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Yucatan News: Street Drains!

Yucatan News: Street Drains!

26 May 2014 News 9

Merida to Get 300 Street Drains

We have all become used to a number of well-traveled streets in Merida becoming flooded during rain storms. The water may not come up into the houses unless the streets are full and a vehicle causes waves, but it does stop people from moving about the city easily and is an expensive inconvenience for many businesses. That is all to end soon. Within 15 days, the city will begin drilling 300 new storm drains in Merida. They are to be located in all quadrants of the city. This should be a significant help to everyone who has to drive to work and shop, continuing to make Merida a more and more liveable city.

Findings of Medicinal Plant Conference

This past week, the X International Meeting on Natural Products Research was held in Merida. The goal was to share findings and research on biological, biotechnological and pharmaceutical issues. From a study of 15 species of medicinal plants native to the Yucatan Peninsular, specialists from the Yucatan Center for Scientific Research (CICY) were able to show that it is possible to develop herbal medicines, in the future, that could treat diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, cancer or HIV. Mexico is one of the four nations that can boast the largest diversity of plants in the world. It is no surprise, given their long history of traditional medicine, that Mexico - and Yucatan - will lead the way in the development of traditional and herbal medicine far into the future. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more about this. We also know that Casa K'in ( recently held a workshop on traditional herbal medicines and is planning to hold another one in the fall. All good news!

200,000 Families to Receive Televisions

From August through December 2014, 200,000 families who receive benefits from SEDESOL will receive a new, digital, 24-inch flat screen, high definition television, equipped with ports that will allow for extending their capabilities to receiving signals with higher quality picture and sound. The televisions will be energy efficient and are expected to reduce the electricity consumption of analog televisions by more than 60%. The energy savings throughout the country will be enormous. The families who will benefit from this national program live in priority developments, are agricultural laborers, are 3x1 migrant families, are participating in a temporary employment program, are in the SEDESOL program for Seniors, or participate in a life insurance for heads of household program. While it may not seem at first glance to be a politically correct thing to do, replacing those old televisions is a very practical thing to do and you cannot deny those kinds of savings.

Senior INAPAM Games Held in Merida

Progreso is moving on up in the National Games for Older Adults. A group of grandmothers won in dominos and 76 year old Juan Jose Vivas Ceballos sang his way to first place. This is a good time to let our older expatriates know that, if they are at least 60 years old, they too qualify for an INAPAM card in Mexico. Rolly Brook has an excellent description of the benefits, as well as all relevant links at INAPAM Senior Discount Card. While some may think it really might not be worth it to apply for their INAPAM card, they think better of it the next time they catch a bus to Cancun. And, no matter your age, do always try to come out and support the talented Older Adults of Yucatan.

Yucatan and Oaxaca Negative for Pork Virus

The pork virus that has killed at least 7 million young pigs was originally identified in the United States. Since the virus was first identified in the United States, Mexico began restricting the importation of live pigs from the USA. Still, the virus was found in 17 of Mexico's 19 pork-producing states. Yucatan and Oaxaca both tested negative for the virus and both are in the southern part of the country. It is important to know that the pig virus is not contagious to humans, but it kills so many pigs, so rapidly, that it ends up driving the price of pork up and causing economic hardship for producers and consumers. Hopefully, the virus will soon be under control and tragedy can be avoided.


  • Khaki Scott 9 years ago

    Sharon, - ADO says they only reserve 2 ADO seats for INAPAM riders. However, they also say that you can purchase your ticket online ( ) - so it might be best to practice a little bit online and see how far out they usually have tickets available, especially if you know the dates you will be traveling well in advance. Good luck - and let us know if purchasing tickets online and in advance works better than in person.

  • Khaki Scott 9 years ago

    Sharon - I'm going to do some checking and see just how many seats are "reserved" for INAPAM travelers and if it is possible to reserve them in advance... maybe that will help everybody, including you.

  • Mikey 9 years ago

    You may find an old blog of mine from almost 5 years ago interesting (and maybe not).
    Here's the link:

    I've lived here for 19 years and have witnessed numerous improvements in the city. Storm drains fall into that category. While the installation of the storm drains will provide some improvement, that improvement will be nowhere near significant. So, if you live here or plan to visit, and it is raining cats and dogs, avoid the flooded streets. Including the ones with the soon-to-be installed new storm drains.

  • Eric Chaffee 9 years ago

    I say ¡bravo! And I was very impressed recently, after reporting a missing storm grate that vanished over night, causing a walking hazard at c.78 y 59-a. It was replaced in two days. Wow!

  • Sharron 9 years ago

    Re the INAPAM card. Early in May I was told by the ticket agents at the ADO Fiesta Americana bus station tickets for the June very early morning bus to Cancun airport would be available Monday, 19 May. On that day I went to the station to purchase a ticket but I was told tickets for the same bus would be available Monday, 26 May. Early that morning I went again to buy my ticket using the iNAPAM discount and was told no more seats were available and that apparently there were only three INAPAM seats per bus. Outside of the three INAPAM tickets that had been sold ALL other seats on that bus were available. I think ADO is being very unfair as I am sure not every run has all the INAPAM seats sold or that the bus will fill up with seniors. Needless to say I was not amused as I am a pensioner who has to watch my pesos.

  • Working Gringos 9 years ago

    Mikey, we understand your frustration... but you should know that after a rainstorm, Merida drains a LOT faster than it did even ten years ago. Certainly, an additional 300 drains will help improve things. Of course, continued education and cleanup is required. No one denies that. We think perhaps you are disappointed in the reality of the situation more than the article, yes?

  • Working Gringos 9 years ago

    Ah, Garry... we agree! It "should" be! Would you like to investigate and let us know?

  • Garry Jewell 9 years ago

    I read with interest that storm drains are to be installed in Merida. In order to drain water you must have a low point to drain to. Since Merida is predominantly level, where does the water go? If holes are being drilled to allow the water to drain into the subsurface, how do they prevent the aquifers or underground streams from being contaminated? The article should be expanded on.

  • Mikey 9 years ago

    Comment for Khaki Scott:

    The installation of 300 additional "storm drains" will undoubtedly help to drain some of the rainwater that accumulates in the streets. However, it will not significantly reduce the problem as you say in your article. The drains are normally only about one meter deep and fill up much faster than they can drain into the ground. Because the locals still persist in throwing their garbage out of car windows and, generally, in the streets, these storm drains fill up rather fast and clog very quickly and in no time at all, become useless and an eyesore. Not to mention that the grates are NEVER properly secured and they become road hazards and very dangerous. Thee is a crew that does nothing but travel around and clean out the drains of the debris they collect and repair the aluminum grids that are damaged. I have seen some that are actually bent in a half moon configuration. The addition of 300 additional storm drains will have little to no impact on the flooding that takes place during a rain storm.

    Your article is misleading and disappointing.

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