News / Yucatan News: Mayan Beekepers Protect Threatened Population

Yucatan News: Mayan Beekepers Protect Threatened Population

North American Bumble Bee Officially Added to Endangered Species List

Yucatan News: Mayan Beekepers Protect Threatened Population

30 March 2017 News 0

Endangered Species

Bee populations continue their alarming decline around the world. In the Yucatan, we are blessed with stingless bees. Local beekeeper, Anselma Chale Euan, is doing her part to help protect their population. She cares for over 20,000 bees and produces about 48 liters of honey per year. Among other things, members of her Co’oleel Caab women’s collective use the money for education and women’s rights.

Check out the video about Co'oleel Caab Women's Beekeeping Collective.

Learn more in this video about traditional Mayan beekeeping.

Help Save Unique Plants

Roughly 60 plants found only on the Yucatan Peninsula are in danger of extinction. 20 are in immediate danger. Gardeners in the Yucatan are being asked to cultivate endangered species to help protect threatened populations. This information was presented by Dr. Rodrigo Duno de Stefano, a researcher at the Center for Scientific Research of Yucatan (CICY). Look past their physical characteristics and save a species!

U.S. Affordable Care Act and Medical Tourism to Mexico

Throughout this past week, there was speculation that the Affordable Health Care Act would be repealed and replaced with something that would cause loss of access to healthcare for millions of US citizens. This unrest continues to fuel a medical tourism boom in Mexico.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act remains law, but expats and other visitors are encouraged to establish relationships with medical professionals as quickly as possible.

Oxkutzcab Market Gets Facelift and Expansion

Oxkutzcab is well known as the Citrus Capital of Yucatan and home of the Yucatan Orange Festival. Over a period of what is probably the last decade rural development money has transformed the country market. New paint, organization and expansion have resulted in bumper crops and broadening exports.

Yucatan’s Pig Farms Transformed

150 small and medium-sized pig farms in Yucatan have begun using biodigesters to treat solid wastes to improve air, water and soil quality in the area. Now, 100 more pig farms have had biodigesters installed with a grant money provided by the state. The biodigesters will also generate approximately 450 kw of electricity per hour, enough to provide electricity for 2,500 homes.

Learn more about how biodigesters work with this short video about one in Canada.

Motul’s Nina Primavera

On March 30, at 6:00 PM, the eleven young ladies in the third photo will vie for the crown in Motul’s Nina Primavera contest at UNESCO Primary School. They will each give a presentation related to ecology, participate in a talent show, and walk the catwalk in their best Spring dresses. During the talent portion of the contest seven of the participants will sing in sign language along with performances by dance groups. Tickets are $10 pesos and proceeds will go to fund future events.

Motul, birthplace of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, is located just 43 minutes to the northeast of Merida on Hwy. 176.

All Mexican Children to Speak Spanish and English in 20 Years

The educational system of Mexico has been undergoing massive changes since the beginning of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s term four years ago. Now, Education Secretary Aurelio Nuno (pictured right) says one of the goals of the new system is to ensure that Mexico’s children are able to function on an international level with a renewed emphasis on language.

Yucatan’s children have long had Spanish, English and Mayan as mandatory languages in school, and many college students are learning Mandarin Chinese at UADY.

Valladolid Has a New Zoo!

VALLAZOO® Wildlife Reserve began in 2014 to conserve native fauna of the Yucatan and provide a space for people to appreciate these natural treasures. The privately maintained zoo is an initiative of Ing. Gotthold Beutelspacher, founder of civil association Yucatan Silvestre AC). The space features green grass, trees, and areas for families to enjoy a wonderful day. Information on entry fees can be found in the graphic to the right or on the Vallazoo FB page.

Free Rabies Vaccinations and Sterilizations in Hunucma

For the past year, the State of Yucatan has been funding an effort to ensure that every dog has a rabies shot and is sterilized. Last year, this program treated 3,400 dogs in Hunucma alone and it hopes to do the same again this year as the program’s impact continues to spread.

A New Product of Yucatan: Salsas Picante Dzemul

This family owned business has 15 products that are all 100% natural, meaning no artificial coloring or flavoring. Yucatan Living wishes Salsas Picante Dzemul great success in this spicy enterprise.

Semana Santa Fines Announced in Progreso

Ahead of an estimated 200,000 visitors for Santa Semana, Progreso Police have released information about fines this year. Special regulations will be enforced from Saturday, April 8 until Sunday, April 23. There will be lifeguards, ambulances, and emergency personnel on the beaches and on the malecon throughout the Easter celebration.

Leisure watercraft must all stay 200 meters from shore. Boats inside the buoys set up to protect swimmers can be fined between 4,002 and 80,040 pesos. Drunk on the water, or without proper registration and you will not only face a big fine, but your craft will be confiscated. Hit a swimmer and you not only lose your boat but go to jail as well. Small boats must be anchored only by the bow, never by the stern because that causes the boat to sink in an accident. Children under 10 should not be taken on boats and the speed limit on the water is 5 knots per hour. Anyone heading out to sea must report where they are going to the Port Captain’s Office.

Any observations on Semana Santa festivities are welcomed on YoListo's Semana Santa thread.

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