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Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro

Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro

3 September 2007 Reader's Polls, Destinations 55

Even though we have lived here for six years and have at least three places in Merida where we can hang a hammock, we occasionally have the need to recommend or put up a friend or family member at a hotel. Most of our friends don't like sleeping in hammocks, and the number of beds we have is limited.

So we find ourselves every few months in the position of having to recommend a place to stay for someone we care about. And of course, since we live here, they expect us to choose the best place for them, depending on their tastes. What we realize is there are a lot of charming small hotels that have sprung up over the last few years, just in the downtown area, and we haven't stayed in all of them... or many of them, for that matter!

So it's time to tap the collective wisdom on which is the best small hotel in Merida Centro.

The following are our first five nominations for Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro. To qualify, a hotel must have fifteen rooms or less and the nightly tarifa (rate) for at least some of the rooms must be under $100 USD. The hotel must be located within the confines of the Circuito Colonias in the Centro Historico of the city. That's about it. This isn't about price, though. It's about selecting from a distinctive style of hotel... we'll post Reader's Choice Polls for luxury, hostel and B&B hotels in the months ahead.

We think the things to keep in mind here are ambiance, service, location, and whether the bed is comfortable. Not to mention the all important consideration: If you book your best friend or mother-in-law a room at that hotel, will they be pleased and think you really know what you're talking about?

Here are our five nominations. As always, we hope that you will add your nominations (if you don't see your favorite on the initial list) by leaving a comment, and we will add the new name to the poll.

Nominations are open until September 15th and the voting will be open until midnight on December 31st, 2007. The winner of this and the other Reader's Choice Polls will be announced early in January 2008.

The initial nominees for Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro under $100 in alphabetical order are...

Casa Mexilio - The Grand Dame of small hotels here, Casa Mexilio has been in operation since before we came to Merida. Located in a multi-story colonial home, it is chock full of antiques and ambiance. We hear the rooftop bar is really lovely, but we've never been there. Casa Mexilio has --- unique rooms priced between $55 and $120 US.

Casa Sacnicte - Located on Calle 62 just a short stroll south of the zocalo, Casa Sacnicte is one of the newest small hotels in Merida, but it is already enjoying favorable word-of-mouth. While it sometimes bills itself as a bed and breakfast, we think its eight rooms places it in the small hotel category. Room rates are priced between $40 and $65 US.

Luz En Yucatan - Located next to Santa Lucia Church in what is rumored to have once been a nunnery, Luz En Yucatan's room are each different, all with kitchenettes. There's a pool, a community dining room and kitchen and lots of nooks and crannies. One of the friendliest and quirkiest hotels in Merida... perhaps in the world. Luz en Yucatan has rooms priced between $30 and $85 US.

Hotel Marionetas - We used to live across from this colonial jewel of a hotel and we watched them build it into the popular spot that it is today. All the rooms have beautiful tiled floors in a riot of Mexican color. Rooms also have modern amenities, they surround a pool and garden, and guests are treated to a different delicious breakfast every morning. Hotel Marionetas has 8 rooms priced between $80 and $100 US.

Hotel Mediomundo - The first place we ever stayed in Merida, and we aren't alone. The bright colors and lush garden continue to be a great initiation into the living experience of Merida for many people. Hotel Mediomundo has a gift shop, a pool and 12 rooms priced between $55 and $90 US.

Casa Álvarez Guest House - This is the first reader-nominated hotel (See Tito's comment, below). While it doesn't have a pool and they don't offer breakfast, this is a good choice if you want to experience authentic Merida Colonial ambiance and be only steps away from the zocalo. There are eight rooms, each with private bath and cable TV. Casa Álvarez Guest House is located at Calle 62 #448 between 53 and 51. The rooms cost between $30 and $35 US.


