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Yucatan News: Aquaculture and August Rain

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Yucatan News: Aquaculture and August Rain

29 August 2016 News 0

Merida: The Green Infrastructure Plan

Urban forest culture has come to Merida. Soon, there will be 60,000 newly planted trees in Merida, with citizens trained to care for them and keep them healthy. This is a project that is near and dear to the heart of the current administration of Merida and they are living up to their promises in a big way. For the past year, Merida's citizens have been quietly planting trees and, at the present time, have already started 35,000 new trees on a new life around the city. The Plan de Infraestructura Verde para Mérida came into being in 1972, but this recent push forward is amazing. The entire city administration is to be congratulated, as are the residents who are volunteering with them. All these trees will help make Merida both cool and beautiful.

Merida: Sidewalks Repaired

Did you ever think you would see smooth sidewalks in Merida's centro? In just two more weeks. the project to repair downtown sidewalks will be complete. Local residents have long needed the sidewalks fixed, as purely a safety matter; but 2017 will see Merida reigning as the Culture Capital of the North American Continent for the second time this century. Smooth sidewalks will allow disabled visitors to enjoy all that Merida has to offer in the historic center, even if they use a walking cane or a wheelchair. Repaired sidewalks may not seem like much of a big public works projects to some, but they are deeply appreciated by so many residents and visitors alike.

Yucatan: Modernizing Police

In order to keep the State of Yucatan’s status as the safest state in all of Mexico, every level of police is in for a new modernization project. This new project will buy new equipment for all 7,500 federal, state and local police in the state. Modern methods of coordination and communication will be addressed. When visitors come to Yucatan for the first time, they are often surprised by the presence of so many policemen and women. Those of us who have lived here for awhile are always quick to point out that, in spite of those big guns, no one in Yucatan is afraid of the police. In almost every instance, everyone we know is thankful for the help and support the police give to the citizens of Merida.

Merida: Home Health

The Mayor of Merida paid a visit to some of the people who have taken advantage of the “Doctor on Call” program over the past five months. The program provides care Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and appointments can be Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM by calling 982-3329. There are two physicians and a team of support nurses operating the program. This program is especially important because it serves many home-bound people who would otherwise be medically neglected because they simply could not get to a doctor. Congratulations to the dedicated doctors and nurses of “Doctor on Call” for a job well done.

Health: Anemia Still a Problem in Yucatan

Anemia has long been a problem in Yucatan, but the fight is on to get rid of it for good. It has just been announced that a total of 1,203 Yucatecos suffer from some degree of anemia. This equates to 21 of every 100 children. National average is 23 per 100. Anemia, if not treated promptly, causes delays in physical and intellectual growth and the child's development. “Junk food,” as well as fried foods, are much to blame for the problem of anemia in Yucatan. Look for a big push now that will encourage children to eat iron \-rich foods, such as fish, broccoli, spinach and beans.We wish them luck with that and we are pretty sure they will have to come up with interesting ways of motivating both the children and their parents. You cannot find broccoli on every corner.

Health: New Psychiatric Hospital Director in Merida

In Merida, the state psychiatric hospital is located next door to the Mother and Child Hospital, and has long been criticized for not keeping up with the times in the treatment of patients. That has all changed. Analia Carrillo Duran has taken over as the new director of the hospital. The two major changes will be that there will be no more scientific research conducted there, and there will be no more patients subjected to electroshock treatments. The hospital is now part of Mexico's federal network of psychiatric hospitals, but is still paid for by the state. No one is expected to lose their job because of this change. The best news is that the current hospital administration is going to work to reintegrate as many patients as possible back into society, including group homes for those without family.

Education: Opportunity for Yucatecos to Study in U.S.

This year, UADY will be offering scholarships for students from Yucatan to study at the following schools in the United States: St. Cloud State University, Full Sail University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Delaware, Marymount University, Miami International University of Art and Design, West Virginia University, Northeastern Illinois University, University of South Carolina, Hult International Business School, Stevens Henager College, California State-San Jose State University, The University of Oklahoma, English Language Institute at the University of Utah, University of New Mexico, Fox Valley Technical College, Maryville College, and California State University Fullerton. Wow... that's a long list of schools! These exchange student positions are part of a cultural and educational sharing program that began in 1990. If you know of a student in Yucatan who might want to study in the United States, please let them know that they can obtain more information September 1, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Siglo XXI Convention Center, or by calling UADY.

Weather: August Rain Below Average

It may be hard for some to believe, but the accumulated rainfall, in Yucatan, for the month of August, was only 83% of normal. Fortunately, the accumulated rainfall is expected to be above average in September, so farmers, as well as beekeepers, are resting a little easier these days. Look for afternoon showers and warm temperatures to continue for now.

Agriculture: State Supports Cattle Industry

This past week marked the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the Local Livestock Association Foundation. To mark the occasion, the State of Yucatan’s Ministry of Rural Development invested over a million pesos in the foundation to help ranchers improve and expand their herds. Now that Yucatan’s cattle are USDA certified, they are one of the state’s most valuable resources. There will be lots of great shows and plenty of good food at the Xmatkuil Fair this fall, but don’t forget to stop by and visit some of the best looking cattle you will ever see.

Agriculture: Federal Subsidizes for Aquaculture

The federal government is promoting aquaculture in Yucatan by subsidizing the electricity and diesel costs of the producers. Aquaculture is not only a valuable part of the food industry these days, but it is also a way to bring jobs to areas where there are no opportunities to otherwise farm or fish. Yucatan’s tilapia market has been growing for some years now and this federal support has made it possible for the producers to grow large enough to form a coalition and lobby for their industry.


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