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  • Mexico and the 2010 World Cup of Soccer

    7 June 2010 Daily Life

    To most of us, it is soccer. To most of the rest of the world, it is known as futbol. Just days remain before the start of the...

  • Inside a Maya Family Compound

    3 May 2010 Daily Life

    Visit a Maya family in the rural pueblo of Santa Elena south of Merida near the Ruta Puuc to see how they make a living during tough economic times...

  • Pre-Season Baseball

    1 March 2010 Daily Life

    Los Leones, Merida's professional baseball team, played a pre-season game against their cross-peninsula rivals, the Campeche Piratas. It was a beautiful day...

  • Organic Produce in Merida

    19 January 2010 Daily Life

    Yes, there is organic produce in Merida... and it's grown right here in the city by a man who enjoys knowing his customers...

  • A Rare Night Out in Merida

    9 December 2009 Daily Life

    The Working Gringos have been living up to their name lately, but last week they treated themselves to a night out on the town. The quality of their experiences was a pleasant surprise...

  • Merida Restaurant Listing

    7 December 2009 Daily Life

    A constantly growing list of the restaurants in Merida and the Yucatan Gulf Coast, with times, addresses, phone numbers, directions and readers' comments. A valuable resource!

  • Let's Go Bowling!

    12 October 2009 Daily Life

    Looking for a new activity? Something that involves exercise but can be done in air conditioning? Something that's so much fun you forget you are exercising? Looking to improve your Spanish skills at the same time? Here's just the ticket...

  • Biking in Merida

    9 June 2009 Daily Life

    Our good friend Reg is an avid bicyclist, and has spent hours bicycling in cities around the world. He brings us his best tips and ideas for safety and enjoyment on a bicycle in Merida...

  • The Shadows of Their Smiles

    30 March 2009 Daily Life

    Visitor or resident, it's a rare person who can ignore the plight of the street dogs in Mexico. Terry Godown shares her story about two dogs that stole into her yard and stole her heart...

  • Cloning the Apoyo Program

    2 March 2009 Daily Life, Volunteer

    Creative thinking and follow through have been the ingredients for a very successful program helping children stay in school in Progreso. Now two more women are copying this success in their own communities...

  • Serving Our Local Community

    20 January 2009 Daily Life

    In answer to Barack Obama's call to service, a group of local American expats visited a local elementary school to donate chairs, tables and books for their reading library...

  • Paying Your Yearly Dues

    7 January 2009 Daily Life, Finance & Law

    Every year about this time, talk turns to paying dues. There are taxes on your house and your car that have to be paid at the beginning of the year... well, at least as close to the beginning of the year as you can manage.

  • Caring For Aging Loved Ones in Yucatan

    24 November 2008 Daily Life, Medical

    A local expat tells us the story of searching for nursing home in Merida to care for his wife, who is suffering from the onset of dementia. Read also about a group of local expats taking the whole issue of retirement homes into their own hands...

  • Day of the Dead 2008

    29 October 2008 Daily Life

    Day of the Dead is not celebrated in the Yucatan as it is in the rest of Mexico. Here's a rundown of some local traditions and the events you can expect to see in the next few days...

  • Saving Energy in the Yucatan

    29 July 2008 Daily Life, Finance & Law

    We all get our electricity here in Mexico from the same place: CFE. Here is important information about how rates are calculated and more...

  • How to Eat a Mango, Yucatan-Style

    17 March 2008 Daily Life

    We hate to admit it but we have actually passed up a ripe mango in the store because we were too lazy to get messy eating it. Today we learned a mango-eating style and we'll never pass up a mango again...

  • Dog Bites Gringa in Merida!

    10 March 2008 Daily Life

    You think it won't happen to you but it might. Or you live in fear that it might happen to you and it may never. Mordida! It happened to Working Gringa one day, and here is what she learned (and you can too!) from the experience...

  • New Year's Eve in Merida

    22 December 2007 Daily Life

    Looking for something to do on the last night of the year? Merida's hotels and restaurants are all offering something special on New Year's Eve... here's the quick rundown.

  • Día de Los Muertos 2007 in Merida

    1 November 2007 Daily Life

    This year in Merida, the Day of the Dead celebration on the Plaza Grande was bigger than we expected and bigger than ever. Here's a short report and some photos...

  • Apoyo Program for Students in Progreso

    23 October 2007 Daily Life

    Do you ever wonder how you can make a real difference for a local family? Here's a story of how one woman is making a difference in the lives of students and their families in Progreso, Yucatan...

  • Leones Baseball - The End of 2007

    8 October 2007 Daily Life

    In case you were wondering what happened to Yucatan's finest baseball team, we don't have good news. Here's the rainy play-by-play, brought to you by our finest baseball writer...

  • Los Leones Play The D.F. Devils

    22 August 2007 Daily Life

    Baseball season is almost at an end, which means the games are getting very exciting. Yucatan's team, Los Leones could make it big again this year...

  • Los Leones Make The Playoffs!

