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  • Merida Events: Hanal Pixan!

    25 October 2015 Events

    Tonite, a tribute to Armando Manzanero. Also this week, a Health & Fitness Expo, Noche de Gallerias, Evolución's Garage Sale, two Halloween parties and more!

  • Merida Events: FICMaya!!

    18 October 2015 Events

    Lots of great music, including Salif Keita, a visiting musician from Africa, the Dr. Atomic Symphony and the tribute to Armando Manzanero...

  • Merida Events: Ballet & Music

    12 October 2015 Events

    What a week this is going to be! The variety of events is pretty staggering... everything from Trova to World Wide Wrestling!

  • Merida Events: Listen to the Music

    5 October 2015 Events

    This week there is music galore, from the International String Quartet to the Symphony to Opera at the Gran Museo... and everything in between!

  • Merida Events: Oktoberfest

    27 September 2015 Events

    All kinds of music this week, from the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra to the Yucatones, and everything in between!

  • Merida Events: Music Everywhere!

    23 September 2015 Events

    This week there is such a range of music... trova, classical, blues, soul and more! Enjoy!

  • Merida Events: Independence Day!

    15 September 2015 Events

    This week celebrate Independence Day with music in the Plaza Grande. Also some great trova concerts, a rugby rules lecture, Swan Lake and more!

  • Merida Events: Symphony & Red Dress Run

    7 September 2015 Events

    Events this week include the opening of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra's season, and the charity Red Dress Run...

  • Merida Events: Bubble Football, Anyone?

    31 August 2015 Events

    A quiet week, but some wonderful events coming soon! Read about them here...

  • Merida Events: Week of August 24

    23 August 2015 Events

    Back to school and last days at the beach... lots of people are distracted, but there are still things to do!

  • Merida Events: August 17-23, 2015

    16 August 2015 Events, Reader's Polls

    It's the dog days of summer, but there are still a few events in Merida you might want to know about...

  • Merida Events: August 10-17, 2015

    9 August 2015 Events, Reader's Polls

    This week's events in and around Merida...

  • Merida Events: Trova Festival

    16 March 2015 Events

    This week, a fabulous trova celebration, as well as the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, performances by the International String Quartet, a string of fabulous movies, and more...

  • Merida Events: Wings & Ceremony

    9 March 2015 Events

    You can attend a mask-making workshop, a modern dance performance, the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra playing music from the Czech Republic, a Contra dance, a tour to Izamal to benefit college students, a food festival from Italy, a Maya ceremony in a cenote, a cultural festival in Sisal that is decorated with wings and much more...

  • Merida Events: Music Festival

    3 March 2015 Events

    This week there are a lot of new movies... and then the weekend explodes with some amazing musical events, including the Merida Music Festival. You've got to go to at least one!

  • Merida Events: Movies and Music

    23 February 2015 Events

    The week after Carnival finds most people picking up the pieces and regrouping. Events this week include movies and lots of wonderful live music, and then they start picking up again next week...

  • Merida Events: Carnaval Ends!

    17 February 2015 Events

    This week sees the final concerts and excitement of Carnival, as well as a bunch of good movies and the fabulous MEL Artist Studio Tour...

  • Merida Events: All About Carnaval

    9 February 2015 Events

    This week is all about Carnaval. You can see some events in downtown Merida, and join the big parades out at the Xmatkuil Fairgrounds...

  • Merida Events: Merida's Got Murder

    2 February 2015 Events

    Merida is fairly quiet this week, but there is still Mozart at the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, lots of great movies, Merida's Got Murder and a lecture on eldercare choices...

  • Merida Events: Celebrate the End

    26 January 2015 Events

    This week join the rest of the city in marking the end of the month-long celebration of Merida's birthday with outdoor concerts, art by Joseph Kurhajec, the continuation of the Orson Welles Film Series, the Magic Flute and more...

  • Merida Events: Outdoor Music

    19 January 2015 Events

    This week, there is an Orson Welles film festival, modern dance and Arab dance performances, music in Santa Ana, Ermita and at the Remate, food trucks, a tango opera, a fashion show, more live music in the Plaza Grande... what a week!!

  • Merida Events: Merida Fest Continues

    12 January 2015 Events

    If you aren't in Merida this week, you are going to wish you were. There are so many exciting performances to celebrate the city's birthday... all free, so many outdoors, all fabulous! Read all about it...

  • Merida Events: Merida Fest 2015

    5 January 2015 Events

    Lots going on this week! There are many wonderful outdoor musical events, dance events, an Orson Welles film series, concerts in the Plaza Grande and much more... check it out!

  • Merida Events: Happy Holidays!

    23 December 2014 Events

    Not a lot going on this week, but lots Coming Soon! Mark your calendars for all the great events...

  • Merida Events: Christmas Approaches

    15 December 2014 Events

    This week, the Merida Fest, celebrating 473 years of being a city, is starting this week. Also, a concert in the Plaza, Christmas celebrations for kids, great movies, trova, Christopher Collins at Hacienda Xcanatun and more...

