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Emergency Numbers

Awhile ago, friends of ours had a medical emergency in the middle of the night and had no idea who to call. We ourselves have needed to report something unusual on the street (in our case, an alarm system that refused to shut down) and did not know how to contact the police. The number in our Paginas Amarillos (Yellow Pages) wasn’t correct. And frankly, even when we are not rushed or in a panic, we find the Paginas Amarillos puzzling at best. When you are hurt or in trouble or just plain annoyed, but you don’t know the language, information you may need is a lot harder to find.

So here are the emergency numbers you might need to know!


General Emergency: 113

Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Ambulance: 065 or 924-9813 (free ambulance)

Green Angels Roadside Assistance: 983-1184

Ayuntatel (Merida Citizen's Line): 924-4000 or 070

Merida Police Department: 942-0060

Merida Fire Department: 924-9242 or 923-2971

TaxiMetro: 982-7575

Taxi Santa Ana (24 hours): 928-5600

English speaking Taxi Drivers:

  • Simon at 999-241-8917
  • Mario at 999-353-1724
  • Roberto Lara at 999-960-1746

Where To Catch the Bus in Merida and How To Take The Bus

CMA Hospital: Calle 54 y Perez Ponce, (near WalMart) – 926-2111

CEM Hospital: Calle 60 and Ave. Colon (near Hyatt Hotel) – 920-4040

Star Medica Hospital: Calle 26 #199 x 15, Fracc. Altabrisa (near Altabrisa shopping center) 999-930-2880 (ext. 5 for emergencies)

Clinica de Merida Hospital: Ave. Itzaes, (near the Donde circle) 999-925-4508 (they have their own ambulance service)

Doctor Who Makes House Calls: Dr Rebas at 999 172-4772 (Speaks English. Charges $500 pesos)

Alfa Ambulance Service (serves Star Medica) ‐ 924‐1322

Sami Ambulance Service (serves Star Medica)‐ 925‐4048

Official Translator in Merida: Pilla Marcin de Azarcoya, (999) 944-9517 or (999) 920-2011

Alcoholics Anonymous in Merida (in English):

24-Hour Vets:
Tony or Nelson – 044-999-156-9806
Jose or Sandra – 044-999-900-9445
Animal Rescue: AFAD – 044-999-947-6319 or 044-999-152-0949 (both cel phones)

CFE (Electricity): 071

JAPAY (Water): 930-3450

Telmex (Phone): 01-800-123-0000


Emergency on cell phone (Telcel): 113

Fire Department: 116 or 969 935-0130

Cruz Roja/ Red Cross Ambulance: 969 935-1624

Police: 969 935-0026

Taxi: 969 935-0198

Green Angels (Emergency Road Service): 078

Ayuntamiento/City Hall: (969) 103-6000

Centro de Salud (Health Center): 969-935-0053

Centro Medico Americano (Medical Services): 969-935-0769

Vets Akita: 969 935 2547

CFE (Electricity): 071

Smapap (Water): 969 935 3669

Telmex: 01-800-123-0000

As always, we welcome your comments. If you have any numbers you think should be added to this list, let us know.


  • Ingrid Jerne 5 years ago

    Since the first of June 2017, the general emergency # is 911 in Yucatan and in the rest of Mexico.

  • Susanne McCoy 6 years ago

    I would love to buy your book -- but I'd like to just pick it up! (Are the editions located somewhere else?) Why does it cost so much for here in Mexico?? The cost for here is beyond my present reach...
    Susanne McCoy

    • Working Gringa 6 years ago

      Hola! you can find the book at the Merida English Library or at the Hacienda Yaxcopoil gift shop. I'm sorry they cost so much money... they were expensive to print and we self-published the book. BUT, you'll have a collector's item. We only printed 500 books and when they are gone, they are gone!

  • Elizabeth Hudson 7 years ago

    I love Yucatan Living and Merida but sometimes I feel that those of us that live outside the city in Progreso, Chelem (my winter home) etc. are sometimes forgotten.

    We feel that Merida belongs to us as well. It's like she is our pretty big sister that we visit often and proudly talk about and support...but she doesn't seem to notice us.

    Could you please find it in your heart to give us our Emergency Numbers too, we get sick, need help too. Yes, I know some of the numbers are the same, but what is the nearest hospital to us, who are our vets and our police number?

    Too many small towns, o.k. narrow it down to Progreso, there's a large expat base living there. Everyone seems to have a different number for calling the Police; they seem to change the number every year....we are so confused!

    Please....pretty please....with sugar on top.

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