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Yucatan News: Mosquito Fish and Marines

Yucatan News: Mosquito Fish and Marines

22 May 2016 News 5

Possible Reason Trump Hates Mexico

It seems that Donald Trump has had at least two projects that failed in Mexico. One was in Tijuana and the other on Cozumel. In 2006, he started building a three-tower apartment and spa complex in Tijuana, and started taking deposits on the apartments. One-third of the way in, he was out of money and had spent the 32.2 million dollars in deposits by future apartment owners. He could not get further funding, so he abandoned the project. The people who had given him a deposit sued in 2009. The case dragged on for four years before Trump settled out of court in 2013. Anyone could have told him that he couldn’t bully his way into putting a 600-room hotel, complete with marina, airstrip, golf club and spa on Cozumel Island, but he evidently thought partnering with the Hilton hotel chain and a wealthy Mexican family would carry him over and through Mexico’s stiff environmental laws. That project was stopped in 2012. These two incidents, in 2012 and 2013, began Trump’s Twitter rants against Mexico and calls to not do business with Mexico.

Chunchucmil, Maxcanú, Yucatan: Chubasco!

This violent thunderstorm storm blew up on an uneventful afternoon about 4:00 PM. The squall itself only lasted about 30 minutes, but that was 30 minutes of a 50 mph wind, complete with hail, downed power lines, flying trees and stalls from the local fair thrown into the air and then smashed down into flooded streets. Three plasma televisions were “fried.” One had been unplugged, but was still connected to its antenna. Lightning knocked out electricity and cell phones, in some instances, all night and all the way from the road to Celestun inland to Tetiz. They call a storm a tormenta. They call a short and heavy rain without wind a aguacero. This, a short storm with wind and rain, is called a chubasco. This should remind everyone that the beginning of hurricane season is just a few days away (June 1). We have skated by for more than a decade now, but that kind of luck can’t last forever. Be sure your property is ready, your vehicle is ready, and that you have a week’s food packed for you and your pets. You can store bottled water as well, but make sure you change it often.

Yucatan: The Marines Have Landed

A new unit of the Marines has landed on the coast of Yucatan, and with quite a flair. They are armed and especially trained to protect beaches, mangroves, and port areas. Once they were on land and settled, they began a number of drives through the area making certain that the sea cucumber pirates saw them. They even drove through ordinary neighborhoods so the people could see them and feel safe with summer coming on. They will also be manning some of the highway checkpoints to make certain that no one is transporting out-of-season seafood, weapons, or drugs. It is nice to see them here, and even better to know that they will be patrolling through neighborhoods as well.

Progreso’s Centro Gets Garbage Cans

Progreso is installing 11 new pairs of organic and inorganic garbage cans and they claim they will be emptied daily. Earlier this year, they installed 11 new bus stops. These improvements not only make life easier and healthier for the people, but they also improve the image of the city itself.

Welcome! 2016 Great Biker Concentration

What does it take to have 100% hotel occupancy, with full waiting lists just in case someone doesn’t show up, on Yucatan’s beaches and all the way back to the north side of Merida? Three or four years ago, motorcycle clubs began informally meeting up in Progreso. The laments over traffic and noise were everywhere. Now, 5,000 bikers – along with friends, family, and sponsors – come to Progreso annually. Everyone loves to see them, and not only because they spend money. Their members, from all around Mexico, and even from other countries, never miss an opportunity to give back to the communities who host them. This is a huge party that includes contests with gifts from sponsors, live music, and it is even going to be filmed this year. Best of all is that these festivities are not only for bikers. Everyone is invited!

The Value of the Works of Diego Rivera

Last week, the world was buzzing after one of Frida Kahlo’s paintings sold for just over eight million dollars. Not to be outdone, and only days later, the Diego Rivera work shown here sold for $15.7 million dollars. This makes this piece the highest priced work of Latin art in history. Since Merida is in the middle of what can only be described as the “dog days of summer,” a great place to cool off is in Merida’s wonderful – air conditioned – art galleries. Viva Mexican art!

Merida: Time for Street Maintenance Again

Is it that time already? The streets in Merida have had a lot of work done in them over the past few years, so everyone is beginning to get used to the street closings, direction changes, and bus stop moves. This work is done in the summer because there are fewer people in Centro then, and – as much as possible – at night. Please drive carefully and watch to make certain you follow all of the new, but temporary, street arrangements.

Trying to Stay Cool? Visit a Newly Opened Cenote!

Actually, there are several hundred cenotes in Yucatan, and many are in or near Merida. This one is not far away. It is called Cenote Bebelchen and it is located 5 km after the end of Calle 15 in Sanahcat near the more well-known Cuzama cenotes. There is a great Facebook page for Cenote Bebelchen that seems to lower the temperature just by looking at the pictures. Locate the town of Sanahcat here.

Sagarpa: Yucatan Will Be Self-Sufficient Within Two Years

Currently, Yucatan’s production of staple crops covers only 45% of demand. Through a special program, the area of cultivation is being increased at the same time that commercial networking is finally reaching the goals previously set. The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food has always had it right: support small farmers and ranchers and they will save the nation. Small farmers may not get rich quick like huge, corporate farmers do, but their contribution to quality of life wherever they are is worth its weight in gold. Yucatan’s agricultural and fisheries sectors are doing very well and are something every resident of the state can be proud of.

Merida Using Fish to Combat Viruses

The City of Merida is getting ready to install 100,000 fish in the lakes and ponds of six parks in the city. The species of fish is Gambusia Yucatana, known for eating enormous numbers of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. This is, of course, the mosquito that transmits dengue, zika, and chikungunya. Using biological control to fight anything usually carries a number of drawbacks, especially with fish. However, the Gambusia Yucatana is a local species, so that makes it an even better strategy to add in with cleaning patios and yards. To learn more about this mosquito eater, visit The Mosquito Fish: A Unique Minnow.


  • Len Aquilino 2 years ago

    I was thinking of moving from America to Merda. Im a retired person and have doing some research on line to try and find out more about the politics there. It seems to me that there are a lot of snow flakes in Mexico. Very liberal.
    I'm a Trump supporter and will always support him.
    It sounds to me that,living in Mexico would be like living in the state of Vermont.
    Very Liberal.
    Thanks for the article,it really helped me make some good decisions.

    Take care

    • L.Mailepor 2 years ago

      I hear what you are saying and you are right about that, but there are also Trump supports in Merida too. Believe me more then people realize. You won't be alone.

  • John B Todd 3 years ago

    Hi Guys:
    "Why Trump Might Not Like Mexico is not accurate and is misleading in some areas. A check of Wikipedia will show that Trump had nothing to do with the failed Tijuana project. Trump, for big bucks, licensed his name for use on the project. THAT was the extent of his involvement.The same thing happened with so called "Trump Towers" in Panama City,Panama and Tampa FL. The Panama project was completed but with great difficulty with financing and work stoppages.The quality of the building leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not sure what happened on Cozumel.

  • richard nichols 3 years ago

    I think you made an error - the cenote mentioned does not appear to be in Hunucma.

    • Working Gringa 3 years ago

      Thank you Richard, you are right. We updated the article.

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