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Yucatan News: Quintet, Climate and Cruises

Andorra la Vella

Yucatan News: Quintet, Climate and Cruises

8 November 2016 News 0

Yucatán Classical Quintet to Perform in Andorra la Vella
In case you didn't know, Andorra la Vella is a tiny country wedged between Spain and France. Our Classical Quintet will perform there through a cultural exchange program developed by the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities (UCCI), an association of thirty Ibero-American cities in Spain, Latin America and Andorra. Performing will be Yucatec Mtro. José Luis Chan Sabido (artistic director and first violin), Ana Jimena Herrera Cardeña (second violin), from Mexico City, Mtra. Martha Montelongo García (double bass), the Cuban Mtro. Joaquín Peláez Aldana (viola) and the Spaniard, Mtra. Cristina Sahuquillo (cello). The musical program is titled "Yucatan, Tierra Maya" and is made up of classical and traditional works by Yucatecan composers such as Pedro Carlos Herrera, Roberto Abraham Mafud, Cesáreo Chan Blanco, Guty Cárdenas, Ricardo Palmerín, Jesús "Chucho" Herrera and others . The world premiere of the work "El Cielo" by the Mexican composer Omar Rojas will also be performed. The concert will take place November 10 at 20:30 hours in the communal theater of the capital of the Principality, Andorra la Vella (local time).

Mexico to be featured in 24-hour live broadcast by The Climate Reality Project
As the Paris Agreement enters into force on November 4th, former Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project have announced this year’s 24 Hours of Reality broadcast, 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward, taking place on December 5-6, 2016. Featuring some of today’s most popular celebrities, musicians, thought leaders, scientists, and experts, this year’s broadcast will focus on the 24 largest CO2 emitting countries in the world and the exciting energy solutions being implemented around the world to fight climate change. Mexico

Wet Weather Ahead
The National Water Commission (CONAGUA) is predicting heavier than usual rains in the coming weeks with temperatures dropping as low as 59 degree Fahrenheit. High temperatures are expected to be between 87 and 95 degrees. Anyone who has lived in Yucatan for very long knows the Norte season is approaching, a time when cold weather from our northern neighbor meets tropical moisture from the Caribbean, producing an abundance of water that runs through the aquifer upon which we stand. So this is fair warning to break out the umbrellas and be careful when driving on flooded streets.

Renovations at Xmatkuil
The state fairgrounds at Xmatkuil have been upgraded this year to accommodate the expanding attendance by out of state vendors and artisans. As many as 14 Mexican states will be represented this year and as much as 80 million pesos have been invested to increase the number of commercial stalls, parking spaces, and entertainment center and other amenities. These new facilities will host over 2,200 art exhibits, sporting events and cultural presentations. If you have never visited the Yucatan State Fair, this may be your year. Now in its 41st year, the fair begins November 11th and ends December 4th.

Speaking of Renovations...
In case you hadn't noticed, scaffolding has been erected at the Monumento a la Patria on Paseo de Montejo. An examination is underway to determine how much and what kind of maintenance is required to keep this famous landmark looking pristine. Three experts contracted by the Ayuntamiento de Mérida are conducting the research. The monument, which depicts many important individuals and events in the History of Mexico and Yucatan, was sculpted by Columbian artist Rómulo Rozo Peña. The work was begun in 1944 and completed in 1956.

Carnival Cancels Cruises to Coast
For the second week in a row, the Carnival cruise ship Liberty visit to Progresso was canceled, which means only two out of three scheduled cruise ships have delivered tourists to the area these past two weeks. Carnival announced that the ship was unable to make the voyage due to a “persistent propulsion problem”. This Saturday, the Carnival Cruise ship Fantasy is expected to dock with over 2,000 passengers, but an excessive amount of sea grass (Sargasso) has been accumulating at the malecon that has reduced the amount of time tourists remain near the beach. To make matters worse, a Norte is expected this weekend, which may further dampen spirits and deposit yet more grass onto the beaches.


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