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Ecocentro - Solar Energy in Merida

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Ecocentro - Solar Energy in Merida

15 October 2014 Business Spotlight 14

Solar Solutions for Merida Yucatan Mexico

Ecocentro (Formerly Solar Pro, which is now the name for their wholesale division) is a Mexican company committed to preserving the environment. We offer services and solutions to our clients related to solar energy that allow them to reduce their impact on the environment, therefore benefitting not only themselves, but the country and the environment of the planet.

Ecocentro is experienced at the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, as they have been involved since 1999 in research and studies of renewable energy in Mexico. In 2009, Ecocentro installed their first photovoltaic system that was connected to CFE's energy grid in southeastern Mexico, making them pioneers in this type of system.

Solar Panel Systems

How does a solar panel system that is connected to the network actually function?

For the diagram:

  1. Photovoltaic Solar Panels- Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which collect sunlight and convert the energy into direct current (DC).
  2. Converter (Inverter) -Takes the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels and converts it to alternating current (AC), the type of electricity commonly used in our homes.
  3. Electrical Panel - The alternating current (AC) leaving the converters reaches an electrical panel which is ready for use.
  4. Bidirectional Power Meter - This meter measures the energy supplied to the user by the electric company and the energy produced by your PV system that was delivered to the electric company, and the residual energy is deducted from your next bill.
  5. Power Company - In Mexico's case, the electrical network is managed by CFE. Your PV system will remain connected to the CFE network to allow operation of the system when additional power is required that cannot be supplied by your PV system (during the night, for example). This ensures a steady and reliable supply of electricity.
  6. Monitoring System - Your PV system provides the ability to monitor daily output production, verifies that your system works properly, and keeps track of CO2 not emitted to the environment.

Levels of Electricity Consumption and Costs in Merida

There are three types of residential tariffs from CFE in Merida: DAC, 1C and 1B.

  • DAC - Homes with this CFE designation are considered high-level consumers of electricity. This designation is given when the home registers a higher monthly level of consumption than is normal for the neighborhood.

  • 1C - Domestic service for areas with an average minimum temperature in the summer of 30 degrees Centigrade.

  • 1B - Domestic service for areas with an average minimum temperature in the summer of 28 degrees Centigrade.

DAC1C1BCommunities where this designation appliesThe average monthly use registered by the user determined by a moving average from the previous 12 monthsResidences located inside the Periferico in MeridaResidences located outside the Periferico in the YucatanLimit of kilowatts per hour (KWH) before achieving DAC designation 850 KWH400 KWHPartially subsidized by the governmentNo subsidiesSubsidies appliedSubsidies appliedAverage cost per KWH in MXN$3.36$1.427$1.427

Who Is Ecocentro?

Ecocentro, and our wholesale division Solar Pro, is the direct representative of the major manufacturers of world-class solar panels, as well as the manufacturers of equipment and related solar energy accessories. We guarantee to our clients that the products we sell are of the best quality available.

Free Analysis

If you are currently have a designation of 1C or 1B, and your annual average consumption exceeds the limited indicated by CFE (850kwh per month in the 1C category, and 400kwh per month in the 1B category), you will be put in the DAC category. Ecocentro can provide you with an analysis of your consumption and an estimate of savings that can be provided by the installation of a photovoltaic system suitable for your consumption levels.

You've heard about solar panel installations in the United States and you've read about the benefits they can bring. Now, finally, this technology is available in the Yucatan!

Contact Us

For more information about how you can save money, consume less electricity and avoid DAC tariffs, contact Ecocentro today!

Information (English-speaking contact)
Calle 49 #485 Local 5 x 20 y 22, San Antonio Cucul, Yucatan, Mexico CP 97116

Tel: +52-999-944-4687

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  • Working Gringos 5 years ago

    Actually, I like to think of it more that they are asking the whole community :-)

  • Emme 5 years ago

    Wow! No one seems to realize that they are asking the author of the article questions more properly asked to the solar company!

  • EDWARD 5 years ago

    I am looking at a home outside of Champoton in Campeche. It currently is off the grid, and is powered by gas generators. I want to look at an off-grid system for all the power and storage needs. Also interested in the possibility of desalinization powered by solar. The existing system is not practical. And I would like the system to be ready to connect to the grid, which may happen in twenty years. This entire community would be ideal for your company to prove that solar power can make you self-sufficient.

  • Eduardo Esquivel 6 years ago

    Hola el motivo del mail, es nada mas para preguntar si la tecnologia de los paneles solares son aplicables solo para industrias o tambien en domicilio particulares. Si esta ultima aplica cual seria una buena opcion y normalmente cuanto cuesta con instalacion asi como precios de mantenimiento. Gracias

    Pd. La pagina no funciona para contactarles.

  • Arturo Duhart 6 years ago

    Hi Paula,

    The costs are in Mexican pesos.
    To qualify for the government subsidies you must be under 850kwh per month for the rate 1C or 400kwh per month for the rate 1B.
    The rates are assigned depending on the temperature the area has, Merida is 1C and outside of Merida is mostly 1B.
    The way we get your subsidy back, once your past this consumption limit, we install solar panels which will produce the energy you need to be under the CFE limit.
    Once this limit is crossed and solar energy is installed, we expect a return of investment of about 3 years!

    If you have any questions please let us know.

    The SolarPro team.

  • Paula Sennett 6 years ago

    I have a question about electric rates. Are the costs per kwh in US dollars or Mexican pesos? Also, how does one qualify for the government subsidies other than burning 850 kwh or 450 kwh per month. I would put that at 3 AC's or one computer and 2AC's running most of the time. Thanks for your response.

  • Working Gringos 6 years ago

    We will pass your message on to the right people, but in the future you should contact them directly.

  • Bob Stolebarger 6 years ago

    We are considering buying a restored Colonial in the Santiago neighborhood of Merida. The house currently has a very nice Conergy solar water heating system, and lots of unused roof space. We would be interested in converting the house's electricity to solar. Can you estimate normal electricity usage for a couple of Gringos used in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath and pool, used to AC, music, computers, TV and blenders running all the time. Lastly, as I know Merida sometimes gets hurricanes, are the roof mountings strong enough to withstand very high wind forces?

  • Working Gringos 6 years ago

    Miguel, you will need to contact Solar Pro directly. Call Rafael Sanchez at +52-999-926-0219 or through his website

  • Miguel Avilez 6 years ago

    Hi my friendly solar pro. I'm very interested in getting electric to my property. I like the idea of being independent. I'd like to know how many panels I need to feed a 220 submersible deep well pump and normal use for a house.

  • Working Gringos 7 years ago

    Les, you need to contact Solar Pro directly. We will send them your request and email address.

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