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Yucatan Home Movie

Yucatan Home Movie

5 July 2006 Video, CULTURE 26

This is the companion video to the Mayan Pueblo Afternoon article.



  • Working Gringos 12 years ago

    Our pleasure, Limbert. Thanks for taking the time to write us.

  • Limbert Ceballos 12 years ago

    I wanted to thank you for the video, I was born in BOKOBA Yucatan but I been living in Burbank CA for the past 27 years. It is nice to see where I came from and to be able to remember all the beautiful things that I did when I was a kid.
    Thank you for taking the time to remind me of my childhood.

  • Jorge 13 years ago

    Thank You! guys, im really Homesick now lol!

  • Stacey 13 years ago

    I am an American who lived in Merida from 1999 through 2000.My family loved MX. I enjoyed your video. It brought back many the fireworks that were set off at so many occasions (peligroso). LaRosita, on Paseo Montejo, near Campestre, is our alltime favorite place to eat. The kids still talk about all the yummy food without a lot of money.

  • Laura 15 years ago

    Me gusto mucho el video de Oxtapacab mi esposo es de una familia maya
    y le gusta ver estos videos gracias por su tiempo, si tiene videos de Progreso Yucatan me gustaria verlos Thank you very much for all you do for the people who lives out of their State

  • Working Gringos 15 years ago

    Dear Carolina,

    If you upload your video to and send us the link, then we can publish it here, as well. Or you can email the video to us in either a MOV or AVI format. We look forward to seeing it!

  • Carolina Bacelis-Hernandez 15 years ago

    Hola Gringa Trabajadora;
    Me siento tan orgullosa como yucateca viviendo en los Estados Unidos.
    Visitare Merida en unas cinco semanas y tomare videos de mi visita al igual que hare una narracion de los lugares que visito. Como te podria hacer llegar estos videos? Te interesaria tenerlos y publicarlos en tu pagina?

  • Juan Ek 15 years ago

    Mi nombre es Juan Carlos
    vi el video que hizo de Yucatan
    y me dio mucho gusto ver Yucatan por este medio
    gracias por su trabajo. soy de Merida y radico en USA desde hace ya 20 anos
    Buena Suerte Gringa Trabajadora

  • Laura 15 years ago

    Gracias for the videos of Yucatan. I loved them. I was born in Progreso but I grow up in Merida. I've been in Minnesota for 20 years and watching the video makes me feel
    close to home. Thank You.

  • Juan Ek 15 years ago

    I sow your video, My family is mayan
    i live in minnesta for 20 year, watching the video
    make me feel close to home

  • Laura 15 years ago

    I loved all the videos you made of Yucatan
    I was born en Progreso pero creci en Merida
    I have veen in Minnesota for 20 years,My kids had visit
    there & they loved it Thank you for The Videos again

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