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Yucatan News: Fairs, Turtles & Snowbirds

Yucatan News: Fairs, Turtles & Snowbirds

2 October 2013 News 2

Welcome Home Snowbirds!

It’s that time of year again and here come the Snowbirds! October through April are the traditional months when foreigners from cooler climates escape to Yucatan and their second homes and lives. Some have been coming to Yucatan so many years that one really begins to wonder where home really is for them. For those of our readers who might want to give Snowbirding a try, we heartily recommend it. And for those who have been coming back for years, welcome home to Yucatan!

Sisal’s Pulpo Farm Hits World News!

Over the past decade, we have gotten used to hearing about the pulpo (octopus) farm out at Sisal, but we really didn’t have any idea that it would become the first farm in the world to farm pulpo from eggs. This success is the result of ten years of dedicated research by UNAM and the work of a group of women who live in Sisal. Our congratulations to the ladies of Sisal, without whose hard work and dedication this would not have been possible. Please visit this article called First Octopus Farm Operating to learn more fascinating facts about this wonderful pulpo farming center and what makes it unique in the world.

Youth Brigade to Provide Sex Education in Secondary Schools

This past year, 7,000 unintended teen pregnancies occurred in Yucatan. As a result, many promising young girls dropped out of school. Meeting the problem head-on, a new Youth Brigade has been formed to teach a comprehensive program to their peers. Topics will include not only sex education, but the total concept of a healthy lifestyle. This includes the value of education and the fact that dreams do not need to be forgotten forever simply because of one mistake. Of course, there is the old refrain that this kind of program only encourages teen pregnancy, but we beg to differ. This program seeks to promote values, as well as help young women continue their educations. Rather then encouraging teen pregnancy, it helps to stop those pregnancies from happening in the first place or, if a teen pregnancy does happen, it teaches these young girls that, through their own hard work, life can go on successfully. Congratulations and many thanks to the 264 members of this new Youth Brigade. We look forward to hearing about the positive effect on the futures of so many of their peers.

Women Joining Ministerial Investigative Police

Over the past seven months, thirty-two new female officers have joined the Ministerial Investigative Police arm of the Attorney General’s Office (FGE). These ladies hold degrees >in Law, Psychology, and Criminology, among others. Some of these officers are following in the footsteps of long-time female officers who have found that skill and education have opened doors to high level positions. Keep an eye on this unprecedented increase in women interested in police occupations. Numbers now show that, after the last three calls for enrollees into the next generation of the Ministerial police, women account for 42 percent of the new total enrollment. Congratulations to the women who worked so hard to reach their professional goals and to all of Yucatan for having supported them on their journey.

Evolucion: November Clinic in Uman

As all of us are aware, the Evolucion population is at critical levels, which now requires monthly fundraisers just to keep up with food needs. On a daily basis, mothers and entire litters are left at Evolucion’s door and the situation is rapidly spiraling out of hand. Evolucion is now fundraising in hopes of being able to sterilize 100 animals in Uman in November. They hope to find sponsors for 100 sterilizations for 400 pesos each, but any donation will be gratefully received. Sterilization Sponsors will receive an e-mail picture of the animal they have helped. Donors may designate dog or cat, male or female and they will do their best to accommodate everyone. Evolucion has their own PayPal donation site, which you can find on their website, but the donation must be marked CLINIC so the money will go to this fundraiser, rather than to food. Hopefully, this clinic and two more to follow will slow the flow of homeless animals into Evolucion. YAPA and Evolucion will also be teaching the people of Uman about the benefits of sterilization. We hope everyone finds a place in their heart to help with this project. Yucatan Living has become a sponsor... won't you too?

11th Festival de la Tortuga Marina Tulum 2013 (Oct. 17 – 20)

This is going to be a wonderful event! There is already a program listed for the Marine Turtle Festival, so you can choose your days and activities. What we like most about this site is that there is a slideshow of all ten past festivals. You have to click on the pictures to move the slideshow along, but that gives you plenty of time to see how a festival like this grows bigger and better every year. Next week, we will move this event to our Coming Soon events section but, for now, we wanted to be sure that everyone has an opportunity to read the mission of this festival and to see the great work they have done.

Update: Protección de Perros y Gatos, A.C.

The dream of finally having a low cost community animal clinic to serve Progreso and the surrounding beach communities is almost complete. Discussions of final construction details, fundraising and plans of operation are running along so smoothly that meetings are now being held monthly at 7:00 PM at Flamingo’s Restaurant on Progreso’s Malecon. Everyone is invited to come and share your thoughts and ideas, especially in the areas of education and fundraising. If you are unable to join them, their mailing address is: Apartado Postal No. 30, Progreso 97320, Yucatán, México.

Fulbright Scholar Publishing Contemporary Maya Writers

While most researchers of Maya literature have their eyes focused almost permanently on the past, Donald Frischmann, a Spanish professor from TCU, realized that contemporary Maya writers are woefully under-represented in today’s literature. That is soon to change. After seven years, one three-volume work (Words of the True People / Palabras de los Seres Verdaderos) has already been published and, in 2014, another anthology by 28 Maya writers will be published. This is the first time we will be able to sit down and really hear the writings of today’s Maya. These are certainly books that everyone should be adding to their reading list.

Yucatan's State Fair to be Bigger Than Ever!

>The Fair at Xmatkuil is expected to have over 1,100 vendors and over 2.1 million visitors from November 8 to December 1. It was wonderful to hear that Yucatan's state fair is now one of the largest in the country and a major commercial and tourism event. This year's entrance fee is $15 pesos and parking will be $30 pesos per car. So far, that is all the information available, but we will get a copy of the program published for you as soon as it becomes available. This may not be your idea of a county fair anymore, but it is certainly worth visiting... you will be amazed!


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