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Living Basics

  1. So what's so special about Yucatan?
  2. What does it cost to live in Mérida?
  3. Is it hot in Yucatan?
  4. Isn't Mexico Dangerous?
  5. Okay, but aren't there a lot of Mosquitos?
  6. What visa do I need to live in Yucatan?
  7. How can I import my car?
  8. What are the banks like in Yucatan?
  9. What are the emergency phone numbers in Merida?
  10. Are there any English-language schools my children can attend?
  11. What's it like to buy Groceries in Merida?
  12. How do I get cell phone service in Merida?
  13. Where can I buy furniture in Merida?
  14. Where can I buy antiques in Merida?

Events Calendar

  1. What's happening?

Daily Life

  1. Daily Life

Residency & Law

  1. Residency & Law
  2. Emergency Numbers


  1. What's been happening?

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