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Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro

Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro

3 September 2007 Reader's Polls, Destinations 55

Even though we have lived here for six years and have at least three places in Merida where we can hang a hammock, we occasionally have the need to recommend or put up a friend or family member at a hotel. Most of our friends don't like sleeping in hammocks, and the number of beds we have is limited.

So we find ourselves every few months in the position of having to recommend a place to stay for someone we care about. And of course, since we live here, they expect us to choose the best place for them, depending on their tastes. What we realize is there are a lot of charming small hotels that have sprung up over the last few years, just in the downtown area, and we haven't stayed in all of them... or many of them, for that matter!

So it's time to tap the collective wisdom on which is the best small hotel in Merida Centro.

The following are our first five nominations for Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro. To qualify, a hotel must have fifteen rooms or less and the nightly tarifa (rate) for at least some of the rooms must be under $100 USD. The hotel must be located within the confines of the Circuito Colonias in the Centro Historico of the city. That's about it. This isn't about price, though. It's about selecting from a distinctive style of hotel... we'll post Reader's Choice Polls for luxury, hostel and B&B hotels in the months ahead.

We think the things to keep in mind here are ambiance, service, location, and whether the bed is comfortable. Not to mention the all important consideration: If you book your best friend or mother-in-law a room at that hotel, will they be pleased and think you really know what you're talking about?

Here are our five nominations. As always, we hope that you will add your nominations (if you don't see your favorite on the initial list) by leaving a comment, and we will add the new name to the poll.

Nominations are open until September 15th and the voting will be open until midnight on December 31st, 2007. The winner of this and the other Reader's Choice Polls will be announced early in January 2008.

The initial nominees for Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro under $100 in alphabetical order are...

Casa Mexilio - The Grand Dame of small hotels here, Casa Mexilio has been in operation since before we came to Merida. Located in a multi-story colonial home, it is chock full of antiques and ambiance. We hear the rooftop bar is really lovely, but we've never been there. Casa Mexilio has --- unique rooms priced between $55 and $120 US.

Casa Sacnicte - Located on Calle 62 just a short stroll south of the zocalo, Casa Sacnicte is one of the newest small hotels in Merida, but it is already enjoying favorable word-of-mouth. While it sometimes bills itself as a bed and breakfast, we think its eight rooms places it in the small hotel category. Room rates are priced between $40 and $65 US.

Luz En Yucatan - Located next to Santa Lucia Church in what is rumored to have once been a nunnery, Luz En Yucatan's room are each different, all with kitchenettes. There's a pool, a community dining room and kitchen and lots of nooks and crannies. One of the friendliest and quirkiest hotels in Merida... perhaps in the world. Luz en Yucatan has rooms priced between $30 and $85 US.

Hotel Marionetas - We used to live across from this colonial jewel of a hotel and we watched them build it into the popular spot that it is today. All the rooms have beautiful tiled floors in a riot of Mexican color. Rooms also have modern amenities, they surround a pool and garden, and guests are treated to a different delicious breakfast every morning. Hotel Marionetas has 8 rooms priced between $80 and $100 US.

Hotel Mediomundo - The first place we ever stayed in Merida, and we aren't alone. The bright colors and lush garden continue to be a great initiation into the living experience of Merida for many people. Hotel Mediomundo has a gift shop, a pool and 12 rooms priced between $55 and $90 US.

Casa Álvarez Guest House - This is the first reader-nominated hotel (See Tito's comment, below). While it doesn't have a pool and they don't offer breakfast, this is a good choice if you want to experience authentic Merida Colonial ambiance and be only steps away from the zocalo. There are eight rooms, each with private bath and cable TV. Casa Álvarez Guest House is located at Calle 62 #448 between 53 and 51. The rooms cost between $30 and $35 US.


  • KayTVzHqe 9 years ago

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  • Working Gringos 9 years ago

    Bjorg, as far as we know, all those hotels are still in operation. For a kid, we think it would be best to have a hotel with a pool... Luz en Yucatan, Hotel Mediomundo, Hotel Marionetas... those would all work. Luz en Yucatan has a nice pool area and is a very relaxed situation. In addition, some of their rooms have kitchenettes, which is handy with a child. Enjoy!

