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Yucatan Living News: Badger Cuisine

Yucatan Living News: Badger Cuisine

20 November 2017 News 1

Tejón meat & cooking advice

Badger meat is a popular dish in some parts of the Yucatan. The animals are abundant in and around Peto, and are often used in stews. You need to heed one warning before cooking them, however; although badger meat is noted for an “exquisite” flavor, it has small pellets of fat under the skin which, if broken or not removed at all, give the meat a fishy flavor.

I will personally donate $200 pesos to anyone’s charity who can find me a “for real” recipe for that one.

Sistine Chapel Experience

Every review is spectacular. Don’t miss it.

Dates: November 7 to December 7, 2017

Reservations: Superpase are free except for Sistine Nights. You can only purchase ten tickets at a time online. However, if you go and wait in line, they start a new tour every 20 minutes from 10:00 AM to 7:40 PM…. But - they don’t say how many they let in on a “tour” or how many of those tours you might have to sit through before getting in. We suspect it is probably best to get a group of ten together and get your tickets online. Sistine Nights are at Friday and Saturday nights at 8:30 PM and cost $350 pesos each.

Please read: From the Vatican to the World It is the story of how the Sistine Chapel made its way to, and through, Mexico.

Drones in Mexico

Well - it had to happen sooner or later. Could you imagine the outcry if a photographer ran up to an unknown individual (or a restricted site), snapped a photo and sailed it out onto multiple social media sites? No permission to use the individual’s photo for commercial purposes. No permission from the authorities to even be in the area of the restricted site, much take a picture of it. Sooner or later has arrived for drones. In Mexico. Drone photos are legal for crowds of 12 or more, taken from a base camp at least two km away, and/or 12 km directly above the site. However, as “the rules” change often in Mexico, it would probably be a good idea, from now on, to check with local authorities about current drone laws.

Dengue Numbers Down

Last 2017 Pickup of Potential Mosquito Breeding Containers

Merida & and its Commissaries: November 25 & 26

North and South Areas of the State: December 2 and 3

This does not mean that anyone can allow their yards and patios to become mosquito jungles again. In fact, the responsibility for keeping them clean is falling more on the homeowner or renter than on the city or municipality. Yucatan has come a long way in a very short amount of time, with respect to fighting dengue fever. Our doctors and medical researchers are better than any others in the world. Please do your part to keep these numbers falling. The life you save may be your own.

Oxkutzcab: Morning Low: 11 C (51.8 F)

This weather is coming to Yucatan from the South Central United States. Usually, it’s the other way around. If it helps any at all, the expats who have gone home to cold weather are “feeling your pain” and, not to wish our lives away, but we all hope this winter passes uneventfully and we are home in Yucatan soon.

Persian Limon Prices Begin Rising

If you buy a lot of Limons - especially if you own a restaurant or bar - now might be a good time to take a little trip to Oxkutzcab, the Citrus Capital of Yucatan. A 20 kg. box of Persian Limon is now $90 pesos for first quality. By January, that price will be $200 pesos per box. It is always a good time to take a little trip to Oxkutzcab to make new friends and get a better feel for how the citrus economy ebbs and flows in Yucatan.

From this Month’s Chicx Food Market Newsletter (Click on the Title to Visit the Newsletter Archives and learn more about this wonderful organization.)

Chicxulub Muelle Markets


First (and Last) of the Year: December 14

Plus, this one’s got a raffle, so bring ticket money.


Jan 4th and Jan 18th

Feb 1st and 15th

Mar 1st and 15th

Remember the doors open at 9:00 AM so come in get a Cinnibun and Coffee for $50 pesos and shop, with new vendors and old favorites, until 12:30 PM.

Another Market That Makes News: Chuburna Monday Markets

This is one of the best farmers’ markets around (and seafood too!) It is amazing that, as friends and family back home are battening down the hatches for winter, Yucatan’s Farmers’ Markets are opening for the season. Now this is the way to live!

What Do Mexicans Eat?

What causes people to think that Mexicans would eat things that are, on a daily basis, that different from what everyone else eats. For example, Mexicans love sandwiches. So does everyone else in the world. Egg sandwiches are a worldwide breakfast favorite the world over, and chicken sandwiches are a dinner favorite. But what’s the Mexican sandwich favorite for lunch? A good old Ham and Cheese sandwich, just like at your house. So, relax dear relatives of expats. No one is going to starve in Mexico. In fact, it might do a few of us a bit of good to lay off of at least some of that spaghetti and pizza that seems so available in Yucatan! It’s almost time for those New Year’s Resolutions!

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  • Doc Citron 5 years ago

    Imported Spanish common names such as tejón for animals such as the European Badger in your photo are re- used here for different animals. None of which are the badger as they do not live here and tejón is used locally for either of the two species of coati and either of the two species of raccoon. The closet relative of the badger here in the Yucatan is normally called the grison or the huron, and confusingly the later also translates as ferret. From the fuzzy photo it likes like they are eating a coati, so you don't need to be worried about eating fish flavoured badger.

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