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  • YL Casual Adventures: Jerry Britner & Yucatan’s Neem Industry

    19 September 2017 People & Interviews

    North of Merida we found Mr. Britner and the leads on the operations that he oversees...

  • The Working Grillos

    15 June 2017 People & Interviews

    Introducing the Working Grillos, the "boots on the ground" for Yucatan Living...

  • Discovering Mayan Secrets w/ Dr. Neugebauer

    24 May 2017 People & Interviews

    Ancient Principals of Sustainability and Growth

  • Working Gringos

    8 November 2016 People & Interviews

    We decided that in all good faith we couldn’t ask other expatriates moving to Yucatan for an interview if we hadn’t done it ourselves...

  • Yucatan Tales of Eduardo Galeano

    25 October 2015 History, People & Interviews

    If you don't know about Eduardo Galeano, let us have the pleasure of introducing you. If you already know Galeano, enjoy these tales...

  • Sharon Helgason

    20 October 2015 People & Interviews

    Sharon Helgason is practically a legend among expatriates along the Yucatan Gulf Coast. Read her interview here...

  • Interview with Consul David Mico

    13 October 2015 People & Interviews

    Merida's US Consulate has a new US Consul, David Mico! Get to know David, and find out why he came to Merida...

  • Diplomats from Toronto

    10 August 2015 People & Interviews

    Sara deRuiter and Neil Haapamaki have traveled the world, and settled in Merida to live out their dreams of running a small hotel and leading a quiet life...

  • Byron Augustin

    4 August 2015 People & Interviews

    Byron Augustin and his wife moved to Valladolid, the city that he decided was his ideal retirement place after visiting 55 countries throughout his career…

  • Denis Larsen

    1 August 2015 People & Interviews

    Meet the owner of the Casa Hamaca Bed & Breakfast, who first moved to Isla Mujeres in 2001, and now lives and works in Valladolid, Yucatan…

  • Joshua Gatcke

    11 March 2015 People & Interviews

    Here's our expat interview with Joshua Gatcke, who came to Merida sight unseen after reading about it here on Yucatan Living (and other places). Was it a foolish decision? Read it and find out...

  • A Reporter's Blog

    12 July 2014 Mexico in English, People & Interviews

    Do yourself a favor and read this blog... Sam Quinones is an American who reports on Mexico and this blog is full of fascinating stories, photos and videos about Mexico...

  • Rosa Soares

    29 October 2013 People & Interviews

    Rosa has lived in the Yucatan for more than 15 years and is married to a Yucatecan. She sees life from a point of view not open to many of us...

  • Forest Blindness

    7 September 2013 Local Culture, Valladolid Living, People & Interviews

    Guest writer Rodrigo Rodriguez has a piece of property in Uayma, Yucatan near Valladolid. He takes us with him on a walk with his caretaker, Miguel Xooc...

  • Melody McNarland

    10 July 2013 People & Interviews

    Melody and her husband Cordel moved to Merida from British Columbia, Canada. Now they are building a house on the beach, enjoying all the things that living in the Yucatan has to offer...

  • Allison Nevins

    1 July 2013 People & Interviews

    Allison Nevins moved here from Texas and retired... and then started a business in Merida! Read her answers to our Yucatan Living interview questions to find out why...

  • Michael Berton, Hotel Owner

    28 May 2013 People & Interviews

    Michael Berton and his partner moved to Merida from Ohio to open a small hotel and get involved in the Merida community. They are off to a good start...

  • Christel Galachiuk, Leading the Way

    6 April 2013 People & Interviews

    Christel Galachiuk is a Canadian who moved to Mexico in order to be able to afford the support she needs to live an independent life as a visually handicapped person. Find out what it is like to live in the Yucatan with a handicap...

  • Intersections

    5 April 2013 Mexico in English, People & Interviews

    This creative, well-reported and well-written blog is written by the LA Times' news assistant in Mexico City, Daniel Hernandez. He even has a recent story about a visit to Ticul...

  • Pottery Lives On in Valladolid

    26 March 2013 Art & Music, Valladolid Living, Local Culture, People & Interviews

    An exhibit of work by a third-generation (at least!) potter in Valladolid who is working hard to preserve Maya techniques and traditions of pottery making in Uayma, outside of Valladolid, Yucatan.

  • Rotary in English in Playa del Carmen

    25 February 2013 Mayan Riviera, People & Interviews

    Here's the story of what it took to establish an English-speaking Rotary Club in Playa del Carmen. As you'll read, the effort it took is easily being overshadowed by the rewards for the members and for the city...

  • Jessica Winkler

    17 December 2012 People & Interviews

    Jessica Winkler came to the Yucatan Gulf Coast from Canada for the wind. She not only set up a windsurfing school in Progreso, but she has been excelling in her field since she moved here...

  • Danna Lewis

    5 November 2012 People & Interviews

    Danna Lewis is a Canadian who has lived in Chiapas and has now moved to Merida to be the new Academic Director of a local American school...

  • Benne' Rockett

    24 September 2012 People & Interviews

    Benne' Rockett moved to the Yucatan a year ago to start a new life. After spending almost a year at the beach in Chelem, she moved into her renovated colonial in Merida and started working for Yucatan Living. Read about her experience of the Yucatan so far in her great new adventure...

  • Paul Lawrence

    7 September 2012 People & Interviews

    A former jockey and restauranteur in England, Paul Lawrence tells us how he got to the Yucatan and how he likes living here...

