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  • Friends of Cozumel

    9 August 2017 Volunteer

    Medical team joins back to school event

  • Charity and Volunteer Opportunities

    29 March 2017 Daily Life, Volunteer

    Free Karma!

  • Success in the CAPP Program

    11 August 2015 Daily Life, Volunteer

    The CAPP program supports graduates of the Progreso Apoyo program who have earned the privilege of attending college in Yucatan. Here are a few of their stories...

  • Volunteering Opportunities in Yucatan

    16 April 2014 Volunteer

    We are always asked for suggestions about where to donate money, things or time. Here is a comprehensive list of places we know about in and around Merida and the Yucatan Gulf Coast. And we welcome your additions!

  • Progreso Apoyo CAPP Program

    17 September 2013 Volunteer

    The Progreso Apoyo program and others like it have been so successful that now some of these deserving students are graduating. The costs of attending even a public university are out of their range, but help is on the way through the new CAPP program. It is easy for you to help... find out how!

  • Cloning the Apoyo Program

    2 March 2009 Daily Life, Volunteer

    Creative thinking and follow through have been the ingredients for a very successful program helping children stay in school in Progreso. Now two more women are copying this success in their own communities...

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