News / Yucatan News: Gay Marriage an Option in Yucatan

Yucatan News: Gay Marriage an Option in Yucatan

Yucatan News: Gay Marriage an Option in Yucatan

22 March 2017 News 0

Same Sex Marriage in Merida

According to the Civil Registry, 32 same sex couples were legally married in 2016, along with 15 same sex couples in the first three months of 2017. Although same sex couples are not permitted to marry in the Catholic church, nor in several of the Protestant denominations, the process of legally certifying the marriage is possible in Yucatan.

First, the couple makes their application to marry at the Civil Registry in Merida, where the request is typically denied. They then go to a federal district judge. Because the same sex marriage is legal on a federal level, the judge can instruct the state Civil Registry to approve the marriage. This process is well-known in Merida, but outreach is needed in the interior of the state.

According to the Civil registry, 70% of same sex marriages in Merida are between women and 30% between men.

US Tourism to Mexico Continues Rise

Tourism grew 12% in 2016 and that trend has continued at the same rate in 2017. Conversely, tourism from Mexico to the U.S. is falling, mainly due to the exchange rate. When the difficulties between the U.S. and Mexico began, the Tourism Department in Mexico set about to replace those tourist dollars as quickly as possible by diversifying their tourism focus to include Asia, Europe and other Latin American countries. A great deal of credit for this success can be attributed to Enrique de la Madrid Cordero (pictured right), the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico.

Books Books Books

UADY (Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan) has donated 24,000 books to be divided between the 106 state municipal libraries. Subjects include: research, politics, history and genealogy.

Yucatan is also home to several English language libraries including the Merida English Library, the Valladolid English Library and Connie Lough’s Book Nook in Progreso.

The Book Nook is a new book exchange and is open every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Located at Calle 36 x 25 in Progreso (orange house, first one on left), Connie is asking Snowbirds to bring an all-ages book and a children’s book whenever you return. If you know of any other libraries (English or not) in Yucatan, please put them in the comments below.

Sleep Disorder Lab at UADY

Individuals who suffer from sleep disorders will be happy to know that there is a state of the art sleep laboratory in the Psychology Department at UADY. It is headed up by Jose Moo Estrella, who holds a doctorate in Neuroscience.

If you need assistance with a sleep disorder, talk with your local physician and/or call the sleep laboratory at UADY for additional information.

Work Begins on New Rail Operations Center in Hunucma

For the last century, freight trains have had to wiggle their way into and out of the maneuvering yard located at the old Railway Station in the center of Merida. Now, there is a new industrial center in Poxila, Uman, in the Municipality of Hunucma. The new route will be almost 16 km long and will connect with the Chiapas-Mayab line.

Congratulations to Hunucma for getting the first leg of what will become a newly remodeled rail network throughout the peninsula.

Federal Crime Against Health Charged in Merida

Although it is technically legal to possess a small amount of marijuana, anyone found in possession is usually in for a long day. Recently, a woman was stopped for speeding near Merida and was discovered to be in possession of over 175 kilos. The State Investigation and Litigation Unit deemed her crime “possession with intent to distribute,” known in Mexico as a Federal Crime Against Health. The investigation is expected to take up to four months and she will remain in jail without bail (the Social Reintegration Center of the City of Merida) until the investigation is complete.

National Inter-Association Figure Skating Championship: Yucatan Gold and Two Silvers

Congratulations to all of the skaters who participated in these games by representing Yucatan.

To learn more about sports in Yucatan, check out:

UADY Department of Sports

Directory of Sports Associations in Yucatan

Crop Insurance for Yucatan’s Farmers

The State Secretary for Rural Development has confirmed that every area of farming, fisheries, livestock, and the citrus industry have been given access to affordable crop insurance. A few sectors, such as beekeepers, are still in the early stages, this move brings Yucatan farmers and fisheries closer to competitive parity with US producers than ever before.


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