.

  • Tourism, Tabasco and Holiday Weight Gain

    22 December 2007 News

    More tourism numbers, an update about Tabasco, a Mexican Christmas tree goes to Rome to honor the Pope and a Christmas wish from UADY...

  • Sweet Honey and the Virgin

    18 December 2007 News

    Honey is dripping from the trees, and the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe has appeared in Seye...

  • Tourism and Wireless Internet in the Park

    12 December 2007 News

    Tourism, Wireless Internet in the parks, Health Clinics and Laws, the price of tomatoes and learning languages at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) are all in the news this week...

  • San Francisco, Uchben Kah & Fireworks

    3 December 2007 News

    Yucatecan restaurants in Northern California, new fish in the sea, ecotourism near Chetumal, firecracker safety, and new shoes! There's a wealth of information about the Yucatan in the news this week...

  • Chinese cars and tourists, but no Squid

    28 November 2007 News

    The Yucatan is preparing for the onslaught of tourist and Chinese cars... all good. Meanwhile, the kids are taking charge of their future in Progreso and the fishermen are noticing fewer squid. Maybe the squid are just getting smarter...

  • Tabasco Highways to Mayan Songs

    19 November 2007 News

    Website resources for people traveling through Tabasco, volunteer opportunities in Merida and a new terminal for the airport in Mexico City...

  • Starbucks & Others Come to Merida

    13 November 2007 News

    The big news is that Starbucks opened in Merida this week... but of course, there are many other important things going on too. Like processions in the streets, graffiti on monuments and continuing support for Tabasco...

  • Sisal, Progreso and Tixkokob

    5 November 2007 News

    This week the news is full of the disaster in Tabasco. In addition, there is news from across the state in towns from Sisal to Tixkokob and a lot of places in between...

  • News: Construction, Hammocks & Oranges

    29 October 2007 News

    Statistics on construction and developments in the Yucatan, the city of Merida has plans for downtown and it's sweet orange harvest time in eastern Mexico. Read all about it here...

  • News: Birds, Trains and Sister Cities

    22 October 2007 News

    Yucatan News this week includes a new tourist tax, an update on the fast rail between Quintana Roo and Progreso, and the upcoming Sixth Annual Bird Festival...

  • Day of the Dead and Casas & Gente

    16 October 2007 News

    This week we're looking ahead to Day of the Dead, and looking far afield to Yucatecos in San Francisco. Merida is in the news more and more, with a few big mentions this week...

  • Merida News: Colibrí, Cruises & Cenotes

    9 October 2007 News

    Besides another story about increasing tourist dollars, there is news about mosquitoes this week, as this is the season for them, including a new way to banish them from your presence!

  • Merida News: Celestún, Hoctún & Honey!

    1 October 2007 News

    In the news this week, the government's new efforts at preserving Mayan culture, both here and in other parts of the world. And just a little bit more about honey...

  • Merida News: Moving to Yucatan

    24 September 2007 News

    The news this week is all about people and money and shopping centers and developments coming to the Yucatan! After you read about all that, there is even more important news...

  • This week's News

    17 September 2007 News

    This week we'll tell you why you shouldn't speed in Oxkutzcab, but should rush to get there for the Orange Festival! Recycling in Progreso, deforestation in Yucatan and so much more!

  • Farewell Luciano!

    11 September 2007 News

    The world mourns Pavarotti and Quintana Roo mourns Majahual. Wal-Mart gets ready to open two more locations in Mérida while Umán gives out free rabies vaccination and much, much more!

  • Orchids, Oranges and... Cruisers?

    4 September 2007 News

    This week we'll be expecting 400 extra Cruise Ships in Progreso, and a lot of extra sun-spots too... read on to find out all about it!..

  • Hurricane Dean...How You Can Help

    28 August 2007 News

    Hurricane Dean filled the newspapers this week. We tell you how you can donate both money and goods. Other items in the news include hunting, the local press and investments from around the globe...

  • Merida Hurricane Update: Dawn Tuesday

    21 August 2007 News

    We woke up to a little more rain and some wind... but nothing to write home about. More later when there's more to see...

  • News as Merida Waits for Dean

    20 August 2007 News

    The city of Merida and all the outlying villages are as ready as they can be as they wait for Hurricane Dean to arrive...

