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Merida Cultural Centers

1 February 2011 CULTURE 9

Locations in Merida for Art, Dance, Yoga, and Training of All Kinds

Artists in Mexico (read our interview here) will be offering art classes. While these classes are designed for young people 12 years of age and older, anyone of any age who wants to experience one of their classes is welcome to attend. There will be one 15-class workshop in alebrije handicrafts and another 15-class course in sculpture (plaster).
Location: Nahuali: Casa de los Artistas, Calle 60 # 405 x 43 y 45
More Information: +52 (999) 928-6566
Tuition: $3,800 MXP, includes all materials

Art Workshop for Children
This workshop will take children around the world in 80 stories from here, there, and everywhere! In addition to stories, they will have fun with painting, sculpture, and music. Although this workshop is in Spanish, that fact does not seem to hinder children from having a wonderful time and creating beautiful work.
Age Limit: Participants must be 5 years old or older.
Cost: $175 per session or $500 per month or $700 per year (all prices in pesos) No additional expenses as all materials are included.
Times: All Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
More Information: Call LA 68: 924-9540 or Daniel: (999) 144-3221

Habla. The Center for Language and Culture
In 1998 Habla co-founding director Kurt Wooton worked with a group of professors and students to create the ArtsLiteracy project in the Education Department at Brown University in the United States. ArtsLiteracy piloted a way of teaching and learning using the arts to develop the literacy of students in urban schools. Seven years after establishing the organization, Wooton and Brazilian educator Daniel Soares founded a language lab school in Brazil based on the ArtsLiteracy approach. They developed a way to teach language in a creative way using literature and focusing on the stories of the students in the classroom. Now, lucky us, Kurt has settled in Merida and runs the Habla Center for Language and Culture.
Address: Calle 26 No. 99 B x 19 y 21, Col. México
Telephone: (999) 948-1872

Cairo Cinema Cafe
This place promotes culture through workshops, featured films, art exhibits and more.
Address: Calle 20 No. 98A x 15 y 17
Telephone: 926-5718 

Dance Classes at Expresion Libredanza
For More information, call Raul (999) 997-3251 or Anny (999) 125-0466 English speaking
Location: Expresion Libredanza, Calle 21 # 100 x 18 y 20, Chuburna

Yoga and Meditation at Villa Serena
For More information, call Susana (999)970-1434
Location: Calle 24, # 201 x 23 y 25, Col. García Ginerés

Yoga and Belly Dancing at Centro Viyra
Yoga Classes with the Kundalini or Iyengar method. Arabian dancing for students of any age who want to connect with their sensuality and femininity.
Location: Calle 14 no. 85 x 5 (esquina) Col. San Antonio Cinta
For More Information: Call Alejandra Cruz  9991-27-98-10

Yoga Classes
This lovely colonial home in Garcia Ginerés has regular yoga classes taught in English, with Claudia Guerrero and other yoga teachers.
Location: Calle 15 # 210 x 24 y 26 in Garcia Gineres
Admission: Call 920-5361 for information
Call: Claudia Guerrero: 920-5361 for more information

Dog Training
Now available to all pet owners and available in English. Courses include Basic Dog Handling, Basic Obedience, Advance Obedience and Dog Therapy. All classes can be taught privately in your home. Part of the proceeds are donated to Evolucion to help with the care and feeding of its 150 plus canine and feline residents.
For Private Classes, Contact: Mario Forestieri at K9 Edu for rates
Phone: 9999-56-9781.

Group Dog Training Classes
The Sunday group classes cover the basics of dog handling, from, wearing a leash and collar, to walking with a leash, correcting basic behavioral problems, and basic obedience, heel, sit, down. etc....
Location: Evolucion Animal Shelter
Time: Three 1-hour sessions: 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 1:00 PM, Sundays
Cost: $40 pesos each, by reservation only due to limited space in each class

Espacio Cultural ULE
They offer live concerts, book presentations, poetry readings and visual arts workshops. Also they are an Independent Small Press (Unas letras industria editorial) with published books in both English and Spanish. 
Address: Calle 64 no. 560 x 71 y 73, La Ermita
Telephone: 285 03 97

La Viruta 51
A perfect location for Tango and Salsa Classes. First visit is free, next visits $30 pesos per single and $50 pesos per couple.
Address: Calle 51, x 60 y 62
Telephone: Anny - 9991 25 04 66 or Carlos and Carol 9999 65 66 62

Maya Language Schools - There are three official Maya Language schools in Merida and one in Felipe Carrillo Puerto in Quintana Roo. This page provides the names and addresses of each school with a brief description. These schools teach classes in schedules that only accept students at the beginning of the semester. We suggest that you visit the school you are interested in attending to determine the best schedule for you.

Academia de Lengua Maya de Yucatan A.C
Dirección: Calle 44 No. 452 por 73 y 73-A, Centro
Tel. y Fax: (999) 924-85-91

Academia Municipal de la Lengua Maya “Itzamná”
Dirección:Calle 64-A No. 536 entre 77 y 79, Ermita. 
Tel. (999) 924-08-41.