  • Sandy Dyer 14 years ago

    We stayed at Hotel Julamis for two nights this past February and it was amazing. Mel and Erid were the most amazing hosts from the time we arrived to the time we left. They go above and beyond to be sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need. You will never find a place kept so clean nd so quaint as this little B and B. Our room was very large with a king size bed and huge two person shower. The breakfast that is included in your $50.00 per night room fee was a great way to start the day, served in the little open air court yard with lovely flowers everywhere. If you want quality and service second to none, stay at the Hotel Julamis. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

  • Jason WOods 14 years ago

    We have noticed that so many of the best hotels listed do not seem to be family friendly, many not allowing any children under age 10 to be guests. What makes these places so great? Merida is a great family city!

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Hotel Santa Lucia can be reached at +52-999-928-2672. They are located on Calle 55 #508 between 60 and 58.

    Be sure you have the right place. There is also a more upscale hotel called the Casa Lucia.

  • Pat Mollica 14 years ago

    Hotel Santa Lucia has been recommended to me. I would like a contact number for them and any other information that you are able to furnish me. Thanks.

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    As far as we know, Hotel Julamis is a lovely place, though in total honesty, we've never talked to anyone who has stayed there.
    Yes, Carnival goes right through town... you'll have no trouble seeing it. You might have trouble getting AWAY from it :-)

  • Sandy 14 years ago

    We are heading to Merida for two days mid February. We are staying in Puerto Morelos for 3 weeks and thought we would like to visit Merida....We are leaning towards Hotel Julamis at this time. Do you have any more feedback on this small B@B style hotel? Sounds great to us, but want to be sure there isn't too many negatives before booking. We are going to see the Carnival the 19th and 20th of Feb. Is it close enough to town to see it?
    thanks for all your help,
    First time Merida visitors :)

  • Art 14 years ago

    I am headed to Merida after Christmas for several days. I fould your web site to be very helpful. I got a quick reply from Luz en Yucatan, although they were booked on the days I will be there. I also got a quick relpy from Casa Alvarez, and hope to stay there. I will contact the others if Casa Alvarez does not have a room available.
    I have visited your beautiful city several times and have always found good accomadations at rather reasonable prices. Thanks for the good info and excellent web page. From Belize, Art

  • Juanita 14 years ago

    I would like to second Hotel Julamis,, as a great place to stay. However when we stayed (Aug 2008) the price for a double room ran $40-$50 a night which we thought was still underpriced. The hosts are sincerely lovely people. Mel offered to loan my boyfriend a pair of trousers (bf only brought shorts) so we could get past the dress code at Mambo Cafe. The hotel has recently been tastefully renovated and we were so happy there, we extended our Merida stay.

  • Lou 15 years ago

    I loved reading all these reviews of the small Hotels in Merida. We were in Merida the end of April 08 for a week and stayed at the Luz en Yucatan. We really enjoyed our stay - the new owners are doing wonders to this Hotel. They have done a lot of renovation (while keeping the same charm) and they have more plans. They are currently putting a patio up on the second floor and have plans to put in a small bar on the first floor. We had the 2 rooms on the first floor off the pool area. The rooms & bathrooms were large, frig & cable stations in english. Plushy towels, great beds, and AC. The colors and decor are wonderful the pool area while small is beautiful. We both had lovely patio's off our rooms. A kitchen for everyones use (along with a beautiful huge table that seats 10 to 12 comfortably) - and even liquor bottles in a cart in the hallway for anyone to use. Tom was very friendly and helpful when we needed any information. He ordered our bus tickets got us cabs and gave us a list of restaurants, parks and activities around town. I have seen some reviews of the Luz where guests said it was dirty and bugs in the room - - these reviews where all when the former owner was in charge. Since the new owners have taken over (about 1 1/2 yrs) the place is spotless. We would definetly return to the Luz.

  • Working Gringos 15 years ago

    Hola, Susan... we understand why you ask this question, as hotel rooms without air conditioning are cheaper usually. However, this is both a subjective situation and one that is hard to predict. The temperature at which you would be comfortable staying may be wildly different from one that we are comfortable with. And the weather in April is unpredictable. It is between the cold/wet (relative) season and the hot/dry (not relative... very hot and dry!) season, so it could be either. Sorry if that doesn't help at all!

  • Susan 15 years ago

    Is it possible to be comfortable staying at a B&B or hotel in a room with fans only during the month of April? Is a.c. mandatory?

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