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Yucatan News: UADY Exchange Students

Yucatan News: UADY Exchange Students

23 August 2017 News 0

For the past few weeks, we have been telling everyone about all of the wonderful students from Yucatan who have headed out to broaden their academic horizons around the world. Today, we would like to welcome the 300 new exchange students who have arrived at UADY. Of their number, 212 are from 31 universities throughout Mexico; and the remainder coming from the United States, Spain, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and a number of Asian nations. The topics most in demand are architecture, accounting and administration, and anthropology. We wish each and every one of you the best school year ever. If there is anything you need, just let us know in the comments here at Yucatan Living. We would love to hear from you.

Tropical Storm Harvey Heads for Central America

At this writing, Tropical Storm Harvey is moving west at 65 km per hour and expected to hit Belize, Guatemala and Honduras on Monday or Tuesday. When someone says a storm is going to hit Belize, any handy map will show you that it is just as likely to continue on to hit the southern part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. At this point, it is a wait and see situation. Please remember that a tropical storm that sits on you for a week is just as dangerous as a hurricane that passes in 24 hours. Both should be treated with respect and preparations should be made well in advance.

Mexican School Supplies

The Department of Education publishes a list of required school supplies each year and parents, just like parents everywhere, struggle to purchase everything on the list. Across the nation, school supplies can cost between 329 and 968 pesos, depending on the grade level of the child and the state in which the supplies are purchased. Prices are highest in Durango, Nuevo Leon, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. If you see any price gouging going on, Profepa asks that you report it to 1-800-468-8722. We also recommend that you work with one of the several school and education support projects here in Yucatan. Some support individual children, while others support a school.

Kitty Morgan’s Apoyo Program has been ongoing since 2007. You can find information on that here in Yucatan Living. Proyecto Itzaes has a variety of programs but they all begin with literacy. International Women’s Club Community Service projects include providing higher education support and mentoring for several young ladies. Hacienda Chichen’s Mayan Community Support Along with Yucatan Adventures has created and supports programs to aid the Mayan children, families and communities near Chichén Itzá. If you are interested in helping with school supplies, uniforms, and shoes, etc. in Telchac Puerto, get in touch with Judy Abbott Mier y Teran or Susan Stewart at There is also a very active program in Chelem.

Finally, Friends of Cozumel has just completed their donation drive and will be gearing up for 500 more students next year.

Don’t Buy Exotic Animals

Facebook - the website that just keeps on taking. You’ve always wanted that gorgeous little jungle cat or that spectacular wild bird, but you just never could afford it. Now - what luck! Someone you just met on Facebook has just what you are looking for and will meet you in the mall parking lot in Merida to exchange a ridiculously low sum of money for the animal of your dreams. Surprise! Surprise! Profepa will meet you there too and the fine for that, on top of the jail term, can run above 3.5 million pesos. If you want to help conserve endangered species, there are plenty of programs you can work with; but, if you just want a pet? Get a puppy, a kitten or a goldfish and save the 3.5 million pesos and the years in jail.

Federal Ministry of Social Development Investing in Yucatan

The Federal Ministry of Social Development (Sedesol) has announced that it will be conducting home improvement projects in each of the 106 municipalities (counties) in Yucatan. The total they intend to spend is approximately 1.5 billion pesos. The improvements they will be adding include concrete roofs, indoor bathrooms with biodigesters, new concrete block walls, if needed, and ecological stoves. This is no small project and is being conducted on a nationwide basis.

Sedesol to Open 25 Food Kitchens in Yucatan This Year

Usually, it is the state DIF, along with the state Sedesol, that opens food kitchens. However, this is the 25th anniversary of this federal department and it is determined to make more of a difference in combating food shortages than ever before. These 25 food kitchens will network with the 236 food kitchens already in operation in Yucatan. These food kitchens actually put 60,000 pesos per month into their local economies, so they are of great value even beyond the fact that they feed the poor. According to Sedesol, the State of Yucatan receives 3 billion pesos per year for Social Development, which goes to a number of programs such as pensions for the elderly, orphanages, and Sedesol’s part of the migrant’s 3 x 1 program. Everyone is glad to see these programs at work because we have seen the difference they make through the years.

“Working Off the Books”

Whether its called “working off the books,” “the informal economy,” or “getting paid under the table,” many taxpayers, around the world, are making money and not paying their fair share for roads, schools, and other public services. This is a real problem when it is estimated that, six out of every 10 people in Yucatan fall into that group. In just the first six months of 2017, the percent of Yucatecos who work in the informal economy increased from 60.4% to 61.7%, with the national average still back at 56.5%. The public knows this is a problem because of the many fundraisers that have to be held when someone without benefits gets sick or is injured. This is particularly a problem for women because they work in the informal economy at a higher rate than men. Unfortunately, Facebook has also played a part in giving those who work in the informal economy free access to the public. However, that is ending because the authorities are watching facebook to see who is running small businesses in the informal economy and they are cracking down on them quickly. If you know of anyone who is running a business “off the books,” in Yucatan, please do tell them to stop and, especially, to get off of Facebook with it.

Oil Wells in Yucatan

Did you know that there are seven oil wells in the State of Yucatan? Some have been here for decades! There’s one in Chicxulub Pueblo that’s been there since 1952, one in Sapapuc since 1954, and one in Uman since 1966. There’s also one in Ticul since 1953, and one each in Tekax and Chemax since 1965. The last one is in between Espita and Temozon, drilled also in 1965. The depths are not very deep. The one between Espita and Temozon is about 250 meters deep, so it hardly even qualifies as exploratory. Of the others, two are a tad over 3,000 meters, a couple are just over 2,000 meters and two are in the 1,500 meter range. There’s another well over the state line in Quintana Roo. It’s been there since 1964 and is a little more than 3,000 meters deep. Had any significant oil deposit been found, there would be an oil well on every corner but, since there hasn’t, we can turn our attention back to wind and solar power.

Vets in Izamal

As the years, and now decades, march on, we see the most amazing things happening in the interior of Yucatan. It might not mean much to outsiders that there are now three veterinarians in Izamal, two with pharmacies and two who also provide dog grooming. The veterinarian offices are:

  1. Grupo Comercial Gallo, Calle 32 x 39 (Zamna Ave.) Offers pharmacy services and balanced feed for all kinds of animals, including pets. Free vet visit in Autust and September for those just enrolling in their program. Vet is Mario Pasos. Hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Sunday: 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.
  2. El Jobon, Calle 32 #114 x 33 y 35. They have food, medicine, and dog grooming. Vet on call 24/7 at 999-234-5200. Vet is Adiel Gomez Ojeda. Hours: 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  3. Wau Wash, Calle 32 x 33 y 35. Has vet services, and dog grooming. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM seven days a week.

Over 30 Beach Volleyball Tournament

This weekend saw the First National Men’s Volleyball Master Beach Volleyball Tournament played on the beach in Progreso. Think you’re too old to play? Not so. Get yourself in shape over the next few months and join the fun beginning early next summer! Some of these players were in their 60s, so plan on hitting the beach soon to get yourself ready for next year.


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