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  • Lakeside Medical Group

    20 February 2019 Medical, Business Spotlight

    Use your US insurance at this world-class Mexican facility!

  • Hospitals in Yucatan

    15 August 2017 Medical

    As the capital of Yucatan, Merida is home to many good hospitals. There are also more low-cost choices, as well as state-run facilities that are open to residents. Here's a list of Merida hospitals that will help you make informed choices...

  • More Dental Services in Merida

    24 February 2015 Medical

    More and more, we find that we need to see dental specialists to deal with everything from implants to gum disease. Here is our story of some of our experiences with dental specialists...

  • Cruz Roja in English

    3 March 2014 Medical

    Thanks to a local expatriate, a new bilingual service has been added to the Cruz Roja emergency and ambulance service available in Merida. Find out more...

  • A Hospital in Valladolid

    26 June 2012 Medical, Valladolid Living, Destinations

    Healthcare in the Yucatan has taken another giant step forward with a brand new 60-bed hospital in Valladolid. Residents and travelers alike can take advantage of this healthcare facility in the center of the Peninsula, close to Chichen Itza...

  • Dentisst in Meridaaaa

    17 October 2011 Medical

    Every local expatriate we know loves their local Merida dentist. Here is an updated account of dentistry in Merida, some clues as to why it is so good, what to expect from a dentist here, and the curious connection between dentistry and traditional Yucatecan clothing...

  • My Medical Experience in Merida

    22 December 2010 Medical

    Thinking of coming to Merida for medical care? Here's a recent first hand account of the difference between care given in a major US city and the care received in Merida, Mexico...

  • The Final Adios Addendum

    25 September 2010 Medical

    Here is an addendum to our popular article, the Final Adios, which talks about end-of-life issues here in Merida. This is a firsthand account of dealing with the death of an expat in Merida...

  • Everything About Dengue Fever

    24 August 2010 Medical

    Over eight years, we've known a few people who have contracted and survived dengue. We are not suggesting you dwell on the subject, but knowing what it is, how it spreads and how to prevent it is a very good idea if you live here...

  • Blood Donations in Merida

    26 January 2010 Medical

    Giving blood is something you do to pay it forward... someday you may be counting on someone else's thoughtful donation. Here are the requirements for giving blood in Merida, and an urgent request for blood donors for a fellow expat...

  • Caring For Aging Loved Ones in Yucatan

    24 November 2008 Daily Life, Medical

    A local expat tells us the story of searching for nursing home in Merida to care for his wife, who is suffering from the onset of dementia. Read also about a group of local expats taking the whole issue of retirement homes into their own hands...

  • Death in A Foreign Country

    2 May 2008 Medical

    We don't like to think about it, but the truth is we're going to die. And some of us might die far from home. Read 'The Final Adios', prepared by local expats, to be sure that you are prepared...

  • Servicio al Domicilio

    29 October 2006 Medical

    When Working Gringa got a cast on her left foot, we started pondering all the different things that Merida will deliver straight to our door...

  • Montezuma's Revenge

    17 April 2006 Medical

    Many people who travel to the Yucatan or contemplate living here worry about the water. Almost every guide book and travel web site, and even the U.S. State Department, caution not to drink the water in Mexico or risk being yet another victim of the dreaded "Montezuma's Revenge"...

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