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Mayanland Architects and Builders

8 November 2017 Business Spotlight 2

Educated in the USA, Experienced in the Yucatan

Mayanland Architects & Builders, led by Carlos de la Barrera, offers integrated architectural, interior design, construction, remodeling and restoration services in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. We have over fifteen years experience in a variety of projects.

Carlos de la Barrera grew up in Merida, Yucatan. After attending the School of Architecture at UADY in Merida, he went on to obtain his B.A. degree in Architecture with specialties in Interior Design and Planning from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. After spending time working in architecture and interior design in Ohio and Florida, Carlos returned to his hometown of Merida and began working with English-speaking clients to design, build or renovate homes in Merida and throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Carlos and his team at Mayanland Architects and Builders have worked with many happy clients from the USA, Canada and other countries on their first and subsequent homes here in Mexico.

Carlos says his mission is to “offer an integration solution to your project through a comprehensive and close collaboration between the client and the architect. We offer our talent and experience in design and construction, ensuring the correct use of the diverse regional materials in both traditional and avant-garde ways. Our final goal is to enhance the quality of life through the creation of architectural spaces that have their own unique identity, while existing in harmony with the natural and social environment.”

Client Testimonials

Carlos and his team have designed and/or built many homes in Merida and along the Yucatan Gulf Coast. Here is an example of a happy customer…

“We purchased and then renovated a home in Merida. We completed the project in June of 2010. We worked with Carlos de la Barrera on our project in Merida. The completed house is beautiful and more than we could have hoped for. We found working with Carlos to be easy and easy to manage through email, pictures, etc, as we were in the States for almost all of the project. We trusted Carlos completely and he came through. He went the extra mile and took us all around Merida to show us homes and what could be done. He even helped us get appliances… and a mattress! We would recommend Carlos to anyone looking to build or renovate in Merida.”
-Joel & Shawn, May 2011

“Renovating in Merida was new to my wife and me. We obtained half a dozen rough estimates for construction ranging from $350 USD per square meter to $600 USD per square meter. As a designer I wanted to work with an architect who had excellent communication skills. We visited Carlos Barrera on an existing jobsite and were immediately impressed with how thorough his renovation process was. I asked Carlos many questions about the construction process. On seeing my interest in the construction process, he went the extra mile to explain all aspects of the building process so that I could better understand exactly how things were done and how to get the best result with our limited budget. Upon awarding him the job, he commenced construction promptly and his crew worked tirelessly (including Mondays) to complete the build. I could tell that, to Carlos, building our house was as much a passion for him as it was for me. As my design inevitably evolved to incorporate new elements, Carlos made adjustments to the built process without any fuss. He sent videos and pictures regularly so that I was able to chart the progress from New York. As a local Meridano with strong ties to the community, he knew who to talk to get things done, whether it be a hardwood deck, or the specific variety of grass we requested. His financial dealings were completely transparent and we never felt we were being taken advantage of. On the contrary: on several occasions Carlos rejected a higher priced supplier in spite of the commission it would bring him. We are very pleased with the house and are building a second one with Carlos.”
-Adam, May 2011

In addition to many happy clients, Carlos and Mayanland Architects and Builders have had one of their most recent homes built in Merida featured in both the New York Times and in Elle Magazine.

Design, Renovate, Build, Contract in Merida Yucatan

Whether you are looking to design a new home from scratch or renovate an existing structure, Carlos and his team have the knowledge, experience and creativity to help you achieve your goals within your budget and within your timeframe. Because Carlos trained and worked in the United States, he is familiar with the customs and expectations of Americans and Canadians, which makes it easier to communicate your needs and desires to him.

Contact Carlos de la Barrera

Give Carlos a call or drop him an email to begin the process of estimating your job with Maya Architects and Builders.

Call Carlos and get started on your house in the Yucatan today!

Calle 22 Xcanatun, Yuc.

Cell: 999-277-2312

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  • Craig Birston 6 years ago

    Hola Carlos,
    You wouldn't know me but many years ago I was associated with the local Architects in Merida for Boston's pizza restaurant. I live in Vancouver, B.C. and was the corporate architect for the restaurants at the time.
    I'd like to make contact with them as I will be travelling in the Yucatan / Cancun area soon.
    If you know who these architects are, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass their names along.
    Muchos gracias,
    Craig Birston

    • Carlos de la Barrera 5 years ago

      How are you Craig,
      First my apologies that I did not see your message until now in November.
      Sometimes I screen messages here in my ad inbox and answear them asap but never saw your before until now.
      To answear your question honestly I do not know who was the architect in charge for the Boston franchise. But if you remember at least one name or a last name of one of the jobsite residents I can start and look for him or her. Please feel free to let me know. Most of my work is in historic downtown and the beach.
      Saludos cordiales

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