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Yucatan Television Options

15 January 2014 Immigration & Residency 20

So, you move to Merida, renovate your house... and now it is time to move in. And you are faced with installing the utilities. Thus begins a labyrinthine exercise on former owners, contracts, addresses, comprobantes (oh, you don't know what that is? You will!) (It's a receipt from a utility (Telmex is the preferred one) that shows the address of your house. No, it does not have to be your NAME on the receipt, just the correct address), etc.

Of course, one of the most important utility decisions you will have to make, second only to cel phone service, will probably be which vendor from which to buy your television and internet service. In this article, we are talking about televison... shows, sports, movies and more that sometimes comes with internet service. Sometimes not. The lines are blurring more and more these days... we realize that. We will follow this up with an Internet list.

If we have missed someone here, please let us know. This list has a few core vendors and then an ever-changing list of secondary providers. So with your help, we'll do our best to keep it current.

Merida's Television Services


Phone: 01-800-522-2530
Location: Merida at the Gran Plaza
Address: Calle 33B No.536 Int. A Col. García Ginerés
Additional Info: Watch what you want when you want. Cablemas service now has an Interactive Guide. With over 120 channels with the best programming video and 50 music channels with all genres. The new interactive guide lets you browse channels without changing the channel, consult up to 3 days of programming, check out the overview of programs, create three lists of your favorite channels and use the parental control. With the box you can change the language and take off subtitles.
Cost (2013): Digital packages start at $369 pesos for more than 100 channels. Prices change according to the package you choose, and if it includes internet and/or phone.
Other Services: Cablemas also offers phone and internet services. Available in most of Merida and Progreso.
Notes: Cablemas for internet doesn't get great reviews from a lot of people. However, it has traditionally been the cheapest option.


Phone: 01-800-201-8770 or 999-981-6208 (in Merida)
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 21 # 89, Col. Chuburna
Cost (2013): Basic service starts at $309 pesos for 174 channels.
Other Services: They offer service in Merida and outlying towns on the Yucatan Peninsula. SKY also has premium channels like HBO, Movie City, etc.


Phone: 999-964-3450
Location: Merida
Address: Telmex Store at Calle 59 x 64
Cost (2013): Basic service starts at $119 pesos for 36 channels, most of which are in Spanish. More than 110 channels for $619 pesos.
Other Services: They offer satellite service in Merida and towns in Yucatan. Service includes HD. Dish has premium channels like HBO, Movie City, and sports channels etc.

Club 1080 HD

Phone: 999-285-9896
Location: Merida
E-mail address:
Cost (2013): Basic service starts at $ pesos for channels most of them in English. More than 200 channels to choose from.
Other Services: They offer service in Merida and outlying towns on the Yucatan Peninsula. Service includes HD. They provide hookups to Dish Network, Sky and Direct TV. They also provide professional installation of whatever is required.


Services: Roku launched the first product designed to deliver movies from Netflix instantly on TV, using the power of the Internet. Roku is a little box that makes it easy to stream anything directly from the Internet.
Cost (2013): Boxes start at $49.99 to $89.99. Service requres internet.
Website: /
Local Roku Facebook page:​


Additional Info: Internet television
Cost (2013): Three different packages. Free for 6 basic channels. 28 channels cost $ 39 USD a month.


Additional Info: Internet television. See anything on your TV that you can watch on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Watch and control your entire channel line-up wherever you can connect to the Internet.
Cost (2013): Box start at $180 USD.


Additional Info: Internet television. See anything on your TV that you can watch on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Google's answer to ROKU, Slingbox, etc. The Working Gringos have this and it works like a charm.
Cost (2013): $35 USD

Additional Options

Technology is changing almost daily. Besides local cable and internet options, there are satellite options. We know some Canadians that have recommended buying satellite receivers and service directly from Canada Satellite, but we are unfamiliar with how it works.

Have a Suggestion?

Do you know about an option that we have not mentioned? We would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment and we'll investigate the details... and add it to the list if it makes the cut. Thank you in advance!


  • Luke - Canada Satellite 6 years ago

    Hey Everyone,

    I was informed our company was linked in the article above, and after a quick read through I thought I'd share some info about Canadian providers, and their use in the USA or Mexico.

