Los Platos Rotos


Los Platos Rotos

4 March 2010 Yucatan Restaurants 8

Type: Mexican
Neighborhood: Hotel Zone
Telephone: 925-3097
Address: Calle 33-D #498, Suite 3
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Calle 72. Pass the bullring on your left and keep going to the end. Make a U Turn (at Avenida Cupules) and come back around. Before you get to the first light, there is a street. Turn right and Platos Rotos is on your left.
Parking: Yes
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Soft Drinks
Hours: M-F: 8:00 am to about 3:00 pm (Whenever they are out of food)
Notes: http://meridabedandbreakfast.org/restaurants.html


  • gueroloco 9 years ago

    You must try their potato croquettes and potato tacos!!!!

  • Victor Gonzalez 9 years ago

    Actually the sign says comida Chilanga, so the the owners are from Mexico City or Huaches as they are called in Merida.

    I love their food.. it is more authentic Mexican food unlike Yucatecan food which is more regional and which I also love..many of the so-called Mexican restaurants in Merida are not very authentic, I hate to say... I include amongst them the cardboard taste of Sanborn's and VIPS..

  • MexicaChica 10 years ago

    This is one of my favorite places to eat on a budget. For about $50 you have a wonderful menu to pick from. They change it daily, like an economica but they have far more choices than the usual 3. I love that it is food from central Mexico. I have had some excellent things there that I had not even heard of before.

    For example I had chayote relleno and nopales rellenos. So its definitly NOT Yucatecan which is a welcomed change sometimes.

    The ambience is not bad considering it is right next to a parking lot entrance. The service can sometimes be slow....I had to wait for 'la cuenta' for about 15 minutes one time. All in all, the food is what keeps me coming back.

  • CasiYucateco 10 years ago

    I have been to Los Platos Rotos and love it. Great food. Reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere, if a little 'parking loty'. I like sitting on the sidewalk side under the trees and enjoying the birds. Lots of locals eat lunch here.

    The "type" of food... is hard to describe. Mexican, yes, not really Yucatecan. But a little original and not at all Tex-Mexy. Anyway, it is good. Convenient parking.

    Pay your CFE bill at the opposite corner of the same building. Now how can you beat that? A nice meal and your power bill is paid up for the next two months too!

  • Working Gringos 10 years ago

    So sorry, Kay. We're hoping that our readers will join in and add comments if they have eaten at the restaurants listed here and tell you what they thought.

    In this case, however, we HAVE eaten here personally and we can tell you that the food is excellent.

  • Kay 10 years ago

    I believe what the gentleman Tom was trying to say is he was looking for a critique of the restaurant/food. Not that it is just Mexican!! I think your reply was "curt"!!
    He knows how to read and yes it does say "Mexican" but is the food excellent, good or fair??

  • Working Gringa 10 years ago

    At the very top of the list, it says "Type: Mexican"

    So, okay, "Mexican" covers a lot, we realize. But it's not Yucatecan, which is the point. The owners/cooks/whatever are from central Mexico and they serve mostly food from there, not from here.

    Does that help?

  • Tom Barton 10 years ago

    I realize that these are not restaurant reviews, but it would be helpful to at least state what type(s) of food can be expected.

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