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One of Those Days

One of Those Days


Today is one of those days when those of us who moved here remember why.

The sky is the bluest blue, the few clouds are white, the temperature is perfect (don't know what it is, but it's perfect) and there is a slight breeze.

Earlier, we put a hammock up on the roof and sat in it for a few minutes. From that vantage point, we can look out over the roofs of the other houses on the block into the distance and feel the breeze. Some of the stray cats who live on our block were sleeping peacefully next to the plants in the sun, something they usually can't do because it's too hot. And the dog was sniffing around, just being content.

It's just one of those days.


  • jt 14 years ago

    reminds me of the sunsets and the way it is at the pet rock... j

  • Tim Perry 15 years ago

    Hola...I can only hope and pray for eternal days like that. I live in the state of Maine , it's April 29-th We will receive 2-4 inches of rain in 2-days. It's totally miserable, the sky is bleak, dark gray, 50-degrees out, I just worked 6-days and today is My day off. The temp will go down to 36-40 in My area, I live on a beautiful 40-square mile lake, the ice and snow just went out a couple eeks ago. Sometimes We go from late winters to cold wet Springs to fast quick Summers, a nice 2 and a half months of Fall, then We hibernate for 6-7 months again.... Life as I am fiding out is way too short, I was born like My parents and Their Parents were never expierienceing the beautiful bluest skies, the fiery sunsets, being outside just to relax and take the Yucatan to Me is Heaven, stress melts away I appreciate the littlelist joys of the beautiful colors of houses, flowers, the genuine smiles of Your gentle People, and just how Their mindset of life and love of family are what matters. People in the states are getting so bitter about everthing, Our government, politics, everyday the price of living cost more to get less, not just goods and services but the quality of life suffers, and this is all I want. We , My wife and I have 7-8 years to retire, My heart and soul left this Country 6 years ago When We first visited I knew this is where I want to be...I live a simple life and don't need alot of material things to survive. My internal living will come out as Yours did just sitting in a hammock ....Viva Mexico TIM Perry

  • Tim Flemming 15 years ago

    How do I become a workig Gringo in the Yucatan?

  • Andrea 17 years ago

    We are experiencing days like this too. We have plenty of time to go exploring the state, but some days we just sit in the hammock and reflect on how good life feels here.

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