  • Merida Events: Virgen de Guadalupe Day

    9 December 2014 Events

    This week in Merida: Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the celebrations of Virgin of Guadalupe Day, see some great movies and lots of fun as always!

  • Merida Events: Noche Blanca

    2 December 2014 Events

    This week is so jam-packed full of events... we DARE you to see them all. Noche Blanca includes amazing art exhibits and the fabulous Lila Downs in concert in the Plaza Grande... it doesn't get much better than that!

  • Merida Events: Last Week of the Fair

    25 November 2014 Events

    This week, more piano competition, the last week of the fair, the Yucatan Folkloric Ballet, The Red Ribbon Ball, Thanksgiving, movies and more...

  • Merida Events: Festivals and More

    17 November 2014 Events

    This week, the Merida Young Creator's Festival, lots of music of various kinds, the Live Love Laugh event, The International Jose Jacinto Cuevas Piano competition, the history of chocolate at MEL, contra dancing, a race at the beach and so much more...

  • Merida Events: Food Trucks & Art

    11 November 2014 Events

    What a week! Buen Fin shopping opportunities, the AANY Arte e Mano show, Food Truck Guerilla appearances, the fair in Xmatquil... so much to do!!

  • Merida Events: Xmatkuil Fair 2014

    3 November 2014 Events

    This week the big event is the opening of the Yucatan State Fair at Xmatkuil. There are plenty of smaller events happening in town during the week, a week-long fair & celebration in Telchac Puerto and a LOT to look forward to (and buy tickets for now!) in November...

  • Merida Events: Day of the Dead 2014

    27 October 2014 Events

    There are many events this week, and almost all of them are centered around Day of the Dead or Hanal Pixan. Festivities start on Friday morning and continue on into the weekend, including city-sponsored paseos, exhibits and Cook It Raw Yucatan's final events open to the public...

  • Merida Events: Int'l Festival of the Maya Culture

    21 October 2014 Events

    This week, Merida's venues will be full of exciting events... it's really quite amazing how much is going on this week. If you are here this week, you can experience dance, music, film, art and so much more... all in one night, if you want! Enjoy...

  • Merida Events: Festival de la Cultura Maya

    13 October 2014 Events

    This week in Merida: Great silent movies and hard-to-find documentaries. Don't miss the beginning of the International Festival of the Mayan Culture with great events all around Merida and Yucatan State!

  • Merida Events: Last of Cultural Festival

    6 October 2014 Events

    The end of the Fall Cultural Festival in Merida brings lots of music, some great films and dance and much more to come...

  • Merida Events: Music In the Air

    29 September 2014 Events

    This week, there is so much music it is hard to imagine it all. From classical to trova, from violin duets to trova old and new... there is something for everyone.

  • Merida Events: Music & Dance Galore

    22 September 2014 Events

    This week, an explosion of music and dance in Merida, including the National Ballet of Cuba, multiple trova performances, the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra and so much more...

  • Merida Events: Yucatan Fall Festival

    15 September 2014 Events

    This week, the season begins and the events start coming fast and furious. The Fall Cultural extravaganza starts this week, with performances that include the National Ballet of Cuba. Don't miss all the free trova musical events, performers from D.F. and of course, lots of movies...

  • Merida Events: Trova & Independence Day

    8 September 2014 Events

    This week, some epic musical performances by the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra and at the Yucatan Music Museum. Also movies galore, trova performances, a dance performance and much Coming Soon!!

  • Merida Events: Yucatan Symphony Begins Again

    1 September 2014 Events

    This week there are plenty of movies, Trova music and of course, the opening of the Fall Season of The Yucatan Symphonic Orchestra...

  • Merida Events: Concert at the Catedral

    25 August 2014 Events

    This week, more anime and Japanese horror films, dance performances, everyone goes back to school and a performance on Saturday in front of the Catedral...

  • New Ongoing Events

    22 August 2014 Events

    There are so many events that happen every week in Merida, so we decided to put them all in one place to make it easy for you!

  • Merida Events: Red Dress Run & Japanese Horror

    18 August 2014 Events

    This week, there is a Red Dress Run on Saturday, a Japanese horror film series and an anime film series as well. There is also theatre, trova and a break dancing contest!

  • Merida Events: Fairs and Anime

    11 August 2014 Events

    The must-attend event this week is the Merida English Library's Evening of Merida Magic. In addition, there's the fair at San Sebastian, a book fair, a theatre extravaganza, trova, an anime film festival...

  • Merida Events: Movies & Hamlet

    4 August 2014 Events

    This week, there is a lot of live theatre, including a performance of Hamlet at the Catedral on the Plaza Grande! There is a new food market at the beach, and a number of opera performances...

  • Merida Ongoing Events

    31 July 2014 Events

    Here's all the ongoing regular events that happen in Merida all in one place... updated August 2014.

  • Merida Events: Tunich Fair Still

    28 July 2014 Events

    The Tunich Fair is full of events this year. And there's movies, the opera, dance performances and more!!

  • Merida Events: Feria Tunich

    22 July 2014 Events

    This week marks the start of the popular Feria Tunich in the nearby town of Dzitya, as well as a performance by the Youth Orchestra in Progreso, a classical ballet performance and much more...

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