    10 August 2007 Daily Life

    Our baseball reporter, Julia Kalmon, gives us the blow-by-exciting-blow of the most recent games of Los Leones, Yucatan's winning baseball team...

  • Leones Baseball July 7 Update

    7 July 2007 Daily Life

    It's the beginning of July and that means baseball season. The Leones, Yucatan State's championship baseball team, is doing well so far this year. Here's a little slice of life in the stands this summer...

  • Food and Baseball in Merida Mexico

    16 June 2007 Daily Life

    An excerpt from a new book about the Merida professional baseball team, the Leones, and their 2005 season. This particular chapter is about the food served in the stadium, but as with everything about baseball, it's about so much more...

  • Three New Arrivals in Merida

    17 March 2007 Daily Life

    Three totally unrelated things arrived in Merida today: locusts, sculptures and the new Yucatan Living Emergency Numbers bookmark...

  • A Visitor's Experience of Merida

    22 January 2007 Daily Life

    When Emily and Sid visited Merida recently, they didn't plan any celebrations, but Merida and its people made other plans...

  • Christmas Shopping in Merida

    19 December 2006 Daily Life

    When we first came to the Yucatan, everything we saw was new. Not so anymore. Now when we go shopping, we are looking for algo diferente...

  • Stovens - Part Two

    17 November 2006 Daily Life

    Find out what happens when the Working Gringos call the number on the English-language flyer stuck in their door last week to get their stoven repaired...

  • Stovens

    7 November 2006 Daily Life

    Every other day or so, when we arrive at our office in the morning or come home at night, one or more bits of paper are either slipped into the door or under the door or between the doors...

  • Mexican Fosa Septica

    5 October 2006 Finance & Law, Daily Life

    We promised to explain why you should not put paper in a Mexican toilet, and we’re not going to let you down...

  • Merida Mornings

    26 September 2006 Daily Life

    For the last year, daily life for the Working Gringa has started with a walk along Paseo de Montejo with the dogs, URL and Mali...

  • Mayan Pueblo Afternoon

    28 June 2006 Daily Life

    Last weekend, we wrangled an invitation to film a Mayan pig farm on the same day that Mexico played its decisive game in the World Cup...

  • Beauty School II

    20 June 2006 Daily Life

    It has been nearly three months since Socco May started beauty school in downtown Merida. Here's an update on her progress...

  • Stoplight Entrepreneurs

    12 May 2006 Daily Life

    The last time we traveled back to California, we found ourselves sitting at a stoplight in our car and feeling rather thirsty. We were suddenly struck by the absence of something we have come to expect and even appreciate here in Mexico...

  • Beauty School

    3 April 2006 Daily Life

    You may remember Soco, whose quinceaños we attended awhile back in her home town of Oxtapakab. Now she's off to beauty school...

  • Medical Care Merida Style

    28 March 2006 Daily Life

    In the past two days, the Working Gringos have had two medical experiences; one of them was comfortingly similar to experiences we have had in the States, and the other was a bit different...

  • To the Beach!

    13 March 2006 Daily Life

    Yesterday, as the world was reading about Merida and the cheap real estate here, some of us lucky residents decided to get out of Dodge for the day...

  • Sueters

    8 February 2006 Daily Life

    No, it's not misspelled. The Spanish word around here for sweater is sueter, believe it or not...

  • Ruminations of a Vecino

    6 February 2006 Daily Life

    We just found out about a fellow expatriate who is writing a blog about living in Mexico, Ruminations of an Expatriate...

  • Fiesta in the Countryside

    14 November 2005 Daily Life

    On Saturday, a good friend of ours had a house-warming party. This was a party we did not want to miss, as the house she has just finished renovating is about one hour east of Merida in a tiny pueblito in the Yucatecan countryside...

  • Missing Gringo Comforts

    13 November 2005 Daily Life

    On the way home from Costco, we were remarking how many things we used to think of as "missing" from Merida when we first moved here...

  • La Peluqueria

    5 November 2005 Daily Life

    Mexicans have a much higher standard of personal grooming than Working Gringos will probably ever achieve...

  • One of Those Days

    29 October 2005 Daily Life

    Today is one of those days when those of us who moved here remember why...

  • Street and Parking Lot Guys

    27 October 2005 Daily Life

    Here's something that you just don't get in the States: a man to watch your street...

  • Pondering Hurricanes

    19 October 2005 Daily Life

    Hurricane Wilma is headed for the Yucatan. Not that we're worried or anything. Merida is probably the safest large city in a hurricane zone that we can think of, now that we think of it...

  • Rooftop Life

    29 September 2005 Daily Life

    There is a whole side of life in Merida (and many other Mexican cities) that most visitors to Merida never see...

  • Salvador Alvarado Sports Park

    26 September 2005 Daily Life

    Early in the morning, this sports park is surprisingly well attended. At 5:30 AM, Merida is cool and fresh. By 7:30 AM, it gets hot and muggy. When would you rather exercise?..

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