  • Dean Update - Monday, Aug 20, 11 AM

    20 August 2007 News

    Hurricane Dean seems to have changed its trajectory slightly... but that could make a big difference to Cancun and Merida.

  • Hurricane Dean Updates from Merida

    19 August 2007 News

    As Hurricane Dean begins to look more certain to hit the Yucatan, residents are hunkering down and preparing for the worst... but hoping for the best!

  • Restoration, Watermelons & More Trees

    12 August 2007 News

    The best news we've heard in a long time: the new mayor is beginning a project to spruce up the Centro and Paseo de Montejo. And there's more good news...

  • Midsummer's News in the Yucatan

    7 August 2007 News

    The governor was sworn in last week. And what was the first thing she did? You'll be surprised. Lots of animals in the news because the people are all at the beach...

  • People, Turtles and Flamingos... Oh, My!

    30 July 2007 News

    Chichen Itza is in the news again, and probably will be for awhile because it is getting a lot of international attention. There's a lot going on at the beach too, this time of year...

  • What's New at Yucatan Living

    20 July 2007 News

    Notice something different? A lot has been going on behind the scenes at Yucatan Living to bring our readers what they've asked for most. Here's a quick tour of all the new features...

  • Izamal, Turtles & Chichen Itza Airport

    17 July 2007 News

    In the news last week: the magical pueblo of Izamal, the airport at Chichen Itza, turtles on the beach, deer in the zoo and, as always, much more...

  • It's All About Bikes in Merida

    29 May 2007 News

    Next weekend, Merida will be holding several cycling competitions in order to promote the sport in the Yucatan. Miles of flat roads sounds like good riding to us...

  • The New Yucatecan Kitchen at Nectar

    4 May 2007 News

    If you've been missing the great cuisine of the big city, here's your chance. Rene Redzepi, the up and coming chef of Noma in Copenhagen, is coming to cook in Merida...

  • Gringo Gone Home

    15 March 2007 News

    The most powerful gringo in the world has taken his secret service, barricades, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, sharp-shooters and aircraft carrier and gone home...

  • Presidents Calderon and Bush in Merida

    2 March 2007 News

    Well, what do you know? George W. Bush, the leader of the Western World, is coming to little ol' Merida to visit with Mexico's new president, Felípe Calderon, thus putting Merida on the world map once again...

  • Merida English Library Chili Cook-off

    9 February 2007 News

    Two of the library's most important fundraising events, the Chili Cook-off and the garage sale, have been combined this year into one big block party...

  • HIV/AIDS Benefit in Merida

    31 January 2007 News

    Brazos Abiertos, a local non-profit that is building awareness and providing support for HIV/AIDS victims, is holding a benefit. A worthy cause, if there ever was one...

  • Yucatan Classified Advertising

    11 January 2007 News

    The English-speaking expat community in the Yucatan finally gets its own classified ads on the internet... estamos listos!

  • Yucatan Hacienda Architecture Book

    19 December 2006 News

    Stop the presses! After waiting three long years, a coffee table book about the architecture of Yucatan's haciendas has finally been published...

  • A Benefit for Merida's Pets

    27 November 2006 News

    This friday, our local animal shelter will be hosting a dinner party to raise money for their ongoing effort to rescue Merida's stray dogs and cats...

  • Christmas Kukis

    15 November 2006 News

    We may not get snow and reindeer here in Merida, but we don't lack for Christmas cookies...

  • It's A Girl!

    8 November 2006 News

    At least once every few hours, something comes along that forces us to look up from our computer screens and take notice of what's going on in the real world. Today, it was something special...

  • Working Gringos Are Inside Mexico!

    23 October 2006 News

    We were recently interviewed for the premier edition of a new expatriate magazine called Inside Mexico. We thought we would share the following email that we received from the managing editor, Margot Lee Shetterly...

  • Gringos Invade Mexico!

    21 September 2006 News

    The following excerpt is from a recently published book on immigration titled, "No One Is Illegal" by Justin Akers Chacón and Mike Davis. We find it interesting and thought our readers might as well, as the authors purportedly have researched a lot of recent data and trends that apply to gringo immigrants to Mexico. Much food for thought...

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