  • Bjorg 9 years ago

    Hello, I am very happy to have stumbled upon your website as I am putting together a family trip to the Yucatan Peninsula this summer. I will be traveling with my husband and 8 year old daughter. Although we most likely will fly into Cancun and spend time there and at the Riviera Maya I really don't want to leave the Yucatan without visiting Merida. The list of small hotels is very intriguing and I am curious to check them out. I am wondering if there have been any changes to your list as the original post is 7 years old and there hasn't been much activity recently. Also, would you recommend one over the other for a kid?
    Thank you,

  • Liz Forrest 10 years ago

    I loved reading all of these, my god how does anyone choose, sounds like there is so many lovely places in Merida. A friend is coming next October (a wedding party) and I have been invited. Thank you for posting all of the info.

  • Working Gringos 11 years ago

    We don't know what picture you are referring to...? The photo banners at the top of the page rotate, so they change each time you come to the page. If you can describe the photo, we can probably tell you where it was taken as we take all the photos...

  • 11 years ago

    In what part of Yucatan was this picture taken?

  • Ling 12 years ago

    My boyfriend (now husband) and I travelled to Merida many years ago, and the best thing on our trip was staying at Casa Alvarez. We had stayed at a backpackers hostel the first night but they ran out of rooms so we could not extend our stay. Thankfully, we stumbled upon Casa Alvarez. It looked a lot more expensive than a hostel from the outside, but when we checked with Enrique, the price was very, very reasonable. He was very kind, allowing us to leave our bags with him and giving us the keys earlier since we had to vacate our hostel early in the morning.

    Enrique is very friendly and generous. We were on a students budget and requested for the cheapest room, but he gave us the best room since it was available (low season). Please don't try to haggle with him, because he is really not trying to make a profit to begin with, but for a love of hosting tourists and guests. He went out of his way to make us feel comfortable, and kept telling us to use the kitchen and help ourselves to the tea, coffee and snacks.

    In the mornings, we would sit around the table having breakfast, and we would try to communicate in a mix of English, Spanish and hand signals. We also met his niece Alexandria, and she was filling up a map of where all the different guests who have stayed with them are from. Enrique knows his town well and gives a lot of good advice and recommendations.

    We left very early in the morning so we did not want to disturb him, so he said to just leave the keys at the front desk and don't worry about it. Even though many years have passed, I still look back at Casa Alvarez with many fond memories and cannot recommend it enough.

  • Kristin Tyson 12 years ago

    The HEART of MERIDA is at CASA SACNICTE ! I arrived on a warm tropical night in March 2011. It was 1.30am , the town was sleeping when I rang the doorbell .I m so glad I did . The welcome from Guadalupe and Wilbert was like the sun shining , happy beautiful people full of love and kindness. Delicous breakfast at their kitchen table with all kinds of fruit , fresh squeezed juice , pastries , yoghurt , coffee , a beautiful room to sleep in , so comfortable and stylish and fresh and clean with a peaceful garden sanctuary . So much beauty and love and the richness of life all around me .
    I came for 3 days and stayed for 3 weeks , this B&B gave me everything I was looking for .

  • Ayn 13 years ago

    My 3 pre-teen sons and I stayed at the Luz en Yucatan in March. It was absolutely lovely, and we could not recommend it more. In addition to the downstairs full kitchen, our room had a large refrigerator and coffee maker and we each had our own bed (a rare luxury when we travel!). The room was spotless and the beds the most comfortable I've slept in in Mexico, and all for $99 a night in peak season. Owner Tom was enormously helpful, and the location is ideal.

  • Pablo 13 years ago

    Hello all - I'm trying to get a feel from the local residents of Merida. Planning to take my wife for a week long trip to Merida and surrounding areas, and want to stay in an under $100 USD hotel in downtown. American travel web sites such Orbitz, and some Mexican ones such don't mention any of the ones recommended in this forum. We have found over the years hotel pictures can be misleading and far away from reality, and my wife can be really picky sometimes. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just basic clean rooms with A/C, TV, WiFi and in the heart of the city. We love to walk around public markets and eat where the locals eat, with especial emphasis in local cuisine. Any advises will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Sandy Dyer 14 years ago

    We stayed at Hotel Julamis for two nights this past February and it was amazing. Mel and Erid were the most amazing hosts from the time we arrived to the time we left. They go above and beyond to be sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need. You will never find a place kept so clean nd so quaint as this little B and B. Our room was very large with a king size bed and huge two person shower. The breakfast that is included in your $50.00 per night room fee was a great way to start the day, served in the little open air court yard with lovely flowers everywhere. If you want quality and service second to none, stay at the Hotel Julamis. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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