    Out of the "big 3", Shaw Direct, Bell ExpressVu, and Telus Satellite, only Shaw Direct actually projects beyond Canada's southern border. Both Bell and Telus use the same signal, which does not include the USA or Mexico in its footprint.

    Though Shaw Direct projects south with their older two satellites (the third, newest satellite does not), customers that travel there and use their subscription are technically going against Shaw's wishes. If you try and call Shaw from USA or Mexico, they could suspend or disable your account. Many people have found ways around this with Skype or blocked numbers - but it's a personal choice, and knowing you are taking a risk is important.

    If you are one of the thousands of Canadians who have decided to use this service outside of our home country, you'll need a good standing account associated with a Canadian address and credit card. Some people used loved ones, or have a permanent address here that they keep.

    Most people will purchase just the hardware (You will need a dish and a receiver), call Shaw to activate, and when asked simply say they already had a dish or are doing a self install.

    We receive many phone calls about hosting peoples accounts, which we (or any other hardware sales company) will simply not do.

    Shaw is currently in the midst of a transition (a very, very slow transition), where it is moving it's older channels off their original satellite, and to their newer third satellite. Once these channels are moved they will no longer be accessible from outside of Canada.

    Any other questions or concerns about Shaw use? Let me know - I'd love to help!

    • Diane 4 years ago

      Do you know of anyone that adjusts the dishes?

  • Terri 7 years ago

    We will be moving down to Xcalak in the next 6 months and are wondering what is our best option for American/english speaking channel packages. We will have access to internet there. Thanks so much Terri

    • Robert ( your neighbor) 6 years ago

      Did you find a good internet service. Let Diann and me know tell Tom hello!!!

  • Wes Robinson 7 years ago

    My wife and I have gone to Merida (at Hotel Gobernador, very near the Telmex office) for every January, February and March for the past 18 years, and we are going again this year. We are strong fans of the Univ. of Connecticut Women's basketball team, but try as we might, we cannot get these games on TV in Merida! They are broadcast in the USA on ESPN and SNY (Sports New York} networks, and because the team probably will win its 10th national championship this year, it is very important to us that we see the games, A Telmex official promised to do it last year for us by downloading the signal to the hotel. It was then to be directed to our room (323), but it didn't happen. Both ESPN and SNY will send the games to us for free (we pay a monthly TV cable charge of around $200 even when we are away) and I would be happy to pay Telmex something to send the games into our hotel room if the cost wasn't too much. What can be done? I will send you a schedule of the 18 games we hope to watch if that would be helpful. Please advise as soon as possible.

    • Wes Robinson 7 years ago

      I'm waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. We don't have much time! Can you respond quickly to my query? Please do so!

      • Working Gringa 7 years ago

        Wes, I would recommend downloading an IP blocker (we use "unblock-us" and then logging in to your favorite internet website that shows the games. With the IP blocker, it will look like you are in the USA and you should be able to watch the games.

  • kitty 8 years ago

    I'd really like to know more about what the Canadians are doing. I have Shaw in Chapala. It is from Canada plus gets some u.s channels. The programming is great. Lots of Canadian, British and Australian crime dramas without all the violence of u.s. tv.

    If you could hook me up with someone that does it, I would appreciate it. We can't call Shaw here because there is something hinky like we are not supposed to have it here or something. I think our accounts are run through someone in Canada and we call that couple or locally if problems.

  • Jeff Tripe 9 years ago

    I currently subscribe to DISH and am looking for a different provider as DISH is extremely limited as to the number of English channels and seems to specialize in voice-overs instead of subtitles. There is no option to select the original English version of a movie or program without Spanish voice-overs.

    It's rumored that SKY may provide a greater selection of English programming or even an option to view programs in the original English version without voice-overs OR with Spanish voice-overs. Can anyone confirm or deny whether this is actually the case for SKY (or another provider for that matter?). Asking the provider is oftentimes not helpful as they tend to promise functionality which they may not actually have.


  • Sandra Boozell 9 years ago

    Great t v info. Tks

  • Working Gringos 9 years ago

    They are undoubtedly cheaper in the USA.

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