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Yucatan Government Expat Survey

Yucatan Government Expat Survey

8 February 2011 Interviews & Editorials 3

We thought you might be interested to know that the State of Yucatan is currently employing various consultants and spending a lot of time and some amount of money to figure out what we expats do here in the Yucatan. They are trying to understand what we like about Merida and the Yucatan, what kinds of services we might expect and desire here in the future, and what things might attract future expatriates to this area.

To further that understanding, they are working with Margaret Wylde of ProMatura Consulting in Mississippi. Some of you may have had the pleasure of talking to Margaret in focus groups at the end of 2010. Margaret's practice "is a full-service market research and advisory firm specializing in 50+ consumers and their housing, services, consumer products, customer service, marketing, and sales."

ProMatura has prepared a short survey that asks questions pertaining to your life here in the Yucatan and your plans for the future. Please click on the link below and take ten minutes to take the survey. The survey is anonymous and your individual answers are confidential. The results of the surveys will be compiled and presented to the Yucatan state authorities. We also plan to publish a summary of the results here. Your answers to these survey questions will help shape the future of the state of Yucatan.

Please take this survey!!


Thank you for your participation!


  • bob derek 12 years ago

    ANY direct air options from Canada to Merida would encourage many more vacation travellers and potential home buyers/renters.
    Just try to fly from Toronto or Montreal to Merida right now, and look at the overall travel time (including connections) and the very high cost.
    Alternates such as driving from/to Cancun airport to fly Westjet are a poor, but necessary, second choice.

  • Toni 12 years ago

    More Air transportation options from the US to Merida will be wonderful!

  • Mary Lou martin 12 years ago

    Is there a way to communicate with Promatura? Everything I brought up on Google seems to be an application as opposed to a website. Or could you tell the consulting firm something I forgot to mention, namely that one of the chief drawbacks to Merida is the difficulty in getting here. In order to get affordable airfare from the U.S. we have to fly into Cancun and subject ourselves to a minimum 4 hr. bus ride. As we age that's going to become increasingly difficult. I understand Spirit Air has been sniffing should be encouraged. Also, it would be helpful if there was ferry service from Florida to Progresso, even if it was for passengers only. The Government of Yucatan also has to begin promoting itself in North American markets...everyone I speak to at home has never heard of Merida.

    If you could pass this on, or tell me how I can do it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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