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Yucatan News: Pink Lights and Progreso

Yucatan News: Pink Lights and Progreso

3 October 2016 News 0

Barbara McClatchie Andrews Found Dead

We hate to start the news with this... but this is probably the most important thing that happened in the Yucatan community this week, expat or otherwise. Canadian international photojournalist Barbara McClatchie Andrews was found dead by the side of the Merida-Valladolid highway, near Teya. She had been strangled with the strap of her camera and it was still around her neck when she was found. Police say she was not killed where she was found. There seems to be at least one suspect, but if anyone has any information about this tragedy, please do call the police. The death has been reported around the world, in numerous publications, like this one from Vancouver, Canada.

Barbara came to Merida approximately 10 years ago and opened Galeria in La’Kech, which she used to showcase her own abstract work and the work of both new and established artists. Learn more about Barbara and her work on her website. Hopefully, this case will be resolved soon and there will be no more incidents like it. Our deepest sympathy goes to Barbara’s family and friends. We are so sorry for your loss.

Welcome Home Snowbirds!

Did you realize that it is already the first of October? If you are in Merida, that sound you hear is plane after plane of Snowbirds landing to pick up where they left off in April or May. Their annual migration will continue through most of October and then their winter lives in Yucatan will be in full swing again. We are so glad to see everyone back safe and sound.

Natural Thangs Garden Center: Third Anniversary

Any time you think that Natural Thangs Garden Center is just a place to buy plants, you have certainly missed the mark by a country mile. In just three years, expats Randy and Jennifer have built a thriving landscaping and design business on the road between Chelem and Chuburna. They also host the weekly Farmer’s Market on Mondays. In addition, they have been known to rescue a dog or two and can help you adopt a forever friend of your own. …and that still isn’t all. Do you like to fish? Randy and Jen are at your service with fishing packages designed just for you. Visit them at Yucatan Snook and at Natural Thangs Garden Center. Both companies can also be found on Facebook. So, in answer to one of the most common questions we get from potential expats (Can I open my own business in Yucatan?) – the answer is “Yes!”

For Everyone Who Loves Avocados

This is a photograph of Jim Smiley. In his lifetime, he has been a vintage clothing store owner, an equestrian, a church organist, and an historic preservationist. Here is Yucatan Living’s article about Jim’s project to restore Merida’s Pipe Organ. Then, after living in very large cities for many years, this Mississippi Delta boy left Merida behind and headed for life in a jungle in Yucatan. Now, Jim is an AirB&B Super Host in the village of Tepecan, Yucatan, and growing all sorts of beautiful things in his own yard, including the avocados in this picture! Somehow, we doubt that Jim Smiley will be leaving his village any time soon. If avocados like that were growing in your backyard, would you? Congratulations Jim on having what must be the greenest thumb in Yucatan!

City of Merida Lights Up in Breast Cancer Prevention Pink

Throughout the City of Merida public buildings and monuments are bathed in a beautiful pink glow as part of a month long show of support for Breast Cancer Prevention.

A Zoo in Progreso? No. Just People

Nicknames that reference animals abound in the port of Progreso. Most are chosen as children, on the sports fields, or for dock workers; and most nicknames, in Progreso, have been used so long that, in many cases, the real names of some people have actually been forgotten. However, not everyone in Progreso is nicknamed after an animal. A sample of these non-animal nicknames includes: Christmas Eve, Taco, Mister Chiles, and Donut. Can you imagine being called Christmas Eve or Donut? While that may seem strange to some expats and visitors, it really shouldn’t because we all give ourselves and others nicknames on message boards and in e-mail addresses. So- if you have always wanted to live in a town on a tropical beach, pack up your clothes and your nickname and come on down. You’ll fit right in.

Korean Doctors in Cultural Exchange in Tizimin

The world is getting smaller. How many times have we heard that? We know its true, but this particular celebration proves it. This past week, a group of Korean doctors from the United States, came to participate in a cultural exchange with the Korean Christian Calvary Methodist Church in Tizimin, Yucatan. While the doctors were in Tizimin, they provided medical consultations to everyone who came to them for help, while other Korean Christians provided free haircuts, acupuncture and eye exams. Needless to say, on the weekend, there was a dance to celebrate the event. After all, this is Yucatan and celebrating is required.

It Is Almost Time for the Day of the Dead!

Where has this year gone? Ticul has already begun to prepare for the Day of the Dead. They are cleaning the cemeteries and getting ready for a display of altars that will begin on October 28. Representatives of surrounding towns attended a meeting in Ticul to make plans for their Day of the Dead festivities as well. This year, and next, are expected to be the best ever Day of the Dead events because of Merida’s second designation as the 2017 Culture Capital of the Americas. If you are an expat in Yucatan, do ask your local city council and/or your local church what you can do to help with this most important cultural celebration.

Oxkutzcab Gets New Mural for 44th Anniversary of Market

After two decades in the sun, any paint begins to look a little faded, so in honor of the 44th anniversary of the market in Oxkutzcab, the mural above the market has been renovated. It pays tribute to the farmers and the crops of Yucatan, giving visitors an up close and personal view of just why the Municipality of Oxkutzcab is called the Garden of Yucatan.

This market is also the location of the Orange Festival and it is the place where importers and exporters of all of the local crops meet to do business. Keep an eye on when crops are being harvested and take a ride down to the market in Oxkutzcab for the best in lemons, sweet oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, avocados, apples, bananas, papaya, mamey, and several varieties of mangos. Here, you will also find the best in tomatoes, peppers, beans, and squash. The market at Oxkutzcab is an amazing place and actually is worthy of being designated as a tourist destination.

Dennis J. Malone: Sunrise – Sunset in Chelem

This year, a number of expats who live at the beach have turned out to be quite wonderful photographers. One of these is our long-time friend Dennis Malone. For those who think they might like to either visit or live at the beach in Yucatan, here is just a taste of what each day will bring.


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