This is Yucatan

This is Yucatan

26 July 2009 Video, Destinations, CULTURE 32

This video is an introduction to Yucatan produced by Mexico International Real Estate. It's a photo montage of people, places and events from around the Yucatan Peninsula. Some of our readers may recognize many of the photographs from the Yucatan Living website. That's because all the photos are from our library, taken over the years by the Working Gringos. The video will be used to open a series of real estate seminars being presented in several major cities across the United States.


  • Brenda 12 years ago

    This video/ slide show is excellent. It is very hard to transmit all of the qualities not only Yucatan but all of Mexico has. With the challenge it is to transmit the feeling a beautiful place like Yucatan gives to all visitors in a video with absolutely no words but the ones the images describe, this creation jumped that barrier of distance in a heartbeat. All of the natural beauty, the very friendly people, and the joy it is to have the pleasure of visiting or making Mexico your home. Every critic is simply an opinion just like mine. Every single part of this clip met exactly the purpose of making you feel how Yucatan is full of amazing vibe and that it is composed of culture and the passion that all of its diverse residents share. I can sincerely say that there is no other place in our continent that has the hospitality and that welcomes you with full opened arms the way Mexico does. Mexico knows that the true secret behind an amazing and delicious dish or a paradise appearing Hacienda for their tourist lies in the sincere joyful customer service and welcome its visitors experience! The song used in this video describes exactly the smiles the pictures show, the fun behind every activity, the joy it is to have the pleasure of waking up in such an amazing gift of nature. The speed of the video makes you feel that adrenaline and excitement you feel when you cannot believe how much rare beauty is gathered before your eyes!!


  • Working Gringos 12 years ago

    The singer is Carlos Vives and the song is "La Maravilla".

  • Kaylene 12 years ago

    Loved it! What´s the name of the song and singer. Great tune!

  • Bernie 13 years ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the song and group that performed the music for this video? IT IS excellent!! A very fun and uplifting tune.

  • Kim G. 14 years ago

    Nice multi-media clip. As winter approaches here in Boston, makes me wish I were there.


  • louise hansquine 14 years ago

    Too short, a little too fast
    But you did good!

  • Karen Yarbrough 14 years ago

    I just came back from the Yucatan yesterday. I had a wonderful time. The People, the food, shopping, many attractions there make me want to return many times. I enjoyed your show VERY much.

  • Alinde 14 years ago

    Very interesting video--sure beats anything I could come up with to show the diversity and flavor of the Yucatan. Thanks!

  • Francisco 14 years ago

    Great video,i'm a yucateco living in Canada and it feels good watching this video.Thanks.

  • Ellen 14 years ago

    The video makes the Yucatan look like a wonder place to visit and live. Beautiful photographs. I just wish I had a little bit more time to look at them. I can't visually process quite so quickly. Maybe it's just me.

  • riaz 14 years ago

    Great slide show, fast, just one detail is it´s not all of the Yucatan. A more proper name would be Yucatan Peninsula slide show since quite a few of the locations are from a different state, Quintana Roo, which has been separate from Yucatan for over 100 years. I also don´t see the point on showing the golden arches and land rover dealerships. What´s so nice about simbols of obesity, wastefull luxury and overconsumpion in a state full of blatant contrasts between the very rich and the malnourished, where salaries are a third of the living wage and many survivie on less than 2 dollars a day.
    The rest of the slides are very nice and show a lot of the color and flavor of the area.
    As someone who grew up here I can say it´s very nice.

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