Real Estate FYI / Building Our House: Progress Video

Building Our House: Progress Video

Building Our House: Progress Video

8 August 2007 Video, Real Estate FYI 21

We've probably made more progress in the construction of our new house since we wrote our last update than ever before. The structure is complete, plastering is nearly finished, and many of the built-ins (counters, shelves and closets) are being installed. Pumbing and electrical tubing and wires have been fished through the maze of concrete walls. We even have a working fosa septica!

While we hope to have a more detailed article written shortly, we thought some of our readers would like to see the common construction processes used here in Yucatan, so we've put together this short video that shows what it takes to build a house out of concrete, cinderblock and cochinita pibil. Enjoy!

If you have not yet read our previous articles on Building Our House, you'll find the most recent one here. It explains some of the processes seen in this video.


  • Claudette 13 years ago

    Your home is coming along beautifully! I cannot wait to see the finished product. I'm writing because I just learned that your neighbors Ivan and Paula of Merida homes were featured on HGTV's International house hunters show. Do you know anything about this? I would love to read an article about it and if possible see the actual show. Since you are posting more videos these days, this may be an excellent one to post. I missed that episode and the HGTV website does not mention any future showings either.

    I hope to soon experience the same remodeling process as you are now. Our goal is to move there as soon we can. In the meantime, I'll have to settle with your awesome articles, pictures and videos.

    Dallas, Texas

  • Jan 13 years ago

    Wow, what a fascinating and informative piece of work! I am watching and listening to workers next door and across the street building as I watch the video...thanks for a great story, as usual!

  • KAT 13 years ago

    You guys rock. Thanks for the video-- fascinating for even to non-builders like me. Good luck as you enter the finishing stages!

  • Anita Saganich 13 years ago

    Wow! What a change! The Lord is truly blessing you.

  • Sally 13 years ago

    NOISE? you mean YOUR workers don't have a blaring radio in each room? you got off easy !

  • Grant 13 years ago

    You guys are going to have a lovely house. I'm always amazed at how much more physical labor is involved in construction in Mexico than in the US. I've recently been pouring a concrete patio here in Los Angeles, and I can't begin to imagine mixing the concrete with just a couple of shovels. A small mixer costs about $300. How such a concrete-centric place gets on without them is a mystery. Maybe the albañiles union bars them. Anyway, I really enjoyed the update.

  • manuelito 13 years ago

    I remember when i used to be my dad's helper in electrical, we used to do big jobs, really big jobs just like this one. When there is no electrical engineer to tell you where everything goes and there's no blue prints to follow,and you have to do your own electrical design. I miss those days when i had my Dad next to me talking to me about how to do the next job easier and stuff like that. I used to hang out with the albaniles and drink beer with them los lunes. I miss the cochinita pibil so much! Sometimes i make my own but it does not taste the same, u know what i mean????? Theres is something else: i know i am missing something but,it still tastes good. I wish i could hang out with the albaniles and drink beer with them again. Now my dad can not get mad at me i am 27 years old now, not 18 anymore. All i want to say is i miss those days when it does not matter the money you're making as long as you're happy working with people you do not even know but they treat you as their friend. I wish i can be there. I would do my best job for you. Don't you want a central air in your house?????????? I bet you do, but not a problem when i am in Merida i'll do it for you, no charge! I swear, just buy the equipment and I'll do it for you. What do you say about it???? Is that a deal????

  • MJ 13 years ago

    Me too, if the rules don't prohibit food and drink in the pool!

  • Joseph 13 years ago

    And the next time I make a cameo appearance I'll be (make a guess)... eating!! 8-)

  • MJ 13 years ago

    Hopefully the next time I make a cameo appearance in this series, I will be swimming in the pool!!


  • Khaki 13 years ago

    Looks like it won't be long now. I know you are way past ready to moved in, with all the dust and bother behind you.

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