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Yucatan Home Movie

Yucatan Home Movie

5 July 2006 Video, Local Culture 26

This is the companion video to the Mayan Pueblo Afternoon article.



  • Laura 13 years ago

    I loved all the videos you made of Yucatan
    I was born en Progreso pero creci en Merida
    I have veen in Minnesota for 20 years,My kids had visit
    there & they loved it Thank you for The Videos again

  • Edward Curry 13 years ago

    A way of life that is fast disappearing. Their happiness despite little money is evident. Family values seem to abound. I wish them a great life.

    Edward Curry

  • Manny Garcia 13 years ago

    Dear Gringos,

    I want to thank you for answering my question and for the words of encouragement. I will make the leap as soon as I save enough money. I will stay in touch.

    Asta La Vista,

  • Working Gringos 13 years ago

    Hola, Manny! So you want to know how to make the leap... Well, our advice would be to start by visiting. If you've already done that, and know you like it here, then do a little research. Read all the interviews on our site and see how many different kinds of people there are here. We think that it's important to have some savings to tide you over while you look for work. But we also think that someone who is bilingual and hard working will always be able to find a job. You can get an FM3 as long as you can prove you have $12,000 US in the bank or an income of $1000 a month.

    And then keep in mind something that was our mantra from the minute we decided to move here. It's a quote from Joseph Campbell:

    "Leap, and the net will appear"

    Vaya con Dios!

  • Manny Garcia 13 years ago

    I live in Southern California and I would like to live and work in Yucatan. Can you please give me some tips or some advice on how I can make the leap.


  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Hola, Fernando! We cannot tell you how good it feels to hear that. We are happy to make you happy and hope to bring you more in the near future. Be sure to look around the website for lots of photos of the Yucatan (not just Merida) as well. Bienvenidos a Yucatan Living!

  • fernando 14 years ago

    Dear working gringos,

    I am a Yucateco, but been living in England with my wife for some times now. Oh man, your video has helped me so much to explain to my wife what life is like in Yucatan. Also, it is amazing to see all those things that are part of me... voladores, el altar, la prosecion... el mayab.

    Muchas gracias for allowing me to feel it again.

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Thank you, Gustavo. It is comments like yours that make our work all worth it. We know that there are many Yucatecans around the world who miss this place, and hope that this video (and more to come!) will be enjoyable for you. Que tengas un buen día...

  • Gustavo Jimenez 14 years ago

    Thank you for making this video.
    I've been touched for this.
    I live in chicago since '98.
    My mother is an mayan woman and I'm very proud of her.
    This movie remind me some times that I spent with my mother when I used to visit her in Tetiz, Yuc.
    Thank You very much for the time you spent doing this things. God Bless you!


  • Bob Bedrossian 14 years ago

    Loved your video. We have been visiting the Yucatan for past 10 years. We love Merida and Celestun. We recommend everyone to visit and see a peaceful world under a blue sky. Lets see some more video's. Best wishes to all. Bob Bedrossian

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Bienvenidos, Ben and Sharon! Just drop us an email when you arrive, so we can get together. Oh, and if you really do find a way to learn Spanish before you get here, would you let us know the secret? Hasta luego...

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