News / Yucatan News: Nortes and El Buen Fin

Yucatan News: Nortes and El Buen Fin

Yucatan News: Nortes and El Buen Fin

6 November 2013 News 0

El Buen Fin Registration Going Strong

With almost 2 weeks left before the start of "The Good Weekend," the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism has reported that Merida already has more than three thousand businesses signed up to participate. This exceeds last year's total, and the figure is expected to double by the time the November 15 - 18 program begins. Anything you can imagine that is associated with tourism will be on sale, including hotel rates and travel agency services. Since the program was so successful last year, all sorts of businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, so save those pesos and be ready to take advantage of the inexpensive shopping.

Figure of Black Christ Returns to Hunucma

Each year, the figure of the Black Christ travels from Hunucma to Sisal in a huge procession. At the end of nine days, the procession returns the statue to its home in Hunucma. There, on the high alter of the Church of St. Francis of Assis, the Cristo Negro remains until it is time for the trip the next year. This event has been going on for generations and, if you are in Yucatan during this season, do take time to visit both Hunucma and Sisal. While you are there, do pay your respects to the Cristo Negro, also known as Señor de Sisal.

Tizimin: In Anticipation of Christmas

No matter where we are from, we all lament the fact that Christmas items seem to appear in stores earlier each and every year, but we never dreamed that we would see artificial Christmas trees in a neighborhood store in Tizimin. Parents complain that they feel pressured to buy early, before Christmas sales begin. Watching this type of thing spread across Yucatan gives us all pause to stop and rethink the meaning of the holiday season and feel a little sorry that one can purchase an artificial Christmas tree in the interior of the Yucatan Peninsula at the beginning of November.

Uman Spay & Neuter Clinic

The Uman Spay & Neuter Clinic has now been rescheduled for November 24. As always, they need volunteers to sign people in, to support the vets and to help the animals recover. Many locals have volunteered before at these clinics and raved about it... feel good helping people and animals live better lives. The groups supporting this event need donations too. So if you can't be there in person, maybe you could

-make a half dozen sandwiches (vegetarian options please), and send along some napkins
-buy a couple boxes of granola or fruit bars or peanut butter crackers
-buy some fruit; like bananas, apples, grapes, mandarinas
-buy a couple garafones of water, and cups
-buy a big bag of pretzels
-donate a couple big bottles of soda, and cups
BethKnepp will coordinate these donations, and you can contact her at

They also always need:
-Big industrial rolls of paper towels,
-Big black plastic bags
-Toilet paper
-Hand soap - bars or pumps
-a couple permanent magic markers
-old sheets, towels, t-shirts
-cardboard (large pieces please)
-a couple large sheets of plastic to cover the recovery floors.
FloydC will coordinate these donations, you can contact him at

The people and animals of Uman thank you in advance for your help!!

Ticul Police Computerized

The Southern Cone of Yucatan is an area that many still think of as "deep" in the interior of the peninsula. The implication is that places like Ticul are very rural and often living far back in time. Such is certainly not the case today. In recent years, the area around Ticul has gotten new schools, new university branches, new water systems, new big-box stores, and now the police have a brand new computer system. This means they will have much greater control over collecting fines and keeping trackd of repeat offenders. This also means that, in almost all of the state, everyone needs to be a little more careful about driving too fast and then trying to forget about the ticket.

5th Annual A Taste of Playa

This month long event gets better every year. As of now, there are three events that everyone needs to know about as soon as possible. Taste of Playa's Main Event on November 24th: The event is open to the public and boasts forty (40) participants, consisting of restaurants, bars and caterers. The daylong festival celebrates the creativity and cultural influences of Chefs throughout the Riviera Maya. For a list of this year’s participants please visit

Taste of Playa’s Kick-off Beach Party is on Saturday, November 16th at the Wah Wah Beach Bar, located at 2nd Street and the beach. This event includes open bar (National drinks) and snacks, plus live music performances. Taste of Playa’s 5th Anniversary Food Tasting and Wine Pairing Dinner is on November 20th at La Casa del Agua on 2nd Street and 5th Avenue. Space is limited and will sell out fast. There are only 75 seats available for this exclusive dinner. Reservations can be made on line or via email: Last but not least, there is a Taste of Playa Cookbook, featuring more than 85 recipes submitted by many of their 2012 Taste of Playa restaurant, bar and catering participants. Get it on the website or at the event!

Weather: Norte # 10: Wet and Cold

Fifteen years ago, when new expats asked how to dress in the winter, our instructions were to bring a pair of sweat pants because we had less than half a dozen cold snaps during the entire winter. Today, there are between 40 and 60 nortes per winter and we are already on number ten. They don't last long and they are certainly not anything like winters in our home countries; but, after your blood thins out, 70 degrees takes on new meaning. Bundle up and make time for friends and good movies. Remember that the days and weeks in between nortes are wonderful!


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