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  • Dear Americans, Welcome to Mexico

    5 April 2017 Daily Life, Editorial

    Worried about prejudice toward US citizens in the Yucatan?

  • Yucatan: The State of Math in Mexico

    19 February 2017 Editorial

    Instead of looking backwards to the economy of the 20th Century, Yucatan and its leaders are looking ahead...

  • GMOs in Yucatan

    9 January 2017 Editorial

    Are there GMO's in Yucatan's produce? Guest writer Jonathan Ruiz studies this question...

  • ... I'm Going To Merida!

    21 November 2016 Editorial

    There is a well-known saying in Mexico about what happens when the world comes to an end...

  • Khaki Scott, the Ultimate Yucatan Survivor

    1 November 2016 Editorial

    For almost ten years, Khaki Scott has been bringing us the news of Yucatan. Now she needs our help...

  • Yucatan Economic Growth

    28 August 2016 Editorial

    Our new guest writer, Jonathan Ruiz, writes about Yucatan economic growth history and prospects...

  • Advice to Northerners

    3 May 2016 Editorial

    An expat from California living in Merida shares his acquired wisdom from living a few years in Merida...

  • This New Yucatan Living Website

    16 August 2015 Editorial, Reader's Polls

    The new Yucatan Living website has a lot of great new features... let us tell you about them!

  • Coming Home To Merida For the First Time

    7 August 2015 Editorial

    Guest writer Paul Rappoport tells us how he remembers Merida now that he is back in Philadelphia...

  • Meeting Vladimir

    14 September 2014 Editorial

    For years, the Working Gringos have been working with the Progreso Apoyo program, supporting a young man in Progreso as he makes his way through school. This year, we finally arranged to meet him...

  • US Citizens: Time to Think About Voting

    1 April 2014 Editorial

    Learn what you need to know about voting in the USA from abroad. Even if you have voted before, you need to fill out a new form this year. Be prepared and make your vote count!

  • Never A Normal Life

    14 October 2013 Editorial

    While many people work together to bring medical services for children in Yucatan born with debilitating disabilities, there are a few young women that could use your help NOW...

  • Sam Woodruff: Feb 28, 1949-Nov 12, 2012

    20 November 2012 Editorial

    A friend to everyone he met, expat Sam Woodruff passed away last week in Merida. This is a short tribute to Sam by his good friend, George Fischer. We hope you will honor Sam by reading this and celebrating his life...

  • Canada Expats Encouraged to Vote

    7 April 2011 Editorial

    There is a general election coming up in Canada on May 2, 2011 and Canadians everywhere are encouraged to participate. Here are the details in how to vote if you are a Canadian expatriate...

  • Yucatan Government Expat Survey

    8 February 2011 Editorial

    The government of Yucatan wants to know what you think... please read our short introduction and take this very important survey! Our answers will help shape the future of the state of Yucatan...

  • About Louis Nevaer

    5 December 2010 Editorial

    Louis Nevaer is the owner of Casa Catherwood here in Merida and also publishes a website he calls Mesoamérica Foundation...

  • Dustin Stanley Fields (1980-2010)

    5 December 2010 Editorial

    The publishers of Yucatan Living, James and Ellen Fields, lost their son Dustin on November 9th. He died unexpectedly in his sleep and was 30 years old...

  • Adios Casa Catherwood

    16 August 2010 Editorial

    We at Yucatan Living have been supporters of Casa Catherwood, so it is with profound sadness that we must end our support...

  • Expatriates and Creativity

    9 February 2010 Editorial

    What do Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Paul Gauguin and the Working Gringos have in common? Read more...

  • Spay and Neuter Clinic 2010

    21 January 2010 Editorial

    2010 is already turning out to be a big year... it started with Merida's first-ever citywide Spay and Neuter Clinic... read our first-hand, eyewitness accounts of the event...

  • Best Expat Blog? You Decide!

    26 February 2009 Editorial

    This website has been nominated for Best Expat Travel blog, and we're proud to say we're the only nominee from Mexico. We love being nominated, and we'd like to win so...

  • Yucatan Inauguration Poster

    26 January 2009 Editorial

    We're giving away our custom-made Yucatan Commemorative Inauguration Posters... for just a small donation to the Change is Coming group here in Merida. Hot off a 40-year old press!! Get 'em while they last!!

  • Change is coming to Merida too!

    23 December 2008 Editorial

    President-elect Barack Obama called interested citizens together on December 14 to meet each other and begin organizing their communities. It turns out, there are interested citizens even here in Merida...

  • Voting as an Expatriate

    1 September 2008 Editorial

    Honestly, we have mixed feelings about it, but as Americans, we'll be voting for President of the United States. If you are an American, we're thinking maybe you should too...

  • Mercy Mercy Me... What's Going On?

    19 May 2008 Editorial

    Sometimes a work of art is beautiful. Sometimes a work of art is controversial and thought-provoking. In a rare moment, it can be both. The MACAY 2008 Sculpture Exhibit on Paseo de Montejo has a lot of controvery, and some beauty... but it's all art, every step of the way.

  • Yucatan Developments... Your Thoughts?

    5 February 2008 Editorial

    Even in the laid-back environment of the Yucatan, commercial development and economic growth are alive and well... perhaps more alive and a lot healthier than in other parts of the world. This isn't happening due to the presence of expats in the community, but how do we feel about it?...

  • The Wonder that is Chichén Itzá

    8 July 2007 Editorial

    The Pyramid of Kukúlcan at Chichén Itzá has been named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. We aren't surprised. Here in Yucatan, there's a lot of wonder.

  • The Dark Side of Yucatan

    19 May 2007 Editorial

    Why live a life of quiet desperation when you can live an exciting, colorful and noisy life of desperation?..

  • Correo del Otro Lado

    21 March 2007 Editorial

    Many times in life, things simply don't turn out the way you plan - sometimes they turn out better! Such is the case with Yucatan Living, as this letter we recently received may explain...

  • Merida Moments

    19 February 2007 Editorial

    Every once in awhile, something about being in Merida just wakes us up and makes us start pinching ourselves. Is this a dream? Where are we?

  • Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

    11 December 2006 Editorial

    As fellow gringos, we are more than a little abashed by Mel Gibson’s latest film. His movie’s portrayal of 16th century Yucatan Mayan culture is...

  • Tranquilo - Safety in Yucatan

    25 November 2006 Editorial

    Are you worried about the safety of traveling to or living in the Yucatan? If you've read the recent news about Mexico, you might be. Here's our take on the quality of life here...

  • Mexican Cities/American Cities

    17 August 2006 Editorial

    We have been playing this game of comparing places in the U.S. with places in Mexico. Here's our first take on a list of Mexican cities as compared to American cities. Join us and play along...

  • Poetry at Acqua

    19 July 2006 Editorial

    On the paper placemats (sponsored by Coca Cola) at the Acqua Restaurant, is a fragment of a poem by Jorge Luis Borges. It's in Spanish, but it's easy to get the drift...

  • Surreal Mexican News

    18 May 2006 Editorial

    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. This must be especially true if you're the president of Mexico...

  • Another Honest Mexican

    10 March 2006 Editorial

    While it is fresh in mind, today another honest Mexican was encountered, this time in Cancun..

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