News / Yucatan News: Facelift and New Facilities

Yucatan News: Facelift and New Facilities

Yucatan News: Facelift and New Facilities

8 August 2016 News 0

Plaza Grande Facelift

With loads of new street lamps in the Plaza Grande and in the surrounding streets, comes almost as many ornamental plants, many hanging from the new street lamps themselves. There is also a new Merida sign, a perfect place to take a selfie or a family photo. The Plaza Grande has always been one of the most beautiful areas of Merida, but this renovation promises that it will be more beautiful than ever for many years to come. The new lights are not only energy savers, but the light they produce is somewhere between white and yellow, so it provides a warm environment without those harsh yellow lights that make one feel as if they are in some sort of crime zone. These new lights have already been successfully tried on Paseo de Montejo. If you haven’t been to centro in a while, do head downtown to see just how pretty it all is now.

Snowbirds: Are You Packing Yet?

During the summer vacation from school, hundreds of thousands of Yucatecos and tourists descend on the beaches for a full month of almost around the clock fun. Then, about mid-August, students go back to school across Yucatan state. A state of semi-quiet returns to the beaches of Yucatan, except for weekends. Summer visitors continue to arrive on Yucatan’s beaches every weekend throughout the month of August. Finally, everyone settles down in September. The next big event for expats will be the return of the Snowbirds on or about October 1. We’re almost there and can’t wait for old friends to begin arriving.

Origin of Growing Foreign Investment in Yucatan

Since January, 2016, foreign investment in Yucatan has risen approximately 14.3%. These investments are coming mostly from the United States, Canada, Italy, France and Spain. These countries feel safe in investing in Yucatan because of Yucatan’s investment in its own air, land and sea infrastructure. This attracts both foreign and domestic business, as well as those who are interested in manufacturing their goods in Yucatan or who are just passing through in the import/export sector. The fastest growing industries in Yucatan include: manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, medical, real estate, and every facet of tourism. Yucatan can be very proud of the vision that it has for its future and, certainly, what it has accomplished in the past very few years.

Careful What “Cool Wildlife” You Are Tempted to Buy

Trafficking in protected species of wildlife in Yucatan can earn you a pretty stiff punishment. This past week, two men who were selling birds in the Lucas de Galvez Market last December, couldn’t produce their certificates of origin and their sentences included up to 10 months in prison, a fine of 301 days minimum wage, suspension of their civil and political rights, public reprimand, forfeiture of the wildlife for return to their natural environment, if that is possible, and payment for repair of any damage done. Remember that Profepa is on the job and will pick up and charge anyone involved in the trafficking in protected species of wildlife in Yucatan. (Reference: artículo 420 fracción IV del Código Penal Federal).

Chuburna Has New Health Center

Chuburna is growing and, now, they have their own 24-hour health care center, complete with general medicine and emergency services, and even its own pharmacy. This is great news for expats and for tourists alike. Preventive medicine, psychology, nutrition, vector transmitted diseases, and wounds incurred by fishermen are all being addressed. Congratulations to all of Chuburna. It seems that way out there isn’t very far at all anymore and, one by one, the beach towns of Yucatan are becoming more attractive destination every year.

New Horse Clinic at UADY School of Vet. Medicine

The veterinary campus located at km 15.5 of the Merida-Xmatkuil road is now offering clinical treatment for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, elk, moose, white tailed deer, giraffes, reindeer, buffalo, antelopes and camels. Health areas addressed include locomotor issues, digestive and skin disorders, as well as dental problems. The hospital is well equipped to conduct surgical procedures, including eye surgery. The unit currently provides ongoing, routine care for more than 70 horses. Great news for all animal lovers!


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