Unidad de Ciencias Sociales UADY
Dirección: Calle 61 No. 525 entre 66 y 68, Centro,
Tel. (999) 924-27-67
Sitio Web:
Correo Electrónico:

Merida Cultural Centers - Merida also has six cultural centers, many of which hold classes in everything from art to tai chi, dance, folklore, guitar, aerobics and more. Here are the centers that might interest you and a brief explanation:

CECUNY - A cultural center for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Classes include acting, music, Children's Orchestra, Science and Folkloric Ballet. Sign up for classes is sometime in early September. For exact dates, call the phone number on the linked website. All classes will be held in Spanish.

Casa de la Cultura del Mayab - A cultural center for teens and adults. Classes include acting, jazz dance, folkloric dance and ballroom dance. Sign up for classes is sometime in early September. For exact dates, call the phone number on the linked website. All classes will be held in Spanish.

Centro Cultural La Iberica - A cultural center for older adults, referred to in Spanish as tercera edad (the third age). Classes include painting, tai chi, acting, folklore, guitar, Mental Gymnastics, ballroom dancing, aerobics, arts & crafts, cardio-salsa and more. Sign up for classes is sometime in early September. For exact dates, call the phone number on the linked website. All classes will be held in Spanish.

Centro Cultural Ricardo Lopez Mendez or Centro Cultural Obrero - A cultural center for all ages. Classes include visual arts, performing arts, music, sports, carpentry, sewing, embroidery and MUCH more. Sign up for classes is sometime in early September. For exact dates, call the phone number on the linked website. All classes will be held in Spanish.

Centro Cultural Jacinto Cuevas - A cultural center specifically to teach music. This program is a multi-year program and is open to children ages 13-18. For more information, call the phone number on the linked website. All classes will be held in Spanish.

Centro Cultural Juan Acereto - A cultural center specifically to teach trova and other popular local music. Classes include guitar and other instruments, as well as singing. This is a three year university program. All classes will be held in Spanish.


  • Karen Kurtzrock 4 years ago

    Are there ceramic studios in Merida? Studios that as a potter one can use on a monthly basis?

  • Spencer Bennett 7 years ago

    I will be in Merida for a month and would like to take at least a couple of guitar lessons in the city center. I am an intermediate player.

  • Eric 8 years ago

    Are there any woodcarvers in Merida that teach?

  • Working Gringos 9 years ago

    Merida has multiple music stores that I'm sure sell bass guitars. Here is one: There is also one located in Itzimna... go north on Paseo Montejo, turn right just after the railroad tracks and it will be on your right. Can't remember the name :-)

  • bruce west 9 years ago

    Please tell me if Merida has a music store which sells electric bass guitars. And if, what is the name and address. Thanks

  • Working Gringos 10 years ago

    At the Olimpo (on the Plaza Grande) at 8 PM. It is in the Events list for this week, which is here:

  • Cynthia 10 years ago

    Can some let us know where the Piano concert is tonight by Stephen Vranken?


  • Working Gringos 11 years ago

    There are art supply stores in Merida, but the best ones aren't chains. You can find one at the corner of Calle 62 and 59 (it is also a copy shop and labeled accordingly) and another at the corner of Calle 47 and Paseo de Montejo, next door to the Impala restaurant. Both of these have lots of supplies and helpful people behind the counter. That said, the artist I know well, Georgia Charuhas (, gets her large paper from Mexico City (it is sent to her) because she cannot find it here in Merida. Spray fix can be found at the two stores mentioned above. As far as material/sewing stores, you are definitely in the right place! (Merida, not Progreso). Merida is FULL of store that sell tela (material). Every other woman and many men do a lot of sewing here, so look for Parisiana stores (that's a chain), for instance. There is one on Prolongación de Montejo across from Office Depot. There are many stores that sell materials in the mercado section of Merida as well... south of the Plaza Grande, in the general vicinity of the mercado. We can't tell you the exact locations... but the stores are huge and full of choices. And looking for them is half the fun! Good luck!

  • stacy 11 years ago

    What are 3 of the largest art stores and where they are located in Merida? The only one I was able to find was called "Artline" in Centro Merida. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I needed.
    Can you tell me if artists buy supplies from outside Mexico on line somewhere and have supplies shipped to Mexico? Are there on-line art stores located somewhere in Mexico?

    Do you know who or what agency I may contact and ask about where to get art supplies in Merida? Are there any artists in Merida area who may be willing to talk to me about where they get supplies?

    1. Watercolor painting paper - Larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.
    2. Drawing paper larger than 8.5 x 11 inches - drawing paper with some tooth - not smooth.
    3. Spray fix you spray on drawings - it makes pencil stick to paper.
    4. A large material/ sewing store.
    5. I need a lot of netting from a material store in a lot of different colors.

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