News / Yucatan Living News: Large Urban Park in Merida

Yucatan Living News: Large Urban Park in Merida

Yucatan Living News: Large Urban Park in Merida

16 October 2017 News 2

New York City has Central Park, Mexico City has Parque de Chapultepec and, now, Merida will have a 26 hectare (64.25 acre) Urban Parque. UNAM has been the most vocal supporter of this project because the park is being designed with sustainable principles at the forefront. The large space will accommodate a research campus for UNAM, as well as La Plancha. Construction begins early next year, so look for at least part of this park to be open to the public in early 2018. This is an example of Merida’s government moving in a visionary direction by providing resources that improve quality of life in the region’s largest city.

Yucatan: Renew Your Driver’s License Online

Yucatan is the ninth state to join the online platform. There is an amazing array of things you can do online now, including paying CFE bills and renewing your driver’s license. Take a few minutes to see what's available on the gob.mex site. You’ll be glad you did!

Spanish Natural Gas

Fenosa, a Spanish natural gas producer, has moved into Merida. Natural gas is generally considered safer for all home and industrial needs. It will be distributed by pipelines, whiach are said to be safe even in seismic zones. Yucatan was chosen to be the first state to offer Fenosa due to safety and security issues.

For Women: The Rosa Line App and Emergency Number

Yucatan has had enough of gender violence. Femicides are now vigorously prosecuted and offenders are given long prison sentences. We have 911 now, but women in emergency situations need operators who immediately understand their situations.

Beginning November 1, 075 will be the Rosa Line.

It is a 24 hour mobile app to be used in case of emergency or to make a report. At first, it will only be available in Merida, but then will spread throughout the state. There are free downloads for both android and iOS systems available from, or by calling 01-800-455-ROSA or 923-0973. The program will be run by lawyers, social workers, and psychologists, so women have access to the help they need.

Degree in Police Sciences to be Developed in Yucatan

New police force members will be required to have a college degree in police work in order to be hired. Many thanks to the National Commissioner of Security for choosing the state of Yucatan to begin developing this new degree program and we look forward to loving our local peacekeepers even more than we already do.

Oktoberfest in Merida

If you love German food, music and beer; Merida’s Oktoberfest is the place for you. The dates this year are: Friday, September 20, 6:00 PM to midnight, Saturday, September 21, noon to midnight, and Sunday, September 22, noon to 8:00 PM.

Tickets can be purchased at, at La Bierhaus Centro and Colonia Mexico, Instituto Kresse, Montejo and Los Pinos and Schirp Delicatessen Garcia Gineres. Ticket prices are: 70 pesos (children under 15 admitted free). Activities will take place at Unidad Deportiva Rogers. Even if you can’t make it to Merida’s Oktoberfest, don’t forget to stop in to see The Sausage Lady the next time you are in the city. She is one of the most popular expats in Yucatan!

Helping Mexico and Puerto Rico

Everyone wants to help the victims of Mexico’s earthquakes and Puerto Rico’s hurricane, but the problem is how to do that and know that your contribution will actually get to the folks you intend to help.

If you are not familiar with the Charity Navigator, but want to help Mexico’s earthquake victims, choose four or five star charities from this page.

If you want to help Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims, choose four or five star charities from this page.

When you have time, please go through the entire Charity Navigator website. It is one of the best resources we have seen. If you are giving to local causes, make certain that you know the people you are dealing with and that they have an excellent reputation in your community.

We are extremely fortunate, in Yucatan, to have any number of educational support organizations, as well as wonderful organizations whose sole purpose it is to help the not only the street animals, but the pets of less financially fortunate families. Whether you are giving locally or internationally, please know that your gift is deeply appreciated.

Linking Local Growers to Expat Consumers

As Snowbirds and visitors return to Yucatan for the winter, they always want to know what they can do to help the local people. Running on a parallel track are the various rural, organic farmers and ladies who cook what they grow. While expats would love to purchase plants and food from them, they don’t often know where to find them. Enter expats such as Jim Smiley and his annual Eco Day. Jim owns a small B&B, Palapas Tepakan, just north of Izamal. Every year, he takes visitors on a tour of nearby plant growers.

This year, the date for the Tepakan Eco Day is Wednesday, November 8. The day begins at 9:00 AM with a meet and greet breakfast at Jim’s B&B, Palapas Tepakan, Calle 16 y 41. Tepakan is located 10 mins north of Izamal. After breakfast, they will go to visit local families that sell plants in Tepakan and Tekal. They also visit the village wood fired bakery and an organic farm. Jim has been doing this for a while now, and the plant sellers look forward to the group each year. The sales are a big financial help to them and they are a pleasure to get to know. Jim will need confirmation a few days ahead so that the women of the village can prepare enough food for everyone. The cost of breakfast and lunch is $100 pesos per person. Jim can be reached at or on his cell # 999158 5508.

Progreso: New Economic Zone Designation

It has been announced that the National Economic Development Authority has authorized an investment of two billion pesos over 15 years to generate 35,000 well-paying jobs in Yucatan. The only thing they are waiting for now is for the President of Mexico to give them a start date. This funding is expected to focus on sustainable development in Progreso as the city continues to grow in importance.

Dia de los Muertos

This next week will bring us into a group of religious celebrations that people generally group together and call “The Day of the Dead.” It is important to know which days are designated for which of our loved ones who have gone on before us. October 31, November 1, and November 2 are the days of interest here. October 31 is, in various countries: Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, or even All Saints Eve. In Mexico, it is All Hallows Eve and the children make a children's altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. The next day, November 1, is All Saints Day, when all the spirits of the adult Christians come to visit. The final day is November 2, known as All Souls Day, when the spirits of everyone, even those who were not Christians, come to visit. In Mexico, as well as in a number of heavily Catholic, French and/or Latin communities, cemeteries are cleaned, decorated with flowers, and beautified as is done in Mexico. It is on the Day of the Angelitos, October 31 - not December 28, which is the day of the Holy Innocents (children) that Herod killed during his hunt for baby Jesus - that is one to consider given the state of the world.

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  • The Working Grillos 5 years ago

    Hi Suzanne,
    Here is a link to their FB page. Times and dates listed on their main cover image...
    Here is a Hanal Pixan article that should help with that question...
    The main attraction in Merida is on the evening of the 27th for Paseo de los Animas.
    Here is the official Merida government link...
    It was chock-full of info a few weeks ago, but it looks like they've decided to add some more events beginning on the 23rd...Halloween MYSTERY!

  • Suzanne Larimer 5 years ago

    Pls clarify the dates and location of Oktoberfest.
    What are the dates of Hanal Pixan and the location?

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