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Yucatan News: Accidents and Fires

Yucatan News: Accidents and Fires

4 January 2016 News 0

Merida: What to Do With Your Christmas Tree

This year, there are twelve collection centers, in Merida, that will take Christmas trees and then turn them into compost that will be used for parks and gardens throughout the city. Collection of these trees will begin the day after Three Kings’ Day.

Dates: January 7 – 30, 2016
Times: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Locations: Collections are in the following public parks, markets and shopping centers: X'tabay in Polígono 108 (Calle 20 con 35), de los Cantaritos in Francisco de Montejo (Calle 42 con 59), 3. Sams Club (Prolongación Paseo de Montejo con 33, Colonia Gonzalo Guerrero), in el mercado de San Roque en San José Tecoh (Calle 54 entre 139 y 143), in el Zoológico Animaya in Ciudad Caucel (Avenida 60 con 95, Fracc. La Herradura). In Servicios Públicos Municipales Poniente (Calle 116 con avenida Jacinto Canek y 61 Fraccionamiento Yucalpetén), in Servicios Públicos Municipales Oriente (Calle 63 entre 4 y 8 Colonia Portes Gil), in el Centenario (Avenida Itzáes con 59), in Sam´s Club de Aviación y Av. Correa Rachó; in El parque de Kalia Montecristo, C.22 x 37 and in El parque Recreativo Oriente del Fraccionamiento del Parque.

Alternative: Delivering your tree to a collection center is free. If you choose not to do that, you can pay your regular garbage collector $20 pesos (or a little extra...) to pick up your tree and transport it to the landfill.

Merida: Tianguis II Lucas de Galvez Market Fire

As we begin the new year, part of Lucas de Galvez Market is being repaired due to a fire on New Year’s Eve. The fire took place in the Tianguis II area. The stalls that were damaged by the fire will be repaired first, then the entire Tianguis II area will receive maintenance that will completely refresh the entire area. This will affect a total of 200 merchants, so do pardon any inconvenience while their work is ongoing and do try to keep patronizing them in their temporary locations.

Merida: 50 Restorations of Historical Buildings in 2016

There is something to be said for being designated as an historically important area, as well as an historically important building. What we now know as Merida’s Centro, aka the Zone of Monuments, received such a designation from not only the City’s Cultural Heritage Department (1995), but more importantly from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in 1982. With permission and funding from these two agencies, more than 3,000 facades have been restored, as well as over 600 monuments. The new restoration initiative, for 2016, is to restore 50 complete buildings, not just paint the facades. Many of these historically significant buildings are still occupied as homes. They will be restored first, and then the monuments will be a tourism bonanza for Merida’s Centro and it is wonderful to see that this area will be dressed to impress.

Yucatan: Traffic Accident Statistics

We knew Yucatan had a high rate of traffic accidents, but had no idea that we would place as high as number eight in the top ten in Mexico. The takeaways from this annual study are (1) 185 people were killed in traffic accidents in Yucatan in 2015 and (2) only 29% of all cars involved in accidents in 2015 carried insurance. If ever there was an infomercial for carrying uninsured motorist insurance, this is certainly at the top of the list. Although the actual number of deaths (185) is far below the average for recent years (289), the Top 10 in Vehicle Accidents in all of Mexico is one list everyone in Yucatan wants to get off of as quickly as possible. Please be careful on the roads this year and make sure you have your auto insurance paid up to date. For those who still drive through Mexico to Yucatan, the top ten states for auto accidents are: Nuevo Leon, Quintana Roo, the Federal District, Sinaloa, Campeche, Jalisco, Tabasco, Yucatan, the State of Mexico, and Veracruz. In addition, since half of all highway deaths are vulnerable populations (cyclists, motorcyclists, and walkers), be on guard for these folks at all times, especially at dusk and dawn.

Gone But Never Forgotten: Felipe Carrillo Puerto

On Sunday, January 3, 2016, the Governor of Yucatan presided over the 92nd Anniversary of the Death of the Martyr of the National Proletariat, Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The ceremony was held in the Rotunda of Illustrious Socialists, located in Merida's General Cemetery, where Felipe Carrillo Puerto is buried, and across from the wall where he stood before a firing squad. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and with the people of Yucatan. Much of what we love about Yucatan in the 21st century can be traced directly to the work of this one man, and we are deeply appreciative of the sacrifice made by him, and by his family and friends, on behalf of the people of Yucatan.

