Business Spotlight / Dr. Diana Navarro, Dentist

Dr. Diana Navarro, Dentist

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Dr. Diana Navarro, Dentist

1 May 2016 Business Spotlight 0

Whether you are a resident of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico or traveling to Merida for a dental vacation, you will be pleased with the services provided by the team at Merida Dentist. Dr. Navarro and Dr. Rodriguez are highly educated and extremely experienced professionals who work hard to fulfill her clients’ dental needs.

Do you need your teeth whitened? Need your teeth cleaned and a consultation? Do you need crowns or root canals? Gum treatments? Whatever your dental needs, Dr. Navarro, Dr. Rodriguez and their dedicated staff can take care of you and your teeth… right here in Merida, Mexico, right now.

Among the services here are composite fillings, inlays/onlays, laminated veneers, posts, and many different types of crowns, from nickel-chrome crowns to zirconia, gold or porcelain crowns. Dr. Navarro can also provide partial or full mouth prosthetics.

In-office X-rays are included in the price. If a panoramic X-ray is needed, that will be performed at a nearby office. A cleaning includes a consultation.

Merida Denstist does not provide nitrous oxide for dental treatments, but can provide a prescription for anti-anxiety medication to be taken before your appointment. Of course, topical pain relief and Novocaine are used to make sure that you can undergo your dental treatment without pain.

Dr. Diana Navarro Zapata

When Dr. Navarro was just six years old and made her first visit to the dentist, she wanted to become a dentist. After years of hard work in school and working for other dentists, Dr. Navarro finally achieved her dream and opened her own office in Merida, Yucatan. She taught classes in restorative dentistry at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), Yucatan’s most prestigious university and has been serving patients from Merida and around the world for over ten years.

Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez Martín

Dr. Rodriguez is impassioned about recovering mouth health for her patients. Her specialty, periodontics, is the practice of preserving and strengthening the bones and gums for a correct rehabilitation of the teeth. The services she performs include periodontal health control, open deep cleaning, closed deep cleaning, periodontal plastic surgery, extraction and bone grafts to preserve the socket. She uses Rich Growing Plasma Factor (RGPF) for different kinds of regeneration, biopsys, implant colocation and other treatments. Each treatment is designed specifically for each patient through extensive diagnosis tools, clinical examination, x-rays and tomographies.

Contact Information

Merida Dentist
Centro Médico y Odontológico

Calle 23 #341 x34
Colonia Montecarlo
Merida, Yucatan, CP 97130

Office: 999.429.1673
Telcel: 999.276.0530

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