News / Yucatan Living News: Oil Exploration Cancelled

Yucatan Living News: Oil Exploration Cancelled

Yucatan Living News: Oil Exploration Cancelled

3 October 2017 News 0

We are happy to report that the National Hydrocarbons Commission has decided to exclude the Yucatan Platform from the International Oil Exploration Project. After meeting with representatives of the beach towns and villages, they realized how important an issue this was for the fishermen and their communities. Now, everyone can take a deep breath of relief and look toward a future of clean water and clean beaches.

Children’s Barefoot Protest

This past week, a Cinepolis, in the Villahermosa, Tabasco, refused entrance to a child because he was barefoot. In reality, Cinepolis has no rule that says anyone must wear shoes in the cinema. Since this is the 21st century, someone had a smartphone, made a video of the event and put it on social media. Within hours, the video had made its way around the world and Cinepolis had both apologized to the child and fired the employees who had caused the uproar. Not to create a new disturbance, but to show solidarity with the child in Tabasco, the children of the Municipality of Seye took their shoes off, in protest, in the front lobby of a Cinepolis in Merida, made their own video and it too is online for all to see. Yucatan’s children have been this way for a long time and the success of the state today is a direct result of the grownup courage and determination of generations of children who will demonstrate, in a heartbeat, against anything or anybody they believe to be doing the wrong thing. Congratulations Seye for a job well done in raising this generation of brave, aware, and courageous children.

11th Campechano Chess Tournament

On the Campeche leg of this annual tournament, Yucatan is walking away with almost all of the wins. In the First Force, Yucatan’s Gonzalo Alberto Navarette Mendez, a candidate for Master, brought home Yucatan’s first gold, while Edward Bolio and Sion Galaviz Medina, both age 11, took third and fourth place. Yucatan’s second gold, in the under-14 division, was won by Atlas Galaviz Medina, who was locked in battle with his own brother, Aldebaran. This match is described as not suitable for cardiac patients; but that’s ok because they brought home the gold and silver medals for Yucatan. In third place was Yucatan’s Santiago Zacarias Rodriguez. In the under-10 category, Luca Galviz Aldana took third place and Seiya Galaviz Medina took fourth. Next week, they will play in Merida, so we will have those results by the end of the week. Other cultures often ask how Yucatan keeps its children out of trouble and in school. A large part of that answer is chess and soccer. Both are pervasive throughout the state and these kids can bring home the gold when no one else can.

Wage Gap Expanding

In January, 2015, the average minimum wage in Mexico was 306.6 pesos per day. In Yucatan, the average minimum wage was 289.6 pesos per day. This was a gap of 17 pesos per day. By August of 2016, the minimum wage in Mexico was 336.2 pesos per day, while the average minimum wage in Yucatan was 302.9 pesos per day. This was a gap of 33.3 pesos per day. If you single out the center of the country and compare it with Yucatan, you will find that there is a difference of 80 pesos per day. In addition, for some odd reason, throughout Mexico, wages are higher in the early months of the year than they are at the end of the year. When you convert 302.9 pesos per day, you find that Yucatecos are working six days a week for $16.59 USD per day. Take that to the grocery store or a clothing store and see what they will give you for it. Please keep this in mind when you hire anyone to do anything for you in Mexico. When people work a full day, they should have the right to eat and sleep well, and to have their children eat well and get a good education, so please pay them with that in mind.

Clothing Bales Sell Online

Everybody knows how hard it is to sell clothes at a garage sale. Why have a garage sale when you can sell your clothes by the bale and be guaranteed a certain amount of money, more if the bale is certified as unworn clothing? These bales of clothes are being sold all over Merida and are selling in the informal market. The ladies who are doing this feel they have no other alternative if they need to increase their incomes. The websites where the bales are sold include,,,,, and Some of those sites look quite interesting as free classifieds for other items as well, so do check them out.

Congratulations to Ernesto Ricalde

Congratulations to civil engineer Ernesto Ricalde on the occasion of his 48th anniversary as a Boy Scout in Yucatan. Less than 5% of the scouts who graduate remain as scouts in their adult life. Ernesto did and has moved up to one of the highest administrative positions in scouting. This is an organization that doesn’t seem to have the problems in Mexico that it has in a few other nations and, according to Ernesto, the world would be a different place if everyone experienced scouting as part of their formative years. Scouting is very active for both boys and girls in Yucatan, and continues to grow as each year passes. Again, Happy 48th Scouting Anniversary to Yucateco Ernesto Ricalede.

New Walmart Distribution Center

The new Walmart Distribution Center is already complete enough to be partially functional. It actually won’t be completely finished until 2019, at which point it will have 85 cargo bays in operation. They still have 750 jobs to fill, including jobs for logistic and production engineers, freelancers and warehousemen. If you know someone who fits that bill, be sure to direct them to the new Walmart Distribution Center in Merida.

Orphan Support

The government of Mexico City has set aside enough money to support 200 orphans and/or parents who have lost their partners or their children. It is called the Family Reconstruction Plan and it includes no less than 20 social support programs, from education to healthcare to food and shelter. Each child will get a monthly stipend and a quite nice little savings account. They will even get free legal assistance through the end of this year. Mexico City is determined to see this as a glass-half-full situation and is looking forward to a new and better tomorrow.

Children Play “Earthquake”

Many of the survivors of this past month’s earthquakes are children. Surviving natural disasters, especially multiple earthquakes, can cause severe emotional problems for many years to come. In an effort to address this situation as early as possible, Oaxaca has set up a Recreational Shelter, where children are allowed to play games that take the fear out of what they have experienced. This is an excellent idea and one that could also be considered in states that face multiple hurricanes each year.

Thank Quake Volunteers!

It is the young people who simply appeared and went to work, when the quake was over, that are the most impressive volunteers. Then, there are the rescue dogs, many of whom were rescued from shelters themselves. In addition, there is the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UNAM that is going out and rescuing horses, dogs, birds, and any other animal that is in need of medical services, then providing those services at no charge. Four hundred and sixty two people died in three earthquakes, but the Angel of Independence is standing unhurt. Tomorrow will be another day in Mexico and another day that the people of Mexico City will have to work toward building a new life. We are sorry for their losses and wish them all the best in the future.

Note: Please keep the people of Puerto Rico in your thoughts and prayers. They are in dire need and do not have the resources that Mexico has to overcome their tragedy. Send whatever help you can. It will be deeply appreciated.


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