Using Social Media Responsibly

Most expats are of an age to remember when time spent in front of the family television was decried as the beginning of the destruction of family and cultures. For this generation, that cry is louder and directly associated with social media and the dizzying array of products used to connect people by phone and through social networks. Since the addiction rate to these types of interaction is now running over 12%, it is time to take a proactive stance to counteract as much of this activity as possible. Suggestions include:

  • Take one day a week off from all forms of social networking.
  • No touching the phone during mealtimes.
  • Turn off the phone one hour before bedtime.
  • Make sure phones, Facebook and Twitter do not interrupt work or study time.
  • Do not use the Internet as a babysitter.
  • Use social media productively (example: linking up with altruistic organizations) versus using it for spreading negativity, gossip and rumors.

The Internet and social media are far more powerful than just sitting in front of a television. Please monitor your own use of this tool, as well as the way it is being used by those around you. Remember that children are especially vulnerable and use sparingly.

Yucatan to Enlarge 600 Homes

This past week, the Governor of Yucatan delivered the funds necessary to add a room onto the homes of 600 families living in overcrowded conditions in Tizimin, Panaba, Sucila, Cuncunul and Tecoh. For these families, moving is not an option, but their overcrowded conditions are also not conducive to an acceptable quality of life in today’s Yucatan. This “More Room” program fulfills a campaign promises made by both the Governor of Yucatan and the President of Mexico, and is deeply appreciated by every recipient. The funds to complete the project come from the state and federal governments, and from the savings of the beneficiaries as well.

Retail Inspections Begin for Three Kings’ Day Sales

How do you know that long awaited sale price is fair? In Mexico, you know because Profeco (Consumer Protection) has agents in the markets and malls, checking those prices to keep away price gougers, checking for cloned credit and debit cards, and that charges made on debit and credit cards match the sale price of the item. Since “the bad guys” tend to be habitual, Profeco has a list of which establishments to check first. As far as we know now, shopping has never been better in Merida and programs such as this are largely responsible for this safety.

Progreso Feels Effects of Latest Norte

With seas running 40% higher on the beaches of Progreso, the people have been asked to watch their children carefully to make certain they are not caught by outgoing waves. Temperatures are not low enough for the cold to keep beachgoers at home, so many are playing on the beach and at risk for being caught by receding wave action. In addition, the port has been closed to small boats. Those who live at the beach understand this, but visitors might not. For their protection, members of both the local police and military are on hand to help pass the word and to react quickly if the need should arise.

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. Road Dangers

Quite a few of Yucatan’s expats travel frequently to Playa del Carmen. This week, there is news that the avenues of Constituyentes and el Arco Vial de Playa del Carmen both have severe maintenance damage. In fact, several roads and streets in the area are sinking and, until maintenance can be completed, will pose a danger to the driving public. The numbers of accidents reported at the main intersections has risen sharply, so it is imperative that drivers recognize that road conditions may have changed dramatically since you were there last.

Seventh Annual Planned Pethood Mexico Spay and Neuter Campaign

Dates: Kanasin: January 9 to 16, 2016, Merida: Jan 11, 12 & 13.
Goal: 2,100 sterilization surgeries
Paying for Surgical Materials: The Secretaria de Salud Yucatan (SSY)
Other Costs: Location, registration paperwork, clean-up, garbage removal, use of tables, chairs, tarps, that are normally donated by each City are now the responsibility of each Association that is organizing the event - with the exception of Kanasin. The government of Kanasin has stepped up with those expenses.

Still Needed: If you can help with any of the items listed below it would be greatly appreciated. You can drop off items at my home prior to the event. Please let me know what you can help with so we keep a running list to update everyone. Thank you for your support.

Yogurt drinks.
Soda: coke, mandarin, manzana

Breakfast bars
Muffins, loafs
Yogurt cups Cookies Veg platter. Cheese platter
Chips asst.

Sandwiches (buns are better than bread).
Bean and pasta salad.
Veg plates, with hummus

2 L bleach
2/500ml hand soap
1 large hand sanitizer
24 rolls toilet paper
200 - 12ozplastic glasses
200 small plates

Of course, financial aid is always appreciated... we will purchase the needed items with any money donated. If you want to help, contact Debi at 999-227-5329, 287-4306, or


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