  • Chuck and Joanne Dueck

    26 June 2012 People & Interviews

    Chuck and Joanne moved from Canada to the Yucatan to have a new adventure after their kids went to college. They have found a way to make a living and are enjoying every day of that new adventure, going on five years...

  • Malcolm Massey

    5 June 2012 People & Interviews

    Malcolm Massey is an author of novels who finds living in the Yucatan is very conducive to his work. He and his wife moved here from Virginia in 2011 and are finding life in the Yucatan quite enjoyable...

  • Steve Creagh

    15 May 2012 People & Interviews

    Come and meet Steve Creagh, expat who moved recently to Chelem from Vancouver, Canada and started a business with a Mexican partner...

  • Grant Spradling

    7 April 2012 People & Interviews

    Grant Spradling first stayed in Merida in the 1980's. Since then he has made Merida his permanent home and has gotten serious about his chosen profession of writing...

  • Semillas Tzucacab

    2 November 2011 People & Interviews

    A few months ago, two graduates from California universities started a unique science-and-art project in the tiny pueblo of Tzucacab. This month, we bring you their story and in a few days, they will bring their project to exhibit here in Merida...

  • Mexico Reporter

    3 March 2011 Mexico in English, People & Interviews

    A young UK expat does it all, reporting about Mexico from Mexico City in print and video.

  • Jette Virdi

    28 September 2010 People & Interviews

    Jette Virdi moved from England by herself to renovate a hacienda into an eco-friendly boutique hotel. She's on her way to realizing her dream...

  • A Yucatecan Lives Abroad

    27 July 2010 People & Interviews

    We recently stumbled upon a website by local residents of Uman, a city on the southern outskirts of Merida. One of the features of this Spanish-language website is interviews with people born in Uman who live outside of the Yucatan...

  • Ovi, Freelance Artist in Merida

    28 June 2010 People & Interviews

    If you can do what you do anywhere in the world, Merida is a good place to do it. Ovi, a freelance commercial artist works out of his home...

  • Claudette Elizondo

    17 May 2010 People & Interviews

    A first generation Mexican-American, Claudette Elizondo moved to Merida with her husband and two children to start a new life in a community that she feels is more authentic...

  • From the Archives: El Juli in Yucatan

    1 February 2010 Video, People & Interviews, Local Culture

    On January 31st, 2010, the famous bullfighter, "El Juli" made a triumphant return to Mexico, exactly eight years after we first saw him in Motul and took this video...

  • School of Authentic Journalism

    30 January 2010 People & Interviews

    This week, the School of Authentic Journalism is being held in various places on the Yucatan Peninsula. If you see reporters with microphones and videos on the streets of Merida or Playa del Carmen, this is who they are and what they're doing...

  • Juan Carlos Lomónaco & The Symphony

    11 September 2009 Art & Music, People & Interviews

    Juan Carlos Lomónaco, the new director of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra gives Yucatan Living an interview about his work and the program for their fall season "Sounds of the World".

  • Habla!

    30 June 2009 People & Interviews

    The new kid on the language school block is a big school with a short name, Habla. Doug Tanoury and Robin Young sat down with Marimar and Kurt, the owners of Habla, to find out what makes this new school so different...

  • Carla Dirlikov, Cultural Envoy to Mexico

    17 June 2009 People & Interviews

    In the quiet corners of Merida and the state of Yucatan, a cultural envoy from the United States is bringing the gift of music to old and young alike...

  • Singing About Scissors: José Adán Pérez

    30 May 2009 Art & Music, People & Interviews

    The Barber of Seville was performed in Merida, with José Adán Pérez in the leading role of Figaro. This young man from Mazatlán has come a long way in a very short time...

  • In Merida Dreams Come True

    26 May 2009 People & Interviews

    Oresztesz came to Merida pursuing a career in the hospitality industry... and found love, family and a work he is passionate about instead.

  • Justin Spring, 21st Century Poet

    17 February 2009 People & Interviews

    Justin Spring is one of a growing number of expats that split their time between Mexico and the United States. Justin has recently started spending his winters in Merida, having moved his winter home from the other side of Mexico.

  • Mark My Word... Opportunities Abound!

    16 December 2008 People & Interviews

    Mark Arbour spends half his year in Merida, half in Canada. Between the two countries, he owns three businesses. He's bullish on Mexico's prospects, and even more so on the prospects of the Yucatan economy...

  • Greg Hokenson: New Opportunities in Yucatan

    12 August 2008 People & Interviews

    A lot of expats come here to retire, right? But more and more, we are meeting expats who aren't even close to retirement. Gregory Hokenson is an example of a young man who has come to the Yucatan for the opportunity and the adventure...

  • Phillip Geerts, Physical Trainer in Merida

    12 May 2008 People & Interviews

    Phillip is part of a small but growing number of under-30-somethings moving to Mexico (and the Yucatan) for the adventure and the challenge. Like most of us, Phillip has found more than he expected...

  • Jorge Sosa, A Man of Two Cultures

    31 March 2008 People & Interviews

    Jorge Sosa grew up in California and moved back to Mexico when he was a teenager with his family. We have rarely met someone who straddles the gap between the cultures of Mexico and the USA as nimbly as Jorge...

  • Elizabeth Arnott

    10 March 2008 People & Interviews

    Elizabeth Arnott came to the Yucatan to retire and relax, and has ended up as busy as ever, making music and teaching it. She loves her life in the city, but gets away when she can to her country home near some of the area's most beautiful cenotes...

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