Rosas y Xocolate


Rosas y Xocolate

7 December 2009 Yucatan Restaurants 4

Type: International
Neighborhood: Paseo Montejo in Centro
Telephone: 924-4304
Address: Paseo Montejo #480 x 41
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Paseo Montejo. Rosas y Xocolate is the renovated bright pink building on your right, before you see El Triunfo.
Parking: On the side streets
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Full bar.
Hours: 7 Days a week, 7:30 am to 12 pm, and 1:30 pm to 12 am
Note: Such luxury and so close to downtown! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Working Gringos love this place. We've eaten here a lot and the food has never disappointed us. We've discovered some amazing Mexican wines here, as well as others from around the world. The ambiance is lovely (don't the walls inside look like they are MADE of chocolate?) and we love getting one delicious Belgian chocolate after dinner in the chocolate shop. Don't let the closed doors fool you.... just ask the front desk and they'll open it up and sell you whatever chocolate you want. Here's a good review from the Casual Restaurant Critic.


  • Amalia 7 years ago

    Two words: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Pricey, pricey, pricey. As a tourist living in the US, affordable. As a person living in Merida, probably not so much anymore.

  • Roving Restaurantuer 10 years ago

    The path to a perfect evening:

    "Okay Doll, it's time."
    "Time for what?"
    "Madre a Dios, Pet. You and your attention span is getting span – y – er! You need to have it serviced." UK folk please note that this is not referring to one of your automotive tools some of which occurred during the time of Richard the Bald in the form of Whitworth. What the hell was anyone thinking.

    And so it went. The carriage was a surprise for an occasion and Jose arrived with a freshly scented horse and away we went clippity clop for the city tour and ending up at R y X. By the by chums, it's a great way to see the town and envision yourself jaunting into Centro for the eve or day or two of grand debauchery. Must have been grand, n'est pas?

    Owner Carol was there for a hello, donchaknow, and main man Omar directed the culinary ballet by first appearing with a bottle of domestic vino (Ensemble), a blend - no dear, it's a blend, not a mixture - of petit syrah, tempranillo and a handful of other grapes that fit together flawlessly and smoothly just like the Lone Ranger and Tonto after a little breathing. Hmmm. Anyway it was ducky (pun coming up), but stop: Vino Note: Passable wine list, but Wrong Temp on the vino. Gawd Priscilla, certainly no reason to call your therapist! Yes, Willy Wong would undoubtedly pull his cork on that one but let's not go overboard! 51 degrees, or 10.5 for all you C folks. Sorry, don't know about Kelvin. I'm sure he's fine. Woo! The vino, however, was properly decanted at the table. Indeed.

    The bread was warm and crispy and very entertaining with berries, blue, in one, and the other with a hint of onion. Service was very proper with Omar at the helm, a tad awkward for the second string, but they got it done deftly with nary a glitch. Only a left/right thingy, but who’s counting. Damn glad it wasn’t a north or south problem, can't tell the difference.

    A salad of pear, lovely greens and chevre arrived fresh and engaging in oh so many ways with the right hint of moutard in the dressing and that drizzle of chocolate so enticingly fetching slashing across the plate. Then came the lightly breaded flash fried octopus, no it ain't calamari honey, attended by bits of tomato and habanera. Explosive yet not overpowering with that singey hotness that demands the next bite. It is not to be missed, but don't go for sharezies because it's simply demasiado bueno for generosity, so watch out for a wayward fork needing a quick poke in the wrist. Octopi are very smart and dominating and know what they want.

    Feeling quite satiated and evilly envying the dwindling remains in the carafe the main courses arrived. "You know, if you wanted what I ordered you should have ordered it!" Snark snark. The report heard ‘round the resto.

    Wafting garlic embraced white gulf shrimp risotto and danced across the table. Sorry, no more Lone Ranger, but the risotto was marvelous. It did not possess the usual creaminess of its Italian cousins undoubtedly due to not being Arborio rice, but there was beguiling texture that told you that sadness would be the result upon the final b i t e. There was. The sorrow and the pity que lastima.

    Main course number two arrived. Duck on mashed corn and xocolate. Oh, convert me now and let me confess all my wicked ways and repent. Errrr, well not quite as how dull would life be? Well, ducky is as ducky do and this ducky on the duckometer is right at the top. Do not expect more from SF or NY, dollink. Trust me. Honestly. If Donald and Daisy had been like this, Disney would have had to stay with donkeys or sheep. Or something. Or at least with the donkeys as we're not about to speculate about Walt's propensities, oh dear. Done to perfection, excellent flavor and sans gras. The elote/xocolate magical. Do not miss the opportunity to savour this ducky morsel. You will go to your grave regretting the moment.

    While not being dessert minded, one was elected; an intense chocolate tart with blueberries topped with casa casera vanilla ice cream that bordered on touch it and I'll whine for hours. The special flavor on this one, however, was the intense rose scented pearl necklace surrounding the tart. Artful presentation, heady sensation. Do it. Don’t complain if you don’t. Happy note: While not wanting yet another botella de vino de Ensemble, a glass of common Cab was offered as a runner up. it was not common Cab and it was worth the gamble.

    Is this joint pricey? Yes. $$$$ But not overly so considering the innovation and quality and certianly not more than Trotter's and that is not a grouch as Trotter's is a favorite. This place is not to be missed. Excellent service, excellent comida and an experienced staff that takes pleasure in doing restaurant. Villeroy and Boch, of course.

    This is as close to a 5 star as you're going to get.

  • Working Gringos 10 years ago

    Good idea, Lorenzo. We'll start adding that.

  • Lorenzo 10 years ago

    Please add some price indication to your listings. Maybe the system with quantity of dollar signs to rate. $, $$, $$$, etc. Thanks.

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