Medical / Merida Emergency Numbers

Merida Emergency Numbers

Merida Emergency Numbers

18 July 2017 Daily Life 24

Awhile ago, friends of ours had a medical emergency in the middle of the night and didn't know who to call. We ourselves have needed to report something unusual on the street (in our case, an alarm system that refused to shut down) and didn't know how to contact the police. The number in our Paginas Amarillos (Yellow Pages) wasn't correct. And frankly, even when we are not rushed or in a panic, we find the Paginas Amarillos puzzling at best. When you are hurt or in trouble or just plain annoyed, but you don't know the language, information you may need is a lot harder to find.

Yucatan Living has made up an infographic for your reference. You can download it HERE. The download is free, just like the website. Keep it handy in case of an emergency. Keep one in your book or in your car or on your refrigerator. And if you can't find one when you need one, come to the website and we'll keep the numbers here for you too:

General Emergency: 911 from any phone

Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Ambulance: 924-9813 (free ambulance)

Green Angels Roadside Assistance: 078

Ayuntatel (Merida Citizen's Line): 924-4000 or 070

Merida Police Department: 942-0070

Merida Fire Department: 924-9242 or 923-2971


TaxiMetro: 928-3039 FUTV or 167-2777 Radio taxímetro de Yucatán

Taxi Santa Ana (24 hours): 924- 2320

UBER in Merida


CMA Hospital: Calle 54 y Perez Ponce, (near WalMart) – 926-2111

CEM Hospital: Calle 60 and Ave. Colon (near Hyatt Hotel) – 920-4040

Star Medica Hospital: Calle 26 #199 x 15, Fracc. Altabrisa (near Altabrisa shopping center) 999-930-2880 (ext. 5 for emergencies)

Clinica de Merida Hospital: Ave. Itzaes, (near the Donde circle) 999-920-3914

Alfa Ambulance Service (serves Star Medica): 924‐1322

Sami Ambulance Service (serves Star Medica): 925‐2056

Alcoholics Anonymous in Merida (in English):

Tony or Nelson from Planned Pethood:
Jose or Sandra from Pets & Company: 044-999-148-5291
Animal Rescue: AFAD – 044-999-947-6319 or 044-999-152-0949 (both cell phones)


CFE (Electricity): 071

JAPAY (Water): 930-3450

Telmex (Phone): 01-800-123-0000


Emergency land line: 911

Emergency on cell phone: 911

Fire Department: 116 or 969-935-0130

Cruz Roja/ Red Cross Ambulance: 969-935-1624

Police: 969-935-0026

Taxi: 969-935-0198

Green Angels (Emergency Road Service): 078

Ayuntamiento/City Hall: 969-103-6000

Centro de Salud (Health Center): 969-935-0053

Centro Medico Americano (Medical Services): 969-935-0769

Vets Akita: 969-935-2547

Centro Clínico Veterinario: 01-969-103-0136

CFE (Electricity): 071

Smapap (Water): 969-935-0134

Telmex: 01800-123-0000

As always, we welcome your comments. If you have any numbers you think should be added to this list, let us know.


  • Working Gringos 13 years ago

    We'd avoid Eukanuba, as it is one of the brands involved in a massive pet food recall.

    See this link for a press release and the list of affected brands:

  • drew 13 years ago

    I hate to further encourage this tangent, but speaking of dog food... I am a recent arrival in Merida, with my French Bulldog Claude, and I was wondering if anyone has seen any Science Diet dog food. Ive been searching w/o any success, might have to make a switch to Eukanuba.

  • Zoe 13 years ago

    The vets carry or can get Royal Canin food. I think Dr. Lara(999-145-8700) just south of the Gran Plaza (shopping mall) does and the superb Dr. Carmen Enriquez 969-935-2547 by the municiple bldg. in Progreso does for sure.

  • Lorena Pacheco 13 years ago


    I'm Lorena, I'm 30 and although I'm Mexican I'm a "stranger in this land". I'm from Mexico City though I've came to Mérida to "enjoy my parents' retirement" some two months ago. I've found it a bit difficult to find my way around. I'd like to get in touch with you. I'm an English and Spanish language teacher and a tourist guide (or at least I was in Mexico city!) so anything I can help with, you can count on me! In another topic you mentioned you knew "somebody" who sold you Royal Canine food, I've got a big problem: I've got 4 dogs all over 7 years old and a "senior" cat as well. They all moved to Merida as well! I just couldn't live without them. They all need special food for "senior" dogs and "senior castrated" cat. I would like to know wether you could help me out to get in touch with this royal canine salesman because It's been a mess trying to find this food here!

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