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Casa Tunich - Comfort & Tradition  (TY)

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Casa Tunich - Comfort & Tradition (TY)

17 June 2018 For Sale in Yucatan 0

Casa Tunich de Dolores - antique Merida architectural tradition! It forms part of what once was a large home with stone walls that were built between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX that with the passing of the years was divided in private homes. Located in Merida’s Historic Center in the area known as La Mejorada. Just a few blocks from the Cathedral, the Jose Peon Contreras theatre, Casa de Montejo, the old Central train station, the museum of Yucatecan Song, the famous corner of “El Globo” (The Balloon), the dragoon arches (historic gateway to the city), Chen Bech market and other treasures from Merida’s History.

The facade has traditiona smooth walls with stucco moldings. In the interior, Casa Tunich is entirely updated for modern living with colorful pasta tiles, stone, built in wood furnishings, wrought iron. The main feature is the mezzanine built to fit a couple of bedrooms, taking advantage of the great height of the ceilings.

Casa Tunich has extraordinary lighting, 2 bedrooms with a total capacity for 3 individual beds, 2 and a half bathrooms; air conditioning, WiFi, hot water, kitchen, 2 storage rooms, living room, dining room and a cozy interior garden with a small pool and covered terrace where you can hang hammocks, ideal for a place to freshen up on those hot summer days.

The 2 bedrooms are located in the mezzanine and at the end, a small private balcony, which is great for a sun bath. All the services at the house are eco-friendly because they have LED and/or Inverter technology, or run on low power.

Casa Tunich de Dolores, is named as such for two particular reasons: the stone (Tunich in Mayan language) and an image of Our Lady of Dolores that welcomes guests just by the main entrance.

As for the stone, it is the construction material by excellence of the region; people from the Yucatan use it as foundation, walls, floors, ceilings and a great variety of kitchen utensils and ornaments. At Casa Tunich, the theme is to honor the stone, so in several walls the stone pieces (huge stones extracted from the ground) have been left exposed and that united between them form the structure: a house of stone, such as the ones that have been drawing the architectural landscape in Merida for the past four centuries.


Sale price: $179,000 USD


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