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La Tratto Santa Lucia

La Tratto Santa Lucia

12 June 2013 Yucatan Restaurants 5

Type: Bar & Grill
Neighborhood: Santa Lucia, Centro
Telephone: 999-923-3787
Address: Calle 60 No 471 x 53 y 55
How to Get There from the Centro: If you're in the centro, you're just a few blocks away. La Tratto Santa Lucia is at the corner of Calle 60 and Calle 55, towards Calle 53 on the west side of Calle 60.
Parking: Street or parking lot on Calle 55 east of Calle 60
Air Conditioned?: Air Conditioned/Ceiling Fans
Outdoors: Patio seating in the Park and in the back
Drinks: A full service bar
Payment: Credit cards or cash
WiFi: Yes
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/La-Tratto/105701819520485
Hours: Daily, 6 PM to 3 AM. Tuesdays and Fridays, also 4 PM to 6 PM
Pricing: Glass of wine starts at $50 pesos. Dinner prices range from $100 to $190 pesos.
Notes: We recently met a friend here for drinks and a snack, on our way to dinner somewhere else. We were thrilled to see that this wonderful space has been renovated so beautifully and is being put to great use. As with all the best restaurants in Merida, you have your choice of indoor air conditioned seating, our outdoor seating. In this case, you can sit outside at tables that are in the park, with all the world going by. Or you can sit in the back, looking out over the garden and the beautiful building at the other side of the garden which houses the restrooms. The bar is a great place to hang out with friends, have a drink and talk or watch the game on one of the flat panel TVs. Or you can watch the chefs in the kitchen behind the bar. The food is similar to La Tratto on Paseo de Montejo... pasta, pizzas, salads, carpaccios and a steak or two thrown in for good measure. Bravo, Trotters! Thanks for opening this wonderful restaurant in the centro!


  • Patt Barrington 2 years ago

    This place is wonderful! Service is great and with English. Pasta was very tasty and a bottle of bubbly (although expensive) can be (and was!) a 'to go' item!


  • Bruce Hohenstein 3 years ago

    La Tratto Santa Lucia... Very, very nice.

    Good general location and a wonderful outdoor setting for enjoying the Santa Lucia park with cocktails or an enjoyable meal. The restaurant interior is nicely laid out with the bar parelling the exhibition kitchen and is appointed in a way that is both practical to allow each table a certain space of it's own and captures the show of food preparation.

    Each of the staff members I encountered were very professional, uniformed in an appropriate manner. Knowledge of the menu by each was very good. Presentation of appetizer, entree and cocktails was consistent with establishing a comfort zone with both local customers and travelers.

    My one dissapointment was the lemon meringue pie as a dessert. The pie itself was ok but it was simply a slice of pie on a plate. I had asked for creme brûlée in hopes of enjoying my favorite dessert. As it was not available I chose the lemon pie. It was not bad . . . Just nothing there to provide the zing one may find pleasing to the eye and palate.

    The price point is slightly upper end. That is ok as the value is there. All things considered I enjoyed the ambiance, service and food. I will be back in Merida in about a week and will definitely return. However no more lemon pie for me...

  • Margo Reheis 4 years ago

    Having lived in Mexico for 17+ yrs (on the coast, in Quintana Roo), our move (2013) to our home in Merida allows us interesting choices of restaurants. We love choosing between the original (Montejo Prolongacion) La Tratto and the 'new' Santa Lucia La Tratto! BLISS! The atmosphere at Santa Lucia, the pasta tile floors, the architecture... all encourage great camaraderie with your best friends. There you'll find one or two bottles of wine (at generally reasonable prices for dining "out"), excellent Caesar salads, a small menu of consistently delicious food and excellent (cheerful) service. Great photos!

  • gueroloco 5 years ago

    In three years of being here it was the worst restaurant experience I have had in the Yucatán. The food was poor to decent, but additional factors led to a horrible experience. I will never step foot in here again. At least at this location. The original location is OK. My detailed review is also on tripadvisor. I just posted the commentary this evening. I hope it is an issue of bad staff that will quickly be replaced. The inside (we dined outdoors) seemed to be a better ambiance. Also, glasses of wine begin at $75 outside of happy hour, not $50.

  • Tucker & Ellen 5 years ago

    We loved LaTrotta when we were there. It was great for take out as well. Many nights we thought let's just go get the Tuna Tartare to go.
    Cannot wait to return to dine there again. We miss it.

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