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Yucatan News: Kites, Birds & Jewelry

Yucatan News: Kites, Birds & Jewelry

13 November 2013 News 0

Invitation for Bird Watchers: Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a census of birds in the Western Hemisphere, performed annually in the early Northern-hemisphere winter by volunteer birdwatchers. The purpose is to provide population data for use in science, especially conservation biology, though many people participate for recreation (Wikipedia).” An invitation to participate in the Christmas Bird Count in Yucatan is extended to all birdwatchers in the area. This year’s bird counting events will take place December 15 in Celestun, December 21 in El Cuyo, and December 22 in Ria Lagartos, San Felipe, and Las Coloradas. To learn more about how to register for this important opportunity to contribute scientific data to this cause, visit the website of the Yucatan Bird Club.

ASTA’s 2014 Destination Expo Coming to Merida

March 27 – 30, will see travel and tourism professionals in Merida to teach education seminars and conduct tours that will help local business people learn how to sell Merida as a destination to their clients. There will be complementary sightseeing tours, a trade show, networking opportunities and industry recognized destination training. If you are interested in attending this focused, destination education opportunity, you can learn more about it and register on the ASTA website.

Yucatan Included in “Live It To Believe It” in London

Mexico’s 2014 “Live It To Believe It” tourism advertisement has been unveiled on the Tower of London. By all reports, the banners are both elegant and powerful as they challenge the world to consider Mexico as a travel destination. Included in this first phase of advertisements are Valla-Nayarit, Mexico City, Yucatan, Los Cabos, and Cancun-Riviera Maya. The entire advertising package includes wonderful videos that have been officially presented to more than 300 representatives of the national and international tourism industry, travel agents, associations, hotel chains, tour operators and special guests.

New Community Garden in Chicxulub

This past week, Father Mex was on hand to welcome staff from the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), and students in Universidad Marista’s Nutrition and Natural Resources programs. The occasion was part of the activity of the Pastoral Social and Community Development program, whose workers were on hand to accept a gift of seeds to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds for flowers that attract bees. They also received tools, including a drip irrigation system, fertilizer, insecticide, hoes and rakes, and chicken wire. This community garden is large enough to feed 80 people who are in a vulnerable situation in Chicxulub. Almost all of the towns, villages and churches in Yucatan have one or more of these projects either planned or underway. With the resources and support of SEDESOL and university students, Yucatan’s persistent problem with rural malnutrition will soon be little more than a bad memory.

Remittance Transfers To Become Easier in Rural Yucatan

Envios Confianza, a Mexican non-profit money transfer service, has recently created as a wide network of micro financial institutions that operate primarily in rural communities. It is directly responsive to the needs of people in these communities by bringing remittance services closer to those in need: low-income, transnational, rural families. Mozido, SF Global and AMUCSS provide these same services to individuals in the U.S. and throughout Mexico. As part of a pilot program, these organizations are soon to begin deploying a full range of their services, through Envios Confianza, to families in Oaxaca and Yucatan. This will reduce the amount of fees associated with migrant workers’ remittances and increase the amount of money available to their families and communities. Isabel Cruz, Director of AMUCSS, said: "We are proud to enter this alliance for harnessing 21st Century technologies to empower and sustain indigenous world communities throughout Mexico and the U.S. with mobile financial tools and services." This is yet one more leap into the future for those who are living in rural Yucatan.

Interested in a New Book Club?

We found this in this month’s “You’ve Got MEL” and thought some of our readers might be interested. The call reads: “Looking for a few souls interested in forming a book club! The club will meet at the Central College House, probably monthly. Everything else is TBD (to be decided). The first meeting will be Wednesday November 20, 8:00 PM at Central College (Circuit Colonias x Calle 20, Itzimna). For more information, contact Valerie Grimsley (, or Cathy Harrison (” There are several book clubs in Merida. Some are more active than others, especially as Snowbirds move in and out with the seasons. Book clubs are wonderful groups and we wish this new one all the best.

Oxkutzcab: Recycle for Your Welfare

The “Recycle for Your Welfare” program is moving through the state with great success. This is a program in which the state trades vouchers for use in the community in return for members of the community turning in recyclable materials. This past week, the citizens of Oxkutzcab turned in 13,500 kilos of recyclable materials and pots; and received 51 vouchers that were then exchanged for cleaning supplies for the local school. This program began in February, 2013. Thus far, 1,014,000 kilos of recyclables have been turned in and the vouchers they were exchanged for have benefited 38,920 people. This is a wonderful program so do support it when it comes to your town, village or neighborhood.

Valladolid: Jewelry Fair

Every year, during the holiday season, the fine craftsman of Yucatan begin to show their work and kindly grant their customers holiday sale prices. If you love fine jewelry, this is the time of year to ease on over in the direction of Valladolid’s Grupo Joyero San Roman (San Roman Jewelry Group). They are establishing a tradition of having a Fall Fine Jewelry Fair and are calling it “ Maravillas” (Wonderland). This year, that fair will be held the weekend of November 16 & 17. If you miss it, don’t hesitate to stop in to see the leading jeweler group in southeastern Mexico. They are located on Calle 40 x 37 y 39 in Valladolid.

Tetiz: 9th Annual Kite Contest

Flying kites is fast becoming a popular activity in Yucatan and we just learned about a kite designing and building contest in Tetiz that has been going on for nine years! This year, there were 38 contenders in the annual contest. So now we know. If anyone wants a custom built kite, head for Tetiz and ask at the Ferrotlapaleria Tetiz, organizer of the contest.

First Annual “Managing 2013” Competition

Do you have a business in Yucatan? Do you need a good manager? Where would you look to find the best young managers in the state? The Chamber of Commerce of Merida just sponsored “Managing 2013,” which pitted teams from sixteen different public and private institutions of higher education, against each other as they practiced their skills at running a company and took their first steps as business executives. In the end, the “24-7” team from the Tizimin Institute of Technology won the competition and proved that one doesn’t have to be from the big city or from a huge school to have a good education and managerial talent. Second place went to a team from the Merida Institute of Technology and third place to a team from Tecnologico de Merida. Most of these young people are planning to open and operate their own businesses, but if you need a bright young manager, you might want to look at those three schools before you look